I should have been to see the specialist of my lung disease, for the first time on Tuesday 9th Feb. I had geared myself up, wrote down the questions I wanted answers to and prepared myself for some of the answers ..... At least. I sat waiting from 7am with my coat on as it wasn't my usual hospital but one about 30 miles away and it wasn't the same ambulance service either, so I thought it best to be ready early.

My appointment time was 11am, when it got to 9.45am I rang the hospital to say that I hadn't been picked up and asked what time did they estimate. I was told

" Oh it doesn't look like they booked your transport and it's too late now for it to be sorted. " No apology at all. I had waited 6mths for this appointment and feel devastated and now my mood has spiralled down, so far that I don't feel I can take anymore, I'm sat in tears most of the time and when I'm cried out my thoughts are very dark.

So Sheffield Northern General you are named and shamed. Depressed x

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  • Hi craftyone, I am so sorry for what happened to you.

    I have been to Sheffield Northern General and I know that parking is difficult and that's putting it mildly, so you did the right thing in booking transport.

    I can understand your feelings, but it was not your fault. Tomorrow can you ring again and write also ,explaining what happened and how it has affected you.

    I would contact your GPs surgery too and see if someone there can ring Northen General and book another appointment as soon as possible.

    Best wishes

  • I have tried to get the consultants secretary to sort this out, only to get an answer machine with the recorded message which said she was on annual leave untill the 25th Feb and no messages could be taken. There wasn't even information on who ese to contact if you had any problems. I'm banging my head at brick walls x

  • Hi, I googled Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.....and Northern General is one....there is a contact number for Patients Services.

    could you try that tomorrow to see if they can help.

    Take care

  • Thankyou I will have a look for the number x

  • Don't let the system get to you!!! Sometimes the people we have to deal with can seem very uncaring, this is probably not true, they are also trying to cope with a system that is near breaking point. Is there anyone with you? You sound very alone and sad right now, but as you know these feelings will pass " tomorrow is another day!"

    I wish you a better tomorrow!

  • Thankyou I'm sat embroidering to try to take my mind off of things x

  • I hope you are feeling a bit better, it is so frustrating when you are unwell and it takes so much effort to get to appointments and if things go wrong it makes you feel even worse. The thing with healthcare is we also come across amazing people, kind people who seem to understand our needs. Even with its faults, i ghank God for our NHS.

  • My Dad has been through exactly the same. My mum makes lots of calls to Medicar before the appointment just to make sure they turn up. They have also turned up and refused to take him because he had oxygen.

  • It's all so very wrong x

  • So sorry crafty one, I had a similar experience coming home from hospital. Booked in at the desk 2 1/2 hours later when we asked how long was told they hasn't booked it. Four hours total before transport arrived.

    Keep on the case.


  • Please don't give up craftyone as you need this appointment. Ring tomorrow and don't be fobbed off. People should walk in your shoes for a day and see how they feel.

    Good luck to you. Xxx

  • Believe you me they wouldn't like it in my shoes, they wouldn't last 5 minutes x

  • Phone the hospital switch board tell them what happed and ask them can they find out for you as someone got to have taken over for her or has the doc gone on holiday as well phone them and find out good luck

  • Thankyou someone has said to google for patient services number x

  • That sounds like very good advice and i am sure it will make you feel better about things once you speak to someone.

  • Contact PALS at the hospital and explain what has happened. They should sort everything out for you.

  • Never heard of that I will google for a number x

  • All hospitals have PALS office in England. Stands for Patient Advisory Liason Service. Switchboard at the hospital should be able to put you through to them.

    Hope they can help.

  • Don't you think that the Receptionist should have suggested that in the first place. This poor lady has enough to contend with without feeling alone and frustrated. Good for you Bevvy and others for your helpful suggestions.

  • I m so pleased that I was told about this amazing site, everyone is so very kind and helpful and the advice and information is so forthcoming. Thankyou

    Jenny x

  • craftyone, poor you. It's horrible. I live in Whitstable and if a hospital driver turns up, he had to visti and pcik up all the people from the Coastal towns and is late!

    Have you got a volunteer bureau? It might be worth investigating, as tehy are more reliable if you book them at least a week in advance.

    You are not alone in your sorrow. It really should be better. Take care of yourself,


  • Thankyou Mic its really bad how we are treat because we are so ill we can't make our own way there x

  • So frustrating ! Mic

  • know it is hard Craftyone (I like your name) to keep on top of this when you are ill but do heed the good advice here about getting in touch with the hospital to complain. I just hope your GP practice can help too. Kaye

  • Thankyou Kaye I know my gp is visiting me tomorrow and she will be as mad as hell, I know she will look into things but when you feel this low picking the phone up is far from your mind as I imagine alot of people here know. Jenny x

    P.s. I'm only craftyone because of the crafts I do, nothing else .... Honestly

  • still, thinking of you!!! and sending you good vibes. best of luck, martine, xx

  • Thankyou Martine I hope you are doing ok and not suffering too much Jenny x

  • Shocking

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