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Good appointment

Well I asked all my questions as did my son

Regarding Copd the doctor said they don't like to put ppl in brackets like that

But he said I'm stage 2 moderate

Got a lot of scarring on my lungs and breathing tests show I've difficulties taking in breath

Regarding sleep studies have to go bk he said the last overnight stay showed I've restless leg syndrome and need to go in again sleep over for more information

Wants me to have a small op on my nose to scrap inside to stop nasil drip

So all productive appointment

Enyoy the weekend guys

Maggie xx

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Glad you got some information from your appointment and it helped you to understand things a bit better. Good luck to you. Xxx

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Well done you! It is always good to clarify things. x



Is the small procedure on your nose endoscopic sinus surgery? I think they told me I need the same thing.


Yes hun it is

They are going to scrape the nose to reduce mucus x

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You'll feel better now you know what stage your at Maggie. I'm stage 2 too.

As for getting your nose scraped for pnd, I've suffered it for years and am just getting a bit of relief on it flaring up, in several weeks. I'm exhausted. I might have to ask about this nose scraping thing xx


My throat is so sore from this nasty nasal drip

Hard to swallow ur own sputum sometimes. Yes ask about the op see what they say? X


Glad you had an informative appointment Maggie and you are very satisfied with the outcome. Makes anyone feel better when the doctors are working with them, best wishes for future good appointments. x

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Hi Maggie

Glad you had a good appointment. Now at least you know what stage you are. I am also moderate. Doctor wouldn't break down, and give you copy of your numbers? Seems it's your right to have a copy. I also always get a copy of my blood work, when I have blood tests done. At least your satisfied with the visit. The spirometry test shows a lot of information. Such as how much hyperinflation you have, how your oxygen is. Very stubborn dr. you have!

How are your sats?

Rubyxx 😊


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