Hi ,I've got a spa day booked ,,,,, on Thursday ,,,a birthday treat ,,,, it includes a treatment ,,,while I don't feel like a massage or facial etc ,,,,,I see they offer a Reiki session ,,,,I know very little about Reiki ,,,,,as I'm not over an ongoing chest infection I'm cautious ,,,,,any advise about Reiki would be appreciated,,,,,I have read a little about it and think it could be good for me ,,,,,but am cautious

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I don't think it'd harm you, though it probably wouldn't do you much good either. In a US trial, reiki performed by people with no training was shown to have exactly the same effect as when done by "trained" practitioners. What about a foot & leg massage.

You haven't seen my feet hahah ,, My skin is sooooo dry with all the medications I've taken lately it's like fish scales ,,,so it would be a great treatment , but I'm far to embarrassed to get my legs out ,,,,might make it the the jacuzzi though haha,,

Oh poor you, it's horrible I know. Have you tried Doublebase gel? Someone else mentioned it recently and it's good stuff. My skin is so papery, it gets very itchy especially at night, but since I started using this it's a lot better. You can get it on prescription.

I'd go for the reiki then, it's probably very relaxing if nothing else. I had an Indian head massage not long ago, that was lovely, if you can be bothered to wash your hair straight after! I've always fancied a mud wrap, might try one of those next.

Anyway enjoy your day, hope you feel really pampered whatever you choose :)

Thanks. , my skin isn't itchy ,,,but soooo dry ,,,I tried using bath oil instead of bubbles ,,,,,nearly broke my neck getting out of the bath ,,,,,,hubby through the rest away ,,,,,he says I'm a danger to myself haha,,,,doublebasedgel I haven't heard of is it on prescription or can I buy it ?

Nanny mine was like that. I now take cod liver oil capsules and use Dove moisturising cream and have lovely silky skin. x

Wow that sounds great ,I used to use dove products ,,,,will have to go back to them

Hi I had a reiki treatment once not sure if it helped me at all but it was very relaxing I would give it a try.

Relaxing sounds great to me ,,,,,i don't think it can do me any harm

Hi nanny, I was given reflexology and reiki treatments as a present.

The reiki was very relaxing....the practioner channels energy through her hands to aid healing..I think.

Could you ask which treatment would suit you best when you get there, or do you have to book in advance....maybe phone and ask for advice.


Book in advance ,,,I would go for reflexology but my feet are the worst feet on earth hahaha,,,,I'll ring them first and chat about Reiki

Hello Nanny1086,,,,,,Reiki is powerful, but comforting,,help pain and brings relief,,,,the whole treatment is no hands on the "healing energy" comes from the hands and you will feel well after the session,,,,,I hope you try it,,,wish I could have some reiki for my aches and pains,,,,,have a good visit,,,ttfn from Karen.

Hi ,,,,I've decided to go for the Reiki ,,,I've read up about and agree with you,

I did try to postpone the spa day ,,,but they wanted a payment of £20 per person for cancelation that's £40 in my case ,,,,,so I'll dose up on pain killers ang gave a nice relaxing day ,,,,,,I'll let you all know how it goes,

Nanny1086,,,,don't have too many painkillers,,,see if you can have the reiki first,,,before your other spa treatments,,,,have a good time and tell me how you felt after the reiki,,ttfn from Karen.

Hi sadly the spa day is off ,,,copd nurse got me an urgent appointment with my GP ,,,,he sent me for a chest X-ray and changed my antibiotics to a three day course of just one a day Azeuthramycin,,,and pain killers ,,,he said its pleuracy,,,,,I'm to go back if I feel worse but it will mean a hospital stay ,,,copd nurse came this morning and will come again Friday ,,,,or before I need her ,,,,,I really appreciate the care I get on NHS ,,,it couldn't be better if I was paying for private medical care,,,,,and not forgetting my lovely hubby ,,,,news on the spa day ,,,,,,my daughter rang to postpone the day ,,,,due my health ,,,they said when would you like to come then ,,,,to which my daughter replied we have no idea how long she will be ill for so I'll have to wIt until she is fully recovered ,,,and then she will be well enough to enjoy it fully ,,,,,the reply was ,,so you wish to cancel,,,,NO POSTPONE ,,,,,that will be a charge of £20 per person then,,,,,,,,so £40 ,,,to postpone due to my health ,,,or lose all the money £120 each ,,,,,not very good PR ,,

Hello Nanny1086,,,sorry to hear that your health is giving you more problems,,and that your medications are being changed,,,,and the hospital looms large for you,,,,,your nurse coming back is good as you are being cared for,.

Sadly the poor treatment your daughter has been shown by the spa,,, is it the staff or the owners who are giving so many problems?,, If it was the staff ask to speak to the owners, to see if there is a way around the situation,,,,,there should be better treatment for people who are ill and not able to give precise dates for a new appointments,,,,,to postpone there should not need to be a fee payable,,,what if you cancel and ask for a full refund,,,,,,tut tut to them,,,,,,I hope you get better soon and hopefully get your spa day,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

Hi scouser ,,,I was so angry with the spa concerned I found them energy to phone them my self ,,,,,I think they could tell by my breathlessness ,,,,that I was making a genuine complaint about not being able to cancel on grounds of Illness ,,,,they finally agreed to send a voucher for the spa with an open ended date valid for upto 10 months ,,,,,,I think I should be better before it runs out,,,,,,however ,

,,,my daughter was upset that they hadn't done this for her ,,,,and that I shouldn't have had to deal with it ,,,my daughter is no push over she has her own business so knows how To get the best out of people,,,,,,so made another call to them ,,,,,asking why she hadn't been offered this voucher ,,,,,,they said ,they get lots of people saying they're I'll and want a refund ,,,, but we didn't want a refund she repeated ,,,,any ways the out come is we will both get a free treatment as well as the spa day ,,,,,so I'll hopefully get my Reiki ,,,,,,,,one day ,,,,,,

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