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Hi, I would like to thank those of you who replied to my earlier request for information about antibiotics. I have an appointment with the GP tomorrow to hopefully get some antibiotics and will also ask about an emergency supply. I am afraid I am one of those people who think they can plough through anything but in the last three years I have had a brain haemorrhage which I thought was a bad headache. Two TIA's which turned out to be Antiphospholipid Syndrome and last year became breathless and thought that was because I was unfit and that turned out to be Pulmonary Fibrosis! I think I need to be more pro active with myself and get help sooner.

I was worried as I am already on 10mg Prednisolone (cant get down any more) and mycophenolate that antibiotics wouldn't be beneficial as this is my first ever cough with breathlessness and didn't want to make a fuss.

Once again many thanks

Moll xx

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  • Never feel you're making a fuss! The first sign of infection you phone the GP! 😷 Your health is very very important. Good luck with your appointment , hope you get the appropriate meds 🌸

  • Blooming 'eck Mollie stop all that 'ploughing through' and didn't want to make a fuss' right now. You need to be very proactive sweet to get the treatment you need and deserve. That entails gaining as much knowledge as you can and making sure you see the right medics. You've got a lot to deal with.

    Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

    love cx

  • My dad walked around for 5 days complaining he had indigestion- turned out he had, had a heart attack and needed a stent fitting!

    Mind you I am as bad thought breathing issues no big deal then after friend took me to walk in centre they called for an ambulance turned out had severe pleurisy which took months to clear up!!

  • Hi Mollie again

    I remember flib the other day putting a link up for someone who had pf, so I emailed her and she has very kindly sent these links for you. We hope you will find them of use - you've a bit of reading to do before tomorrow:


  • Hi Cofdrop

    Thank you so much for your reply and also thank Flib for me. I shall read them avidly. I have learnt so much more from this forum than my Specialist Nurse and ILD Consultant, I do realise they are very busy but on here you can ask a question without worrying if you are taking up anyone's time.

    Moll xx

  • I will thank flib for you hun. She will be only too glad to do what she does best - helping people. Good luck - hopefully they will help you.


  • Never ever leave an infection for a few days...that's what I used to do. Not good at all!!!!! Good luck at the surgery. :)

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