Vaccinations for Adults with Lung Disease

Vaccinations for Adults with Lung Disease

Why dont doctors tell you about vaccines esp if you have lung diease and your immunity is compromised and what and if any are benerfits of them.

Anyway table below shows which vaccinations you should have to protect your health if you have lung disease. Make sure you and your healthcare provider keep your vaccinations up to date.

Also why do pregnant women need tetanus booster for each pregnancy.

Surly lung dieases suffers should have tetanus booster esp

If on maintenance antibiotics

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  • Interesting D3, I will certainly be asking about the HI jab. Thank you. xx

  • Thanks for that very interesting only problem I cannot remember when I had my last tetanus injection will have to find out.

  • Thanks for that Daz, very interesting and I will be showing Pete as I am sure he needs a pneumonia jab again. Take care. xxx

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