Pulled muscle

Well had to have ambulance Monday morning managed somehow to pull a muscle in my chest and having copd could not breathe. Now on strong pain killers and pain bearable and the worst part was not being able to cough and clear chest. This is a couple of times I've did this and the doc said the muscle is getting weaker and that's why it's happening .oh great so now I have to watch having coughing fit because it will probably happen again, so going to make sure I have plenty of pain killers in .

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  • Aww hope you feel better soon, are there any exercises that may help strengthen it ?

  • That must be really painful. Hope the painkillers take the edge off

    Get better soon 💐

  • hope your feeling better soon ,

  • Hope things are better soon,that sounds awfully painful,do take care xxx

  • Hello Jean

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Do take things easy to give it time to heal.

    Velvet xx

  • Ouch that's not good, trying to suppress a cough is a nightmare! Hope your soon feeling better xx

  • I hope the pain killers help it's not nice having a coughing fit I know sometimes it feels like you have ruptured yourself with coughing

  • It must be something in the water? I have had my right side Trapezius muscle go on me this week and when ever I cough or sneeze it is agony. This is an old injury way back in the mid 1990's When I was rear ended by a car recovery truck of all things. It snapped on impact :(

    All I did this time was roll over in bed and twang it went like I had been hit in the back with a hammer. It is now pulling on my spine as it is in spasm.

    Be Well

  • Morning all,

    Know exactly how you feel have been twice to A&E the because of pulled muscles in my chest and rib cage the last time they gave me morphine injections to help get rid of the pain it was blooming agony, luckily that was several years ago and I have not had to go back with such severe pain and not being able to breath in.

    I have weakened muscles anyway, so do dread coughing, unfortunately I do quite a lot of coughing so am always pulling muscles and the new kid on the block of having small blood vessels in my right eye burst, so if I start coughing one hand goes up to my eyes the other to my rib cage left hand side, no more hands to do the polite thing of covering my mouth.

    Isn't life grand.



  • Hope you feel better soon, keep taking the pain killers in the meantime despite the problems they can cause slowing your digestive track down. Joyce

  • I have broken a couple of ribs while coughing & as you say the pain is terrible but I still had to clear chest. So I wrapped a towel tight round my chest not perfect but the pain became bearable

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