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So...does cannabis oil work?

Hi, i am going to let you make your own mind up about this as i know there will be some skeptics out there.

Cannabis oil has been legalised in 26 states in America, with doctors able to prescribe medicinal marijuana to patients with crohns disease, cancer, epilepsy etc. etc, plus COPD. You have people moving from one state to another so that they can get hold of this amazing medicine. I have been following people on a facebook page entitled "treating COPD with cannabis oil" and there are some amazing stories on there.

Those who have been following me will know that i have been researching this subject for months and 3 weeks ago a friend of mine managed to get hold of some weed and i made up a batch of suppositories and started taking them 3 times a day, which will be 3 weeks today. In fact i have to make another batch today. It's expensive to buy, so i am now growing my own...quite cheap once you have everything.

So, my background. 47 years of smoking, diagnosed with asthma and chronic bronchitis (copd) stage 1 mild with an FEV of 69% in March this year. In September i had a CT scan, which showed i also had emphysema. My pulmonologist then upgraded my status to moderate, possibly stage 2.

Yesterday i was due for a pulmonary function test to see if i was in fact stage 2, which entailed x rays and spirometry and was not allowed to take any medication at least 24 hours beforehand.

Had my x ray, did the spirometry, took 3 doses of ventolin, did the spirometry again 15 minutes later, then called into the doctor. He was looking at the spirometry results with a look of puzzlement on his face, so i was expecting the worst. In Thai he mumbled " i don't believe it" and proceeded to listen to my chest.

At this point i am still expecting the worst until he said.....your x ray is absolutely clear, i can't hear anything in your chest and your FEV has gone from 69% to 84% in 9 months. I believe you still have asthma, but your copd has either gone or it is very, very mild. What have you been doing? Needless to say i could not tell him about the can oil, so just told him that i had changed my diet. Which i have done, nothing dramatic as i have been having fruit smoothies for the past 5 years, but the last couple of months i have been juicing raw vegetables including beetroot.

He suggested i try stopping my medication, which is Spiriva and just take ventolin as and when required for my Asthma.

Because he does not believe the results, he has booked me in for another test in 2 months time.

So, is it the raw vegetables or the cannabis oil? I believe it is the latter and will be making another batch today.

This stuff works and it is criminal that a natural medicine is not made available to people just so pharmaceutical companies can make millions.

I don't believe in xmas, but that was one hell of a present i was given yesterday.

By the way, this is NOT a cure. I will have to keep taking the oil for the rest of my life.

Have a great new year.

I will update again after my test in February.


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Hi Sanbie,

Messaged earlier with a woman from USA who started taking the oil about 5 months ago, at that time she had 4 emphysema nodules in each lung, just had another CT scan, now only has 2, plus her FEV increased, but don't know by how much.

Please note, whist it is not illegal to possess cannabis seeds in most countries, it is illegal to grow it, apart from 26 states in America.. Be careful.

Don't buy cannabis oil from the internet, it is rubbish and is mainly CBD, you need a strain which is high in THC.



Do you make the suppositories out of the oil or the plant parts? And does using it that way give a "high" feeling? I never enjoyed the high feeling I got from cannabis because it made me feel paranoid so that would stop me from using it.

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Use suppository capsules. then insert through the back door. There is no high as it by passes the liver.



Thats amazing Merv! What a xmas present you got.. I'm in N.J. USA. Maybe I can hook up with some. Does it give you any side effects? Why do you say it's

not a cure? I'm most interested to look it up on Facebook. Do you feel any different? Thats just such great news.

I'm really happy for you.😊

Rubyxx 😊

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Hi Rubyred777, yes i am feeling quite good. No medication for 2 days now.

No side effects because i take it through the backdoor so no high.

Don't know if NJ is legal yet, you need to check as 26 states are now legal.

According to the experts it's not a cure, but does reverse the progression. However, if you stop taking it, the progression starts again.


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That is very interesting...........and you are right, Cannabis has been shown to help with all sorts of ailments so why don't worldwide governments accept it and research the application of it.?

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The problem is, the governments would not make much money by legalising cannabis, as they rake in millions from pharmaceutical companies in tax.

What they don't take into account is the cost of treating copd, in the uk alone the cost is about 16bn gbp a year.

America is going the right way with 26 states allowing cannabis for medical purposes and more to join.

If it was legalised it would take out the drug runners who are the ones making the money and would reduce medical costs dramatically.

Cannabis is a natural herb, like Turmeric, which has been used to treat peoples illnesses generations ago before we started relying on pharmaceutical drugs.



I saw program on TV and they said the CBD oil is working. Its put in a capsule and u can swallow. All we have to do is find the good quality of CBD oil and we can load out own capsules. I live in Florida, so have to ck on whats legal. Wouldn't b fun to find a cure and die in jail!

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Hi, CBD oil does not work for COPD. Don't waste your money. You need an oil with a high THC level.


I agree with you all the way though I've been taking the oil for longer than you and it took ages for me to see a positive result. I'm seeing those results now though. Many people have brilliant results within days. I guess it's a tortoise and hare thing and I'm a tortoise. I expect even better things to come.

I'm using the same method of oil delivery as you because I'm not at all partial to the high from ingesting the oil. I've gone from the cusp of very severe COPD to right in the middle of severe. I'm able to get around the house without huffing and puffing and can do things I wasn't able to do a month ago. The oil won't cure us but relieves the symptoms of copd. I daresay it also slows down the progression of the disease.

Keep on astounding your pulmonologist. Who knows, you might educate him in time.


Check your private messages Merv.

Hi Brondana, just checked, nothing there.


What ever it is thats caused the change its great news and thanks for sharing..

There are oils available in the uk but i havnt looked into it enough to tell you what it is but what i do find interesting is that the American government own the patent on medicinal cannabis they are very aware of how it treats many conditions and as you rightly say its about making money


Brilliant news regarding your spirometry results Merv, and thanks for sharing - so informative - I love the fact that you don't have to get the high from it by using as suppositories. Am just afraid regarding the legal aspects of it all in the UK, but will certainly be doing more research. Thanks so much. All the best for the New Year x

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There is only one preparation of oil that helps COPD and this oil preparation is not found in the dispensaries in USA. What they sell is tincture which is not nearly strong enough to help COPD. They can however buy the plant matter so most folk are buying plant material from the legal dispensaries and making the oil themselves.

Swerv I'm glad you posted how well you're doing on oil. It's inspiring and helpful.

Sounds interesting. Are there any contra indications or side effects to taking this oil?

Hi Lyd12,

There are no side effects, it is a natural plant.

The recommended method is via suppository, which by passes the liver, so there is no high.


Interesting article about it on Wikipedia.

Hi I know someone who grows her own plants (you are allowed to grow up to 3 plants here in Spain) she distills her own oil and since using this her Copd has I'm proved, I'm thinking of having a go myself.

Go for it, it works.



I will be checking this out today! However as I live in one of the most backward states in America, I'll be moving if it works!

Hi USAhousew2ife,


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funny USA, I just called my hubby and informed him that we'll be moving to another state as we live in one of those 'backward states'!

We want to do it right and already know how to grow it, just gotta be legal.

best to you


I live in the States but am as mystified by the intricacies of the "oil" laws as anyone else. I would suggest doing a fair amount of research on your own....

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What people are selling is cannabis oil with a CBD content, which is no good for copd.


Hi Merv I'm pleased you have found something to help my concern is it is well known cannabis does make you paranoid, the other thing is you need to be carful as this drug is illegal hear in the UK and you are advertising the use you could end up with the old bill at your door with a dog.

1 like, onamission, that is not a well known fact. Cannabis can cause paranoia for an hour or two in a very small percentage of people if they take a little too much. I'm in that small percentage. It happened to me (only once) when I first started the oil and was working out my correct dose.

Cannabis is not harmful to health like excessive use of alcohol. Cannabis has many health benefits. We're discussing the therapeutic use of cannabis for COPD. No one is promoting the casual use of cannabis. Education is the key.

It isn't illegal to discuss cannabis or the use of it which is what we are doing here. Neither swerve nor I are in the UK so we need not worry about the UK constabulary.

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Hi Onamission,

Brondana is correct in what she is saying, we are only discussing the oil, which is not illegal.

Another point i would like to make is the recommended method of taking the oil is via suppositories, this by passes the liver so there is no high. It is also the best method for bioavailability.



That's great news Merv and I'm delighted for you. May you continue to improve. It's a pity we have to go to these lengths to help ourselves when there are countless treatments for various health conditions that work but because they haven't been researched, or can make money, they are dismissed.

Cannabis oil is something I've been considering, but as I'm doing quite well at the moment, I shall continue doing what I'm doing for now. However if I think I'm deteriorating then I'll be contacting you (or at least re-reading your posts) for advice.

Please keep us all posted and good luck!



Thanks for the update and am looking forward to what changes you might have at the next spirometry.

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Hi jackdup,

I am hoping my results will be the same or even better...who knows?

But i am now 3 days with no medication other than ventolin for my asthma.



Amazing and i am so happy for you. I will be researching into this via the signposts. Thank you and i anyone agree with what you say about denying people access to products that will benefit them x

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Wow, that's great news! This is the kind of post that we need to see, instead of hearing about all the over-priced pharma-drugs, something that is more natural...that you can GROW!

Since changing my diet drastically, my asthma is better, but still not the best. I had been trying to grow ephedra to drink the tea; but found it to be a pretty tricky plant.

I will most certainly will be researching this !

Thank-you so much Merv! You made my day, all the best to you,


I read about Rick Simpson's oil, it doesn't contain THC which is the part that makes you high, paranoid, etc. It very well may help with COPD, they publish a price list, and state it's perfectly legal to ship to any state.

And Swerv, the method is called tip training. :)

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Hi USAhousewife,

Rick Simpson oil is not sold on the internet, it is illegal. There are many companies claiming to sell RSO, but what they are selling is an oil high in CBD which does not help COPD. Proper RSO is high in THC which is why it can't be sold on the internet. The only way you can get make it yourself.


The link I posted to cancer research does not seem to work. try this one.


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