How I stopped leg, feet and hand cramping

i'm on advair and it seemed like i was getting cramps somewhere on my body day and night and they were getting severe. i was wondering if i should blame the advair (didn't want to as doing so well on it). i read where being dehydrated could cause cramping and then i realized that tho i drink water constantly, i really only take a couple of sips at a time. so i made myself take 5 swallows every time i thought of it and every time i woke up at night (sometimes 2-3 times a night). to my amazement i havent had one cramp in three days. it was as simple as that. so if someone else is having a problem with cramps give water a try. :)

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  • I had a similar experience. So simple isn't it? And so easy to look for medication side effects! I don't think many people drink as much water as they should.

  • Good advice, thanks for the reminder. I only really like hot drinks but am trying to alternate them with plain water. Robin

  • Certainly worth making a note of Jarc13. I suffer with leg cramps first thing in a morning if I take too much Fostair, Vetolin and Atrovent give me no problem at all, but I often drink plenty of orange concentrated diluted a lot with water.

  • Glass of tonic in the evening works a treat to prevent night cramps x

  • hope there's not gin in it :D

    but your right Bryju, tonic water is good, maybe too gassy for some folks, but it does work.

    jimmy xxx :)

  • Same here. Tonic water was fantastic in preventing my foot cramps.

  • yes, water works wonders, best drink plenty.


  • I take Quinine Bisulfate 1 at night. Prescribed by my doctor. Chris x

  • Thanks I might try that.

  • I try very hard to drink my two litres of water a day...I still get cramp in my hands and my toes. .

    I have to stop drinking 2 or 3 hours before I go to sleep or I have get up 2 or 3 times to pee. Be in that kind of condition it's lucky I have an on suite wet room. ...

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