Advice Please

Advice Please

First of all Blywddyn Newydd Dda to my countryfolk and Happy New Year to everyone.

Over Christmas (and no doctors available) I got the miserable cold going around here. As well as being an unforgivable grouse I obsessed about if there was going to be a chest infection along with it? Coughing like a disturbed gaggle of guard geese, while realising the cold was a virus infection I still wondered if and when I should take the antibiotics and steroids I had in the house (via the COPD rehab). It looks like I haven't got a chest infection and I haven't taken any of those drugs (yet?).

It looks like this could be a common experience but there seems to be no advice available. Can anyone help please?


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Hi sorry to hear that. As I am sure you know doctors can't do anything about a cold as it just has to run it's course. A chest infection means you cough up yellow or green gunk. If not then you haven't got one. Yellow or green is the time to take the ab's and steroids.

It is possible to have an exacerbation which comes out of the blue and you will usually cough up clear which means no infection but you still have a worsening of your symptoms. It this continues then you might need to take just the steroids. However the golden rule is if you feel very ill, or that something isn't right then see a doctor or go to A and E. My doctor told me once that it is much better to seek help when there is nothing wrong than not to when there is. Us folk with damaged lungs need to be extra vigilant and on the alert to avoid further lung damage.

I hope this has helped a bit. x

Cheers Coughalot Honk, honk, honk.

Ha ha 'ere don't you cough all over me young man! :D x

Hope you feel better soon Mike.

If you feel the infection is going to your chest, take the abs! Better safe than sorry!

Wishing you a Happy Healthy New Year ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿบ๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿธ๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿน๐Ÿพ

Hi mike, from an exiled Welsh person..thank you for the greeting.

Coughalots advice is spot on ....take care and best wishes


Doctor told me the steroids turn down your immune system response so that the inflammation in your lungs goes down making it easier to breath and the antibiotics are required to prevent getting an infection while your immune system is suppressed due to the steroids. One just needs to be cautious about the overuse of antibiotics so you don't develop a resistance to them.

So my understanding from what this doctor said is steroids for an exacerbation whether caused by an infection or not and antibiotics to go with the steroids to either treat an infection if that is what you have or to prevent an infection while taking steroids if the exacerbation is not from an infection.

Other doctors may have a different opinion given the concern with the overuse of antibiotics so best to check with your doctor as to when to use a rescue pack and whether to always use steroids and antibiotics together.

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