Went to the Doc a week ago as peak flow went down a gain after a week ion amoxicillin and 5 days on steroids. Saw a different Doc as had an emergency appointment. He took another spit pot to send away. Haven't had the results yet as going today to cryo clinic for verruca - ouch! Anyway was put on two week course of Oxytetracycline two tabs 4 times a day and, if colour of sputum is anything to go by then the infection is starting to clear up. Peak flow gone up a little and goes up to my usual after taking all my inhalers so still taking them twice a day. Wish I had had these before. Feel more energetic and everything. Still got a week to go on them so I am hopeful that the improvement will last.

Unfortunately been up all night for no reason whatsoever. Tired when I went to bed and not going over and over horrible things in my mind just didn't sleep? Other half is away for a couple of days but usually sleep even without him there though sleep better with him here. Ah well shower will wake me up. Will take herbal nytol tonight to hopefully ensure a good night.

Talk to you all later.

Love and hugs,



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  • Ahh Sian, I've not been on for a while!

    Sounds like you been going through the mill again, Bless.

    Fingers crossed for continous improvement, you so deserve the break.

    Vicki xx

    Ps. I'm still waiting to sit with my specialist to discuss comparison with recent CT scan and one 11 years ago with full lung function test.

    Something inside me telling me my ct scan in past said emphysema because of numerous partial lung collapse caused by Bullae(air build up pockets) is usually common place with emphysema! Surely I would have felt impact of this way before 11years!

    I believe bulk of my symptoms is silent reflux, maybe Im wrong! Been taken off omeprazole HAS stopped my headaches and seering joint/muscle pain. The retanadine (think its this spelling), seems better (just slight wrist and hip pain). I forgot one nights tablet and in morning throat sore, spat blood and pains in back.

    I'm a mystery but feeling blessed inside compared to some of you lovely people.

    Big hug your way

    Vicki x

  • Hope you get to talk over the scan soon Vicki. It will be interesting.

    Love and hugs



  • Sounds as if you are feeling better Sian and hopefully you will get a good night tonight. Take care. Carole xxxx

  • Yes going to take my nytol at 7 and go to bed early.

  • Hi, I find that steroids will keep me awake, they may effect you the same way. You will be fine soon. Best wishes

  • Thing is not on steroids at the moment so no idea what caused last nights lack of sleep. Hopefully tonight will be a different story.

  • Glad you are seeing an improvement Sian and hope you feel much better as the course goes on. Will be interesting to see what nasty you grew.


  • I think because of the lack of sleep I am feeling a bit under the weather now. Think a good nights sleep will see me right. Offg to Manchester on Thursday - appointment Friday at 11.30.

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