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Murphy Is Much Better!

Murphy Is Much Better!

Little Murphy is much better...he quickly learned he is fed in the kitchen and runs through with his tail straight up...then he meows hopefully until one of us opens a packet of Whiskas...

He uses his litter tray without any prompting...purrs like a little steam engine and is petrified of the toy mouse stuffed with cat-nip that I bought him...he'd much rather bat at the moths that come in during the evening...

All in all he's very much better than he was...

The photo is his favourite place to sleep...on top of the router!

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So pleased he is well X

Hi, Vashti, so pleased to hear Murphy is getting better, it's such a worry when our loved pets are poorly. I'm sure he will be back to full health soon, with all the TLC you will be giving him.

Nice, gentle stroke for him, and best wishes for you.

Christine. XXX

Great news about the lovely Murphy and nice to see he has a favourite place to hide. Bless him. Very pretty lamp shade Vashti. xxx

Such a sweetie

Ha ha tell him to stick his tail up in the air for a better reception 😊 glad he's fit and well and enjoying life again. 🐱

Jan x

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Yes, could do with him here on our router if that helps.

So pleased about young Murphy. Malcolm has the same habit of following me into the kitchen to see what there is to eat. Liked the colour coordinated lampshade and puffer. We love our cats!!

Awwww I am so pleased for this little fella,also for his mum and dad who love him, if his tail is straight up,he certainly is feeling much better,the vet will be pleased next time you see her.

A living ornament...good place Murphy!

Really pleased to see and hear how much better little Murphy is.

Was very worried about him.

Oh so very pleased he is better Vashti. Cats always seek out the warmest spot and I suppose the router is warmer than the rest of the room! Bless him he looks so good.

Aw bless our prayers have been answered and little Murphy is back home where he belongs :) It's amazing how quickly they steal your heart isn't it?

My 18 month old cat is currently sleeping on top of a couple of pictures leaning against a wall facing a window.! Before then he got into my record cabinet (there is no back to it) and his little face would be peering out of me through the glass door. You should have seen the look on his face when I opened the door and stroked him :D x

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glad he is better

Great news about Murphy, I love his sleeping bed, is it slightly warm? Lovee Margareet x

so glad he's getting better he does look cute, my boy purrs so quetly almost like he's afraid, but not so coy when he wants his food, he can bequite entertaining with his vocal range

Such a little beauty, you can see the oriental in him. Here is a link to the finest kitty food you can get. They deliver to Ireland, it may be available Waitrose over there and some pet shops.

Our George had skin problems and his digestion wasn't brilliant, when he was little. Then we discovered Lily's. It has saved us a small fortune in skin products and vet's fees.

I expect the kitty food is equally good. Lily's use only organic human grade products.

Here is a link to photos of Oriental tabby cats. If you scroll down you will find one identical to Murphy

Oh Vashti how gorgeous is he. He's had a shaky start but now he has you and Himself he's probably got more than 9 lives. Love and meows. 🐯

Love your lamp Vashti, Murphy looks well at home! xx

Way hay ! The Mighty Murph is back to surf - on the router !

Good to see,


Yay Murphy :) good golly he's cute!

So pleased that he's recovering Vashti. He looks so much like my "mummy" cat. They always seem to find somewhere warm to lay on ....however small, don't they? He's so cute. XX

How adorable! So glad he is feeling better.


Bless him! He is so beautiful! Hope he continues to be well.

So glad it's good news Vashti - the little fella looks great I love the colour-co-ordinated Seretide and lamp-shade too. Murphy's younger than I imagined, should do well now he's over the hump.

Fantastic news. Well done Murf xx

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