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Shortness of breath / indigestion HELP!


I have been experiencing these symptoms for a week, it's worse when I drive, I've even felt panicked about it. So of course I googled to see a bunch of crazy things pop up. Now I'm scared. Went to 3 different docs (general, pulminologist, cardiologist) everything checked out but they gave me Nexium and Zantac 150... And xanax for if I feel panicked. I'm at a loss. Will this eventually go away? Please help!

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Tum tum are brillant for it honestly..fruit flavoured had it all over xmas as i want to belch but cant takes my breath away .it winds you so bad you think you are going to xxx so get some i take and chew up too 7 can have up to 16 aday on bottle..but they are so good hope it does you as it has mex give it a couple of days to feel benfits TUM TUM.


I do not know. All, I know panicking will not help. The power of the mind is powerful for good or bad. Anybody with breathing problems panics! I was not going to post as I am so fed up. Docs appointment tomorrow re very painful knee ligaments is going to have to be re lungs. Having waited a fortnight for appointment not a happy bunny. I think if you give more info re what your medical problems are you will receive a lot of help. Kaye

I had a PE about a year ago, but fully recovered and up till this week was feeling great... Oxygen was 98... Blood pressure was normal... I do have a slight bruise feeling on my right side.... I think a lot of it might be anxiety... But other than that I'm not sure....

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Acid reflux is a major problem for me (normally used to be or still is IBS). I found a post on Bronchiectasis for us a tip, red skinned apples. I am on a "prazole med", remegel, but a couple of red skinned apples (skin on) chewed slowly is the most help. I think it lowers PSI whatever that is. Anyway hope you feel better soon K

It could well be anxiety but anxiety isn't to be lightly dismissed with these symptoms. With those medications you're being treated for acid reflux which, if untreated, can cause more problems. There is a lot you can do with lifestyle changes with diet and posture. Sleeping on a wedge pillow can help, have more smaller meals, don't overstretch the stomach, and leave 3 hours after eating before you go to bed.

The refluxate can breach the upper oesophageal valve and reach your windpipe and even the lungs, which can cause shortness of breath from the irritation. I recently saw my ENT consultant, a lovely Asian man who was checking for damage in my windpipe from reflux. Just before I left he said:

"No worry, no hurry, no curry! Remember this and you should be ok"

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Research Gastro Oesophageal Reflux (GERD). Many of us who have COPD also have GERD.

I don't feel any burning, just constantly burping and dry throat, shortness of breath, and a bit run down... I also feel like I may be thinking about it too much, but how could I not, it's breathing... Lol

I have had reflux for more years than I care to admit.... .

Diet will help a great deal........first thing is to stop drinking coffee.

After that stop all chocolate, sauces ,pickles, all spices , tomatoes, citrus fruit in fact anything that is ascidic. And alcohol..........all the good things in life.

Diet does work combined with medications &will take a few days to fix

Try not to eat or drink at least 2 hours before bed. ...longer if possible.....raise the head of the bed on a couple of house bricks each side. Don't forget our old friend Gaviscon .........

Sounds like reflux to me. Try a Peptic liquid?

Be Well

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