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Advice please

Hi all well this is my official stop smoking day !!!! So far so good, but probably helped because i feel so bad.

I was diagnosed with copd couple weeks ago & started champix. Been on them b4 but didnt finish course & yes started smoking again, this time i know ive GOT 2 stop. Was started on serevent & ventolin inhalers about week ago and have felt really bad this last 4/5 days. So tired, and the sickness feeling is awful along with breaking out in sweats during night, so just wondered if anybody had any tips or advice thank you xx

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First a very warm welcome to you and I would like to wish you every success in your efforts to kick the smoking habit! You will be so glad you did, I have stopped for 11 years now after over 30 years of smoking😁 since then I have improved so much!.........gone are the chest infections and permanent chesty cough 😁 thing for the sweats is a good fan, I swear by mine!

I hope you feel better soon, I always recommend Elderflower cordial with manuka honey for extra help in getting better quickly!

huff xxx


Hi & welcome! The very best of luck in stopping smoking. It's the most important thing to do when you've been diagnosed with COPD. It's also very difficult but if you read the posts on here about members who have succeeded in beating the killer weed, you will be given lots of encouragement. Good luck & keep at it, you know it makes sense!


Good luck I'm 9 month in and doing OK


Hi jftyy, good luck with the quitting smoking, sooooo hard, but if at first you don't succeed............etc. Nearly 20 yrs stopped for me now, but didn't do it first time. Sick and tired feeling could just be getting used to meds, so persevere a little while. Good luck and take care.

jan x


Good luck jftyy, you will gets lots of support on here.

take care

polly xx


Get an e-cig!


I named a day - a year after I was first diagnosed - so you are doing better than me - I started using electrics cigs straight away and have not looked back - not smoked now since 16th March 2014 so that is my tip - had tried gum and champix but neither had worked - so good luck - take care and yes it is worth it xx


Good on you.

Its hard but keep going smoke free.

I used nicotinelle fruit chew gum and a e-cig. Tried patches etc before and failed.

I think I am more addicted to the chew gum than smoking now lol.

Will take a while to clear your lungs of the tar but believe me it will be worth it.

So keep going xxHH


Oh well done I did it with champix just over 10 years ago now when I took mine I was told take them at night before going to bed. I was also told I could still smoke but between 8 and 14 days I wouldn't wont to smoke, about 10 days in cigarettes started to taste foul but continued to smoke then around the 13 day I got up felt so ill went back to bed till 2pm and haven't had a cigarette since.

I still have the packet of cigarettes with about 16 in and my old lighter the other day I was sorting out the junk draw and found them they stink so strange I smoked all them years and never realised I used to smell of old cigarette.

Good luck I hope champix works this time I still took them for about 14 days after my last cig


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