It's back

Having been cancer free for the past 8 years, I recently had my yearly scan. Given a pet scan five days later, and a lumbar scan 2 days later the results show it's the same cancer back again. Had my first chemo yesterday and this morning got up feeling a new person. I hope this keeps on the same path two more seasons to go and then a further pet scan. COPD is on the back burner for the time being.

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Sorry to hear your news, but you sound very positive, hope all goes well x

sorry to hear your news , hopefully you will keep feeling the same after the other chemo sessions and don't suffer any side affects , take care

Oh stay positive. You fought and overcame it once, hopefully you will again.

Good luck.


I have long believed that cancer responds just as much to state of mind as it does to chemo. Battle it physically and mentally. Good luck.

Hello Fredsell, sorry to hear it's back, like Suzy said stay positive , you can beat it again, sending positive thoughts and prayers for strength, hugs huff xxx

Sorry to hear it's back. Praying you are able to beat it

So sorry to here it is back but stay positive and you will be fine.

So sorry to hear your cancer has returned. I hope and pray you come through the chemotherapy treatment with no side effects and that it will chase the cancer away.

Prayers for your recovery.

Take Care and remain positive.


Sorry to hear its back.stay strong.u'll be fine...

Sorry to hear your news but I think with your positive attitude you'll beat cancer once again. Good luck 😀

What horrible news but you will beat the cancer again fredsell. Stay as well as you can and good luck to you. xxxx

Sorry to hear you news fredsell. Keep that positive attitude, it will serve you well and you can kick it into touch like you did before.

All good wishes.

love cx

Thanks every one you are all great support. This is the fourth time around for me. I feel very lucky living in France when they move they are very fast and very good. Thanks again every one

My goodness you're a veteran, how brave you are. Only 2nd time around for me but hopefully just a threat at the moment, stay strong and positive glad you're in such a good place.

Sad to hear that it is back but sounds as if the treatment could be effective. Wishing you a full speedy recovery lots of love xxxx

HI sorry to hear this news, but you have beaten it before and you will again. x

So sorry to hear such dreadfully news, keep fighting and stay well, all the best.


Hi Fredsell. I'm sorry to hear your having to battle cancer again.

The fact you feel so good after one session of chemo, may mean your response to the treatment is going to be quick and successful.

Good luck and keep up the positivity. xx

Oh my! Hope the next lots of chemo will do even more wonders for you.

All the very best to you and yours.



Sorry bout the cancer coming back, but glad you feeling better after your first chemo (that's great, because people usually feel worse before they feel better). Your positive disposition is obviously helping. Hope the improvement carries on and you get rid of the cancer again. All best wishes xx

Have a look at the Ty Bollinger videos called The truth about cancer a global search for a cure. It really gets you thinking. Look it up and tell us what you think.

So very sorry to hear the cancer is back. Glad to hear you have access to fast treatment. I wish you well.

I wish you a very speedy recovery and hope this is soon beaten by the chemo

Hi Fred

Just read your post from a few days ago. So sorry to hear the cancer has returned but hope chemo does the trick again! Have you stayed ok with chemo? I was diagnosed with lung cancer recently and am having daily radio therapy plus weekly chemo for 6.5 weeks. Feel a bit ropy most of the time.


This is my 5th session with chemo in the past 10 years. Yes I have had radio therapy 9 years back with chemo at the same time. I spoke to soon regarding this present chemo it has knocked me to hell and back, maybe its because I am 7 years older and minus a lobe?

I was given more or less the same treatment as you regarding quantity of both it worked OK for 18 months but the cancer came back. What type of cancer do you have small cell?

Hope all goes well for you, seems as though it has been caught early and treatment making you feel better already.

Good luck.!!

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