My MOT has begun. Had Ecg passed, 6/8 not sure how many bottles blood taken,at least 6. Had contrast CT scan last Thursday, Buccaneers swab, still to go heart scan (echocardiogram or multi gated acquisition - MUGA scan, then the usual height, weight, temperature, BP, pulse ,oxygen in blood.

Next appointment Tuesday 5th.

The Trial drug is an mTOR inhibitor in tablet form. The chemo is Paclitaxel.

Now begins my scardy cat feelings,

Happy, Peaceful New Year all and my truly grateful thanks for your support during a roller coaster 2015.

Love Suzyxxx

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  • Good luck to you Suzy, will be thinking of you and wishing you well. Xxx 👍👍👍

  • Wishing u the best Suzy. Take care xx Sonia xx

  • Wow, you've sorta lost me with all those big words Suzy! Looks like you're getting the works and then some. They don't waste any time do they. Anyway gal, we are all by your side and routing for you all the way.

    Love Sara xxx

  • Oh Suzy, I really feel for you, I would be absolutely terrified. You are one brave lady. I know you've got to go through it and I really hope and pray that you are ok on the meds.

    2016 has got to be a better year for you.

    Big hugs

    Babs x

  • good luck with every thing suzy , happy new year

  • Good luck Suzy, nothing wrong with being a scardy cat, it's natural. I wish you the very best outcome with the new treatment, we will all be praying it works for you. xxx

  • Good luck Suzy , all the best

    Velvet xx

  • Good luck Suzy will be thinking of you xxxx

  • Hope everything goes well for you Kaye x

  • Id be scared too Suzy, no shame in that. Will be thinking of you and wishing you best possible. Take care and hope the new year gets better and better for you. xx

  • Suzy hope 2016 brings you better health than the last year. good luck with all your tests.

  • Good luck to you, hope all goes well.

  • Good luck to you Suzy; of course your scared but it will be OK . Love Margaret x

  • I hope once you're on this trial you'll start to improve Suzy. That would be so fantastic. Your oncology team know what they're doing. Of course you're nervous, as anyone would be, but I feel you're in great hands. You are in my thoughts.

  • Good luck Suzy - hope everything goes well for you.

  • Every best wish for Tuesday Suzy, and hope you have a very good 2016. Take care xx

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