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Morning all,I have just been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. I am just finishing a 2 week course of antibiotics and steroids. Thank you

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Good morning, Wendy, and welcome to the site. I can't help you myself as I have COPD but I'm sure someone will be along soon who will be able to. M

Hello Wendy and welcome

l have COPD and Asthma so l personally can't help you, but there are plenty of people on this site with the same as as they all come round from their slumbers, expect lots of helpful replies.

Their is also lots of help you can obtain from the BLF's home page.

Velvet xx

Hello Wendy,

Welcome to the site. There are quite a few of us on here who have bronchiectasis. We tend to call ourselves the bronchs. First of all don't panic that you have been given this complicated name as your condition. There are many of us who have had it for all of our lives (63 years me) and are still kicking. You are the same person today that you were yesterday. You just know what you are dealing with.

To start with the most important things from my point of view.

That your diagnosis was made by a consultant who specialises in bronchiectasis. We are all different and we are very different to COPD. Most GPs are trained in COPD (government policy) but know next to nothing about bronchiectasis. They need to be led on treatment by the consultant. I am a little concerned that you have been given oral steroids. This is not a usual treatment for bronchiectasis, which is usually handled with antibiotics and inhalors. Steroids are more a COPD treatment. If a bronch consultant prescribed them they must have their reasons but if it was the GP all the more reason for getting a good consultant.

Any gunk that you get in your lungs has to come up. Otherwise the bacteria stay in there and keep reinfecting you. There are breathing tecniques and devices to help you with this.

Eat well and healthily, exercise but don't wear yourself out. Stay out of cigaette smoke and any other polluted areas and try to avoid other people's viruses ( good luck with that one)

you will need an emergency pack of antibiotics to keep at home so that you can start them if you begin to feel unwell.

I think that is enough for now. I am sure that somebody else will be along soon. We are here for you.

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Thank you very much for the reply. I was given the antibiotics and steroids for a chest infection from the g p. A sputum same was sent off nearly 2 weeks ago but not heard anything.


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Yes, You do need a proper bronchiectasis specialist. xx

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delilah in reply to Wendyhoz60

Hi Wendy, youre in the right place now for sound advice but your GP sounds much like mine so best chase up that sputum test, if you don't ask they won't bother.

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Wendyhoz60 in reply to delilah

Hi thanks for reply, I just rang the gp surgery and the results have come back abnormal but I am on the right treatment

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delilah in reply to Wendyhoz60

Well that's good to know Wendy, ask your doctor how extensive your bronchiectasis is & if you need to see a consultant. He'll have been sent the results of your CT scan so should be able to tell you.

Good Luck

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Any tips to help with getting out of breath

Hi Wendy

I have a diagnosis of bronchiectasis - although not completely convinced I have it. I am on azithromycin 3 times a week to keep it under control. Works for me, doesn't work for everyone. You should ask your consultant. Exercise is good too.


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Wendyhoz60 in reply to MarieW-F

Funny you should say that as I am not convinced either. I will look into the medication. Thanks for that.


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MarieW-F in reply to Wendyhoz60

Yes - my main reason for thinking this is that I just don't cough anything up. Never have once my original chest infection was cleared up. I have pulmonary fibrosis from another illness and I always take oral steroids before I even begin on the antibiotics. I go along with the diagnosis but I remain unconvinced.

Good luck though. definitely see a consultant if you haven't already.


Hi and good morning to you. I agree with Stillstanding about the oral steroids, they are not normally prescribed for Bronchiectasis. Perhaps you could let us know if you have seen a consultant or just GP?

Hello yes just had a chest infection and I also have controlled asthma. Thanks for your reply.

I Have been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis AND Copd and can only add the same advise as above. Exercise, eat Healthy, stay away from smoke and anyone visably sick (colds,coughs etc) I have not had a flare up where I need antibiotics (kept at home) for 18 months. Sometimes I can forget I have it.

Keep well PT xx

I 'believe' bronchiectasis can only really be diagnosed after a CT scan. Not even an X-ray is a good enough indicator.

Hi Wendy, i have mixed copd, bronchiolitis, mild emphysema and asthma. I was monitored for Bronchiectasis following pneumonnia post lobectomy. Also put on Azithromycin. Sorry i can,t be more help but many on the site. Take care, Margaret

Hi Wendy,

Welcome to the site.

I have asthma, mild bronchiectasis plus a few other chest conditions SAFS and tracheomalacia.

I am taking doxycycline daily, I was taking azithromycin daily but kept getting repeated infections. I also have hypertonic saline via nebuliser daily and both of these help to reduce and get rid of that persistent mucous.

I also agree with still standing that you need to have emergency antibiotics at home.

Hi wendy, I have Bronchiectasis and Asthma too.

You've got excellent advice drom the other posters so I'm just replying about the steroids. Many people, especially those with Asthma as well can get extra wheezy and breathless when they have a chest infection, so steroids will be prescribed along with antibiotics. If you're not more wheezy or breathless then usual, you shouldn't need them and should tell your doctor. Many GPs over-prescribe steroids for any type of respiratory illness, leading to problems for the patient. So if you don't need them, don't take them.

Hi Wendy. I also have bronchiectasis. The other posters are right about needing a CT scan/consultant to be sure of a diagnosis. Your GP should refer you. Meanwhile, look on here for other posts which are full of good advice, try to stay free from infections (never underestimate the importance of washing your hands), get a flu jab and don't be around any smokers. Good luck, monkey.

Had several

Bouts of new pneumonia until I had the jab . Your immune system may be a bit shot I'm

On chewable vitamin D you can get tested at doctors it's helped read side effects of antibiotics and steriods.

take regular vitamin supplements and enjoy life inbetween infections.

Hi Wendy and welcome

Good advice from you new friends. I suspect the steroids were because of your asthma. I have bronch and asthma and will only take oral steroids if my asthma is 'in a mess' as my con puts it, although I do have a steroid inhaler.

I think this is the best published info on bronch

Love cx

Hi, I'm new here, and the message I sent is the end of this one , sorry its for Wendy ,

i have had bronchiectasis all my life and have asthma , the steroids are given for the asthma and GP might be edging his bets but like some one said earlier stay off the steroids if possible the side effects can be as bad as the illness , I only use them

If my peak flow results get silly and I can't breath properly without them and think about flu Jab and pneumonia jab both helpful .

I also, have bronchiectasis, so you are not alone, as the many responses that you have received. I started having breathing issues 27 yrs ago, I'm now 66. It has slowed me down, but I still can do a lot.

This website is very helpful and I'm learning a lot from other people who have it.

Thank you

Hi Wendy thank you for your post. I’ve had bronchiectasis for two or three years. So I am a relative newbie too. I get sick of the sputum and at first thought if I coughed the gunk up I’d be ok but no it just keeps on comIng. I often get infections and so thankful for my respiratory nurses expertise. If I do a sputum sample I chase the results up if I don’t hear anything. Take care

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