Smoking Cessation **!!!!

Hi everyone

Just thought I would vent a bit here, hope its the right place.

As smoking seems to be the main reason we have all damaged our lungs with COPD

I think stopping this habit is probably the hardest thing to do and get your head around.

Would like to know how people are managing this in real terms and perhaps continuos mention/

info/ support and encouragement of each other could help many that feel alone in this huge struggle.

I smoked for over 40 years, from the age of 15 until I had a heart attack last October 16 days after I quit smoking. Im 58 now.

I had a relapse (gave in again) in March and then stopped again in May. After recently being diagnosed with COPD fev1 56% I am determined to stay off the cigs. I have done the stop / start thing for years and now try to avoid being next to people that smoke because I am easily encouraged .

I find it VERY hard at times not smoking. I have been using patches daily since May and struggle when I reduce them to the lower strength (stage 2). I also have some nicotine gum 2mg and a vape for if the cravings get too much or I am stressed. Basically anything to keep my off the cigs.

I would appreciate learning what works for others that struggle.

When I stopped smoking I felt awful with build up of phlegm, chest pain, headaches etc but after reading what others have experienced realise this is common as my lungs had to learn to cope without the poisons and clear out somewhat. I will get the results of my latest breathing test tomorrow, fingers crossed that it hasn't gone worse. I will let you know!

I have found the BLF self care and exercise pack very useful and try to do the exercises every other day. I have also joined a pilates class once a week. I do not think PR is available in my area but have found a breath easy group that meets monthly that I will try next week. I was terrified when I was told I have COPD but now I have had good (valid) information from here feel pretty positive. Thanks to ya all!. Its just the smoking cessation that gets to me now more than anything. 40 years of habit and all that.....

Please post your thoughts and advise as I think there are many of us on here could do with the support.

Thanks and please all keep up the good work and take care of you.


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Never stop stopping. Well done for getting this far. I gave up smoking 15 months ago, and 6 weeks ago was told I had copd. I gave up smoking because I was short of breath going very short distances. I use a vapour/e-cig, still use it now. But have to say feel so much better than I did a year ago. then coupled that with exercise and lots of water, healthy eating am doing so much better again. Go with what works for you, good luck and you will get lots of support from here.

Well done


HI Jjude

Thanks. Is your chest ok with the e cigs? Is that the vape? and what severity is your COPD? Sounds like you have got your act together quite quickly after diagnosis. Chris

Thats because within 24 hours of finding out I found this forum and what a breath of fresh air this community is. Not sure about my severity but hd 43% lung function, back in about 6 weeks for hopefully another spiro test. I truly believe the reading will be better than last time.

If it wasn't for the vape Im not sure Id even be typing away to such lovely people right now.


Thanks will keep my fingers crossed re your next spiro results then but sounds like you are doing everything to arrest it. Chris

What are your results now?

You are doing all the right things, Chris, to give up smoking. Just keep at it. I gave up smoking years ago. Now it seems obscene to introduce smoke to my lungs. A good idea, now that you have done all the right things, is to find something creative to occupy your hands. I was put to the test last year due to sad times. I did eye the e.cigs in Boots but turned away when I saw the price of them.

Hi thanks

not worried re the price as still miles cheaper than smoking. just a bit worried re the effects of vaping. Have 2 disabled grown up kids so have plenty to do really. kind regards chris

hi chris there is a quit support forum on here ive used it and you get lots advice.


Thanks will look at that. Have read your posts, good sensible advice.

Kind regards Chris

Hi Chris, well done for battling it out, your doing great so far.

One thing I do think is maybe you have too many aids and are getting too much nicotine which, is making you crave it more. If you know what mean.

Maybe you could try just the patches and one other extra aid for those desperate moments. I found the gum rubbish but, did find the cheap supermarket tablets worked well when I was gagging.

I ended up on the ecig simply because the patches severely burned my skin.

Maybe you came off the high dose of patch too soon.

Obviously, the chemist bought methods are safer. But, if it's the hand to mouth part you crave, the inhaltor or the ecig fits the bill. The aim is to lower your nicotine level over time and you don't have to rush it. xx

When i stopped the cigs i used an e cig and i honestly dont think i could have packed them in without it.

What i dont understand is this.....we are never told to stop a medication we have to come off it slowly.......if your an alcoholic you dont just stop....if your a drug addict you dont just stop.............yet smokers are told just pack them in and it makes no sense to me.

Are you still on the e cigs?


Years ago i went to see one of those nurses that helps you quit and she told me she had stopped 15 years ago yet that Christmas when she was out with her friends she had one.

I think most people who stop still get cravings years down the line i know i did i even use to dream about them.

I think ex smokers will always have a problem with smoking. My worse time is on holiday!

I think we are all different. I started smoking when I was 15 and stopped and started 3 times till last year at age 57. I started because I liked it and stopped when I wanted to. Within one week the craving was gone and then I did not even miss it till one day 3 or 4 years later when I again felt like having a cigar. I was however last year diagnosed with COPD - I was busy with one when I got the phone call - Killed it never missed it. I however found that its important not to worry about it - If you think about it you will miss it.

I wish it was the same coming to terms with the COPD. I was planning my funeral for at least 4 months after I got the news. Then I realized being stage 1 I still got a bit of living to do and might as well enjoy it while I am here. So I then picked up my stones and killed Goliath. I will die when the good Lord needs me there.

It is so very very hard too give up smoking, I too had been smoking for 40 odd years and have not been smoking now for a year and a half. I used patches and found they did help but too be honest you have to have willpower as well. I have severe COPD and I know if I was still smoking I would be a lot worse than I am now or even maybe not here. I think that it has only helped as all those chemicals you put in yourself are harming you and if it wasn't for them you wouldn't have COPD. I look at people my age which is 62 and see them walking up and down the road up hills and things and I cant do that cause my breathing is rubbish. I'm not on oxygen but just know I would of been if I hadn't given up smoking. So please carry on it will help it just takes time. I really believe you never stop wanting a cigarette but you just don't.

Good Luck Chris never give up trying.

Thanks for all the input. I do struggle without the patches. Do not use all 3 aids regularly. Just have the vape and gum on standby if I get desperate.

I stopped and started smoking for 18 years .I tried everything gum ,patches ,spray I was hypnotised twice and still I went back.Then I spoke to someone who had taken ZYBAN you get it from your GP it works on the receptors in the brain ..I have never craved one since I also got 2 friends to give it up with this method .it was so easy and I've never looked back. Good luck


Hi Chris,I have very severe emphysema Fev1 20%. I started smoking aged 9 years,I,m now 59 ,gave up two years ago.I,m an alcoholic and been addicted to various stuff over the years.Nicotine is so addictive they don,t talk about it on TV etc because it just re- awakens the craving.If you can stop for a week you can stop for good you need to be determined.I gradually cut down using patches at the doctors cessation clinic,took about three months.Getting so breathless the thought of putting smoke into my lungs strikes me as madness.Wish you the best of luck,you know you can do it!D. 👍

Chris, you're worried re effect of e-cigs - I can only say I've been using mine since Jan 2010 , my meds are cut by 80% and, more to the point, I've enjoyed my 5.5 years of vaping far more than my 60+ years of smoking.

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