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Copd/ asthma vs vcd?

Today I saw pulmonologist from big university teaching hospital. The Dr is waiting for approval from insurance co. To do a Bronchial Thermoplasty. I was also recently diagnosed with bronchiectesis. But because I am still short of breath with activity in spite of high dose steroids, they mentioned possibility of vocal cord dysfunction! I had just researched this from reading a post from here!! Otherwise I would not of known about it! So, I have an appointment with speech therapy in 2 weeks . though, they still want me to continue taking 40 mg prednisone daily! If I can decrease by 5 mg every 7 days that would be OK. I was diagnosed with asthma in 2007 and was in hospital x 2 in 6 mos for 6-7 days each! So I'm thinking if I have vcd I probably also have asthma? I have not worked for over 3 wks and just want to have a life instead of feeling like I'm living in " survival " mode day to day. Then I can just hear my family saying its all psychosomatic!??? I am just very down right now. One good thing is I will be on prophylactic antibiotic d/ t long bouts of steroid use and suppressing my immune system and because if the bronchiectesis. How much more complicated can it get!!!!! I am very appreciative if all of you and this family forum!!!!!

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Although I have Pulmonary Fibrosis I too have VCD and attending speech therapy on a weekly basis to help with it. It has helped me with my breathing and coping with breathlessness. My voice goes at times but is getting stronger with the excercises. Hope is helps you.


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I understand speech therapy is the big key but how were you diagnosed,? I'm thinking I should be seeing a ear/ nose/ throat Dr. I just want off these steroids!


I went to my usual checkup at chest clinic and mentioned that I could hear myself "whistle" even when my mouth is shut (it was quite musical if thats the right word). He then sent me for a procedure with a camera up through the nose and they had a look at my vocal cords . I had to count to ten, then they sprayed a deodarant which then made me cough. This was all done within 10 minutes with a microphone attached to me. It showed that instead of having "barn doors" for my vocal cord muscles I have a "catflap". I am working on stengthening these muscles for a couple of weeks and there has been an improvement. I also used to breathe through my mouth and this was a wasted effect when breathless apparently. Hope this helps and makes sense to you.

Good luck

Mol x

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Thanks for the info! I am ready for invasive look at my vocal cords so I can stop being so awfully short of breath! But have to wait 2 wks for speech therapy consult . in the meantime how can I get back to work still short of breath! Very confused and frustrated!!!


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