I was diagnosed with COPD in the summer of 2013 having suffered with constant coughing both day and night for about 6 months prior.

I was unable to lie down in bed to sleep and had to sit upright propped-up with pillows so that I could at least get a little relief.

Even so I was lucky if I could get more than a couple of hours sleep a night.

Having been issued with a Spiriva powder inhaler and a Ventolin Evohaler, after attending a Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme at my local hospital and being given advice on how best to manage the condition I had to get on with the rest of my life as best as I could.

Despite taking the prescribed medications as directed they gave me little relief and each day became more of a struggle to combat the illness.

Then at the beginning of December 2015, with my condition rapidly deteriorating, I began to search the Web in earnest to try and find some answers to my problems.

To cut a long story short something steered me in the direction of purchasing a Home Dehumidifier with a built in charcoal filter and ioniser.

Living in the UK, as I do, we can get very high levels of moisture in our homes due to the excessive amounts of rain that we get.

This can basically fill the lungs with water from the atmosphere and I was coughing up excessive amounts of watery phlegm on an hourly basis.

The humidity level inside your home should be in the range of 40 – 65 (on a scale of 100) and, having purchased a cheap gauge costing about £3.00, I found that the levels in my home were reading a massive 85.

So I went online and purchased a dehumidifier costing £120.00 and which could remove about 10-12 litres of water a day from the air in your home.

It arrived about a week before Christmas and when I set it running it was giving a reading around 85 and, running it for just 12 hours a day, it was removing 2-3 litres of water from the atmosphere on a daily basis and the humidity level reading was gradually getting lower.

After 4 weeks of use the humidity level is now down to between 45 & 50 and the level of water that it is removing is getting less and less everyday.

My home was not showing any signs of having these high levels (such as mould on walls & ceilings, windows running with damp etc.) but I still had very high levels just the same.

My condition has improved in leaps and bounds over those 4 – 5 weeks and I now find that I am no longer coughing day and night, in fact I hardly cough at all now, and I no longer need to use the Ventolin Evohaler.

I am able to sleep at night now and my mental health, (I was getting very depressed and may I also say verging on suicidal?), is also starting to improve as my health gets better.

So the question is did I have or not have COPD? I don't really know, but I do know that my health has started to improve now (although I feel that some damage has been caused to my lungs because of all the years of coughing) and I am looking forward to a healthier life.

The doctors didn't seem to be able to help me – the answer to my problems was the dehumidifier and, although it might not be the answer for everyone, it could possibly be the answer for you too.

So, in conclusion, I offer this advice to those suffering with this dreadful condition.

(1) - Go online and get yourself a cheap Humidity Gauge for around £3.00.

(2) – Use it throughout the home for a week and see what readings you're getting.

(3) – If you find that you are getting high readings get yourself a dehumidifier.

(4) – The £120.00 that I paid for it was the best money I have ever spent in my life.


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  • That is very interesting and I am so glad it is working for you.

    I will get a Humidity guage and check my house, it is worth a go.

    take care, stay well

    polly xx

  • Believe you me Polly it saved my life. Good luck with the gauge and your future health.

  • Hi, I can believe that. My daughter uses one in the spare bedroom (my room occasionally and it always feels damp being on the north corner with two outside walls).

    The dehumidifier is small & neat, luckily it turns itself off when the collection vessel is full as it is every day.

    Re copd, only a spirometer will give you the answer yay or nay (or a CT scan). Hopefully next time you have one your fev will have improved 😃😃 good luck.

  • My spirometer tests with the practice nurse were showing me with having COPD and yet the Blood Oxygen Levels were showing as being high, which is unusual with this condition. It will be interesting to see what the spirometer readings are when i next have to see her. Good luck to your daughter's future health.

  • Ah she's fine. They bought two after building works to dry the house out for the little ones. One has asthma.

    When you think about it it's weird. Do other cultures in very humid areas suffer with lung problems? I don't think so.

  • Hi, sufferer2. High blood oxygen levels are not that unusual in COPD and don't really relate to spirometer results.

  • Very interesting I shall certainly get a humidity gauge wll keep you posted

    Carole xx

  • Good luck with it Carole, take care.

  • Hi, I bought a cheap humidity gauge after someone mentioned them on this site, I found mould growing around my bedroom window too and in the bathroom.

    I have been looking at an extractor fan for the bathroom, but they are supposed to be positioned away from the shower and the outside wall is very small.

    My husband has a dehumidifier in the garage for his classic car....I think I will 'borrow' it and try......not in the bathroom though...health and safety rules.

  • 😂

  • Get it out of the garage NOW and use it in your home - your health is more important than your husband's car.

  • I have extractor fan on ceiling in bathroom easy to fit

  • Now you have my curiosity as to what the classic car is?

  • Hi sufferer....thanks for letting us all know of your success with the dehumidifier, so glad that it has such a good effect on you and hopefully others

    Thanks again


  • I keep telling the wife we need one as a few years ago we had a small one which we bought of a shopping canal and it took a lot off water from my bedroom as we had a wooden floor with a three foot space under neath it so we had that done with a new concrete floor and what do I get we do not need one now as we have this new floor and the heating and the two vents as my room is on the corner of the house so now with this it mite let her see sence and buy one

  • Damn right you need one David. I got a real good one for a mere £120.00 and it was the best money i ever spent.

  • Just had a dehumidifier today put it on in my bedroom for about 4 hours and it took 2lts of water out wife bought it after I read what you put on here she said it might work or it might not so give it a go so far so good let you know how get on .

  • I bet you had the shock of your life David when you saw how much water it had removed - know I certainly did.

    Good luck with it, I hope it does you both some good.

    Let me know how it goes with you.


  • Hi I was looking at the meaco mist with charcoal filter and ioniser what kind of make is yours the one I seen was £119

  • Hi Jimmy, Don't know if I am supposed to give you that info as it could be classed as advertising I suppose. However mine is a Puremate PM412 which is on offer on their website at the moment for £119.00 including p&p (was on sale at £179.00) . They are based in Stechford, Birmingham and the website is at puremate.co.uk - Please take note that other makes and models are available. Hope this helps.

  • I have been urging my daughter to get a dehumidifier as they have slight mould in both wardrobes in their home. My son-in-law has asthma so it would be worth doing. I can get a check for our home too. Thanks for the post. xxx

  • Get a gauge Sassy and see what humidity levels you are getting - I was getting readings of a massive 85. They're cheap and available on Ebay, my advice is get one today. Good Luck & Health.

  • Hi Sufferer2,

    I am glad you have been able to alleviate your Copd symptoms with the aid of a dehumidifier in your home as I know full well relief from this awful disease is always welcome.

    Now comes the 'but' bit your heading is a little bit misleading as a dehumidifier cannot cure Copd and of course will only help if you stay in the environment where it is placed. So please continue to use your medication as prescribed, question your doctors and make sure you get all the tests going to find out what your lung condition is.

    I am very fortunate to live in a warm, dry, well ventilated house that over the years we have eliminated as much moisture from it as we can, without become complete prunes. In the winter I make sure that only one pot on the cooker has veg etc that needs boiling water and we have a professional extractor hood to whisk away any of the excess. I only mention this as, as much as we keep our home moisture free we have no control once outside our front door.

    Good heavens, this sounds so preachy but please try all options don't place all your eggs in one basket.

    Take care,


  • Hi Sue, Thank you for your good advice. I don't think the heading is misleading (did you not notice the question mark?). The heading is intended to get people's attention (as in 'Freddy Star Ate My Hamster'). Also I have not stopped taking all my medications - only the Ventolin Evohaler, as I find that it is no longer needed. I still use the Spiriva. Good health to you.

  • Point taken, sorry i missed the question mark. Guess it's time to visit the opticians for a eye test the old steroid tablets play havoc with my vision and I am probably on the rocky road of getting cataracts again. Last time this happened I started having problems seeing double decker buses poor little question marks don't stand a chance.

    Keep well.


  • Know the problems Sue - Still the time to really worry is when you shear the sheepdog instead of the sheep, then you know where you should go to. Take Care & Keep Well.

  • Thank you for this I will certainly give your info a try.

  • i bought a dehumidifier last week, as read an article about humidity and its effects on breathing, and after 2 days i have to say i do feel that my breathing at night is a lot easier it has a dust filter too which will help too

  • I live in Cornwall and the humidity levels inside are usually 90% plus. I recently bought a dehumidifier and am really impressed (for house's sake largely so far).

    The standard dehumidifiers work like a fridge in reverse by cooling air until the water drops out and then heating it up again to expel the air at room temperature.

    I got a desiccant based one (Amcor 8L) - has a slowly rotating disc inside with a material that absorbs water. It gently blows warm air over the disc to extract the water into the tank. So unlike the standard ones (I presume) you get a slightly warm flow of air into the room.

    Taking out a good litre/day for low energy (300W on low setting). It makes for a really pleasant atmosphere - It makes it easier to heat the room, too, because you have less moisture in the air to warm up.

  • Hi Arthur, You're right about the way the dehumidifiers work - the one I bought was the standard one. Mine also puts warm air back into the room and it also has a charcoal filter and an ioniser built in.

    Made in China, but a fabulous piece of kit, I would recommend it to anyone.

    Good luck with yours and keep using it - it appears to be doing you good.

    Good Health from Eric.

  • A very interesting post and has given me a lot of, 'food for thought' , I do have a dehumidifier in my lounge as my house is largely made of random stone with no cavity. I have had this for many years, the thing is I don't often sit in my lounge preferring my dining/sitting room. I now intend buying a meter and doing some tests around the house. Glad it worked for you. Tatters.

  • That's a good idea Tatters - I see that on Ebay you can now get a combined Digital Thermometer/Humidity Gauge for as little as £1.40 inc. p&p. What's to lose?

  • Thank you for an interesting post.

    I think it is very important to follow medical advise on treatment, it may not always be right but medical team are able to monitor. I am always wary of advise given on the Internet as anyone can put anything on the net.

    I have had a dehumidifier for over 30yrs, long before I was diagnosed with lung disease although it collects water from the Athmosphere I am not sure it has done anything to help my lungs.

    What works for one may not work for another, even though I use dehumidifier I still have to sleep with windows open to help my breathing.

    It may not have been the right title for your post. As although you have got some relief. There is no evidence you have been cured, as lungs have already been damaged it would be interesting if you could put a post up after seeing the Medical team and getting some tests. To determine how much improvement you have.

    Looking forward for an update.

  • Hi...you do not say what Fev levels you were at or did I miss them?

  • I don't have my FEV levels at the moment - I won't be able to get them until I see my Practice Nurse. Will update the site with them as soon as I get them.

  • Thank you for your comments - I'm so sorry that you think the dehumidifier didn't do anything for you, although I feel sure that the amount of water it has removed over a 30 year period must have helped you in some way.

    You are wise of course to be wary of advice given on the Internet, as I am myself, but my experiences of using a dehumidifier have been posted to try to help others like myself. Keep watching my posts as I will be keeping the site updated on my progress. Wishing You Good Health.

  • Interesting reading about your humidifier.

    May I ask which room in the house do you put it in? What about the rooms that do not have the humidifier? Do they have high humidity? Would one not need a humidifier for each room?

    Best wishes Natassa

  • Hi Natassa, I do move it from room to room (it is on castors so it's easy to move) however it works well being used in the hallway and seems to keep all the rooms low in humidity. We live in a 2 bed bungalow and is ideal for this purpose.

    Please take a look above at my reply to jimmyg23 and you will see that there is a link there to the model that I purchased, so that if you want to you can take a look at it.

    However please note that I am in no way specifically endorsing this model and make and other makes/models are available.

    Hope this helps - Good Health.

  • Interesting post sufferer2. May I suggest that in future you lock your post by clicking community only

  • sufferer2

    There is no known cure at present for COPD. If you don't have COPD now you bought a humidifier, you didn't have COPD to begin with.

    I do think a humidifier could make a positive difference for those us who are living with high humidity but it won't cure COPD.

  • If you read my post fully Brondana you will see that I have not specifically stated that I had COPD - THE QUESTION WAS DID I OR DID I NOT HAVE IT.

    Please read this extract from my posting:

    (So the question is did I have or not have COPD? I don't really know, but I do know that my health has started to improve now (although I feel that some damage has been caused to my lungs because of all the years of coughing) and I am looking forward to a healthier life.

    The doctors didn't seem to be able to help me – the answer to my problems was the dehumidifier and, although it might not be the answer for everyone, it could possibly be the answer for you too).

    Best Wishes & Good Health to you.

  • sufferer2

    I took your question on board and I replied accordingly. I offered a specific answer to your question in my previous reply with the comment. "If you don't have COPD now you bought a humidifier, you didn't have COPD to begin with".

    Why are you drawing my attention to your question when I have already answered it? Which part of my answer didn't you understand?

    Your header statement is deliberately misleading, which is an excellent way of attracting attention if it offers hope to people with COPD but to suggest you have cured COPD...question mark notwithstanding...is mischievous.

    I believe your findings on the humidifier are strong enough and interesting enough to stand alone. I think a humidifier should bring relief to those who live in a humid atmosphere. You didn't need bells and whistles to attract attention to your post.

    Breathe easy.

  • Hi Brondana,

    If bells,whistles and 21 gun salutes get attention to my posts then I shall use them notwithstanding.

    Thank you for your comments and Good Health.

  • Hi. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with bronchiectasis. It was mild but I am now starting to have symptoms and have really bad breath in the morning. I have read about cannabis ( I am still in the process of getting seeds, although I ordered them a week ago and they still havnt arrived)? To put it simply I think it is an idea to use therapy before the condition worsens. I will try the de humidifier and see how it goes. Thanks for putting it out there.

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