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Trying to stop smoking

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Hi wondered if anybody can help I stopped smoking for just about 8 weeks using a vape but then starting feeling sick and Jimmy tummy the smell of the vape just turned my tummy so went back on ciggs when I felt better so a week has passed and I'm trying to get back on my vape but can't seem to like it anymore I don't want to stay on ciggs so don't no what really to do

21 Replies
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Hi, there are other methods to help as you will know. I used nicotine lozenges. There is a quit support forum which you may find helpful. Search healthunlocked for it Good luck in your quest to be an ex smoker.

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Hi please try the quit smoking forum as suggested they can give you lots of advice. Good luck hope you do manage to stop. Please let us know how you get on. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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I am not a fan of vaping and believe on occasions these can be quite dangerous. There are numerous different methods for stopping smokers ranging from patches to lozenges. IF you can contact your gp they will be able to advise and support you. Otherwise your pharmacist will be able to help.I believe stopping smoking is not easy but well done with your endeavours. As others have said there are forums on healthunlocked that will support you.

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wishing you well in your journey to give up smoking please try to stay positive

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Theres lot of stop smoking help out there.pharmacies r a gd point of contact and have thought therell b something that suits u better,along with yr own mindset.would it help to do a list of reasons U want to stop to help u through tough days? Wishing you all the best xx

I tell you as a recovering addict for 25 years smoking is so so hard I gave up 8 years ago and I don't vape husband is hooked!!!!All I can say is take it a day at a time literally

You actually are not giving anything up you are taking on health!!

Replace fags/vape with something you really really like and enjoy doesn't matter if it's sweeties either even they are healthier than fags

Can you stand the evil looks you get for having a fag? Also there are fewer and fewer places to smoke good luck keep strong and talk to everyone

Make sure you talk to an ex smoker to

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I stopped smoking 7 years ago by using a vape with the same nicotine level as my cigarettes and with a tobacco flavour. Gradually reducing the nicotine level over the first year, and again over the next two years until I was able to stop completely. I would suggest that your nicotine level is too high as that can give you tummy problems, which is what I had when trying patches/lozenges. We are all different so you could try the others but support from a group is just as important. Good will be worth it!

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elaines50 in reply to Kate0307

Hi can u tell me what strength e liquid u used thanks elaine

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Initially 18, then after a few weeks 15

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I’ve never tried the vape as I gave up many years ago ( although I’ve had a few lapses over the years ) I’ve used nicotine lozenges and gum both of which made it very easy to quit , the hard part I find is getting off them ! The best advice I can give is stick with it whatever method you go with , it’s so much less hassle being a non smoker no more smelly clothes and hair , no squeezing into a tiny corner outside a restaurant hoping no one notices your addiction , no trying not to breathe on non smoking work colleagues and friends 😂 and that’s just a few of many, many things on top of the obvious health benefits ! I felt a great sense of freedom once I was in charge of my own body again . Good luck ! Just keep going 😊

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elaines50 in reply to Thepainterswife

Thank you

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I gave up after 40 years of smoking,not easy but the best thing I've done! I went cold turkey which I think is the most effective way to do it. I put the money I would have spent on cigarettes to one side and really indulged myself with whatever treats I fancied including the expensive magazines I liked. As I got used to being a non smoker my spending went back to normal limits but I still treat myself whenever I fancy. Life is so much easier as a non smoker!

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Thepainterswife in reply to Aingeful

I’d forgotten about saving the money 😃 When I first gave up 40 years ago I bought a garden shed 😂

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Hi, I smoked for 50yrs and eventually gave up 4 yrs ago using a vape. I was on 30 a day roll ups. I found lots of the flavours sickly but eventually found rasberry mentholl suited me. I think the nicotine level you are using may be too much, try a lower one. I am now down to 6mg nicotine watered down with 0mg nicotine in the hope of being able to stop soon. Either way vaping is better than smoking I guess. Good luck.

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elaines50 in reply to Daisytime

Thank you

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I eventually managed to stop permanently 16 years ago. Tried a lot of different methods before this but none worked. Ended up going to a Hypnotherapist, yes it cost me £260 at the time but have had that back in lots of savings since. Wife also went but it never worked for her - she still smokes & vapes as well.

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Vaping can be a great help to quitting cigarettes.I used vapping and while on it gradually reduced nicotine to zero, that stopped the addiction side but still left the handling habit, in a short time this also cigarette free for last 10 years.

It may be the flavours not agreeing with you, try something as mild in flavour as possible and only buy legitimately made liquid, lots of the problems around was sometimes people buying cheap rubbish liquids with dodgy ingredients in......

Otherwise as you must know there's patches etc to try too.....

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Hi if you want to stop smoking tyr paches of doctor & if you really want to stop they will help you i did not smoked in 10 years now can not stand smell tyr drs

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Just don’t buy any more cigarettes and whenever it “overtakes” you have a drink of water and do something until it passes, it will get easier, honest !

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hi elaines50, believe me when i say i tried ! with the help of non smoking clinics,patches & vapes the lot for 20yrs plus to give up coz of my asthma…truth was i never really wanted to i was fine asthma wasn’t that bad ,i’d get through 20 in a night if i was drinking, that’s when i enjoyed them the most ! i adored my best friends(menthol cigs) lol .my hubby used to say you’ll never give up until your parents have passed away WELL , low & behold i did it ! 12 months ago and the parents are still here !

ONLY because my breathing was getting so bad it was affecting everything i did ! i cut down a lot at first & used vapes , that was ok for a short time then i knew i needed to pack the cigs altogether so started on the patches no clinics by myself ! vaped alot but 0 strength as i had patches on but i realised anything that was going in my lungs was also killing me i could hardly do anything so the vapes also had to go ! gradually i reduced the strength of the patches till one day i realised i didn’t need them anymore ! i had kicked the A**** off these awful smelly things ! i do miss them but i’ve paid the price by not listening hard enough to my asthma nurse 20+ years ago …..

take care & best of luck

karen x

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