I Can Have A Kitten...Or Two !

This is going to be difficult.

I have to find something to write about which isn't going to offend anyone in any shape or form...

Ooh...I've thought of something. Himself says I can have a kitten. I told you the two Black cats...( they had Black fur) had to be put down a couple of weeks ago...they both of them had cancer. They were nineteen years old.

They had always been outdoor cats...living in the barns and the poly-tunnel and although I loved them both dearly, they weren't really pets in the way indoor cats are.

So I suggested a kitten...I'd like two, but won't tell Himself that just yet.

And he said...why not.

But it means going to the cat lady...she runs a shelter and always has cats and kittens looking for homes and that is where the trouble lies...how do you choose.

If there's a litter of six it's easy enough to pick out a kitten which appeals to you more than the others...but faced with endless runs full of little faces looking appealingly through the wire?

We went to Marie...the cat lady...when we chose Hector. He was a lovely cat and lived indoors with us, but also succumbed to cancer a few years ago...I was so bewildered by the sheer number of kittens when we had Hector I just pointed and said...I'll take that one please.

Then there's Bobby.

He's far more placid than he used to be and loathes me scolding him...when he suddenly decides to chase a Sparrow eating out of his dish for instance... he doesn't mind the Wagtails at all...just the Sparrows, so I think he'll be alright with something small and furry.

Millie couldn't give a toss and Eilis is alarmed when cats spit at her...next doors cat smacked her across the face once and I don't think she's ever quite got over it.

A Ginger kitten would nice...or a Tabby...wouldn't want a White one 'cos next door the other side have a White kitten...they might get mixed up.

There are some feral kittens down near the bridge...Henry and Mary have been feeding them...but they are savage...they spit and claw and shriek like banshees when you try to pick them up.

I'm going to 'phone Marie tomorrow and find out where she is...she's moved since we had Hector.

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  • Vashti, my mind boggles why you dont write childrens books, you have a wonderful talent just going to waste you know !! and you would get so much fulfilment from it.

  • The book has already been written...........

    There are enough of Vashti's posts on here for a beautiful book.

    Each post could be a separate page in the book.

    Some amusing, some sad, some thought provoking, some ranting, some that make the more mundane aspects of life so interesting.

    Everyone a jewel.

    Love them all


  • Oh my, you said it so perfectly!! Everyday with such excitement, I can't wait for the new one!!!

  • hi vasti sometimes you don't have to pick, you will always find that 1 or 2 will come to you, then you just take them, but if you have 6 run upto you then you have a problem lol


  • Hi V

    It is so sad that we have to consider out posts as not to offend in a 'sensitive' time on the site.

    I always love your posts and admire your style of writing.

    When it comes to pets I think they choose their owners and in your case they would all love to come home to you and 'himself'.

    Whatever you decide they will be lucky living with you and his lordship.

    I love your posts


  • Hope you find your kitten. xxx

  • Well let's hope that your post hasn't offended anyone, oh, what if they don't like cats?! There will be two very lucky kittens when you adopt them. Have fun,I am sure you will. You give so many a lot of enjoyment with your posts so please keep them coming xx

  • Can't wait to see what colour kitties you decide on,perhaps the colour will have no influence,it could just be the lovely faces, as for offending anyone,!!! You just continue in your usual way,we enjoy every word.

  • Hi Vashti

    Feckin cats...give me a dog any day.

    Catist Velvet !!! Xx

  • Meow Velvet! xxxx :)

  • Woof feckin woof. xxxx

  • When I was feeding the hedgehogs over 2 years ago I saw this tabby cat it was desperate for food and very frightened so I started feeding it. I have fed it 4 times a day and I still cannot get close enough to stroke it, although one day as I put its food in the dish it touched my hand with its nose. It is not so skinny now and its coat shines I guess give it a few more years it might let me stroke it, ungrateful so and so it is lol :-)

  • Probably feral starveycat and not very trusting of humans. Hopefully that trust will build over time. xxx

  • ' allo wots bin goin on then? av only bin without internet briefly and people are writing posts and deleting them before I've had a chance to read'em lololol!

    I wish I could have a kitten but the big fella is allergic to cats n horses , hope you pick the best of the bunch!

    huff xxx

  • " Awe Vashti!.....I cant wait to hear what kitten/kitten's.... What colour... what sex....your new little kitten/kitten's will be...But! whatever... he or she Be.... They will be very lucky little kittens to have been homed by you..."I remember so well the days I worked at the RSPCA." ...It's a place that even after 10 yrs.' of working with all different types of unwanted animals. Cruelty case's.... And there where a lots of poor animals, beaten virtually to death...... And always at the hand of supposed to be loving humans. WRONG!!....Humans can be the nastiest of all specie's... it was always though.. a joy standing back.... and watching the prospective new owner's.. go searching for that speciel one.... And like Tam, and other's have said. The biggest joy is them choosing you...Megan."

  • Hi Vashti

    I didn't see the post your speaking about. Everybody is really getting touchy on here. Sorry to hear you had trouble.

    I envy you Vashti, picking out kittens.

    How much fun is that! 😊 Although it's not that easy. All those eyes saying pick me Vashti please... Big decision....

    Can't wait to see your kittens.

    And then the fun of picking their names.

    Have fun 😊


  • Vashti, please just keep on writing - I enjoy and admire your posts so much!! Jan xx

  • Choosing which little bundle of fur is going to be hard, I couldn't go to a shelter it would reduce me to tears. cats I've had since moving to Wales have been abandoned, one just before Christmas 2001. My hubby was working as a concierge and a lady handed her in saying she had been outside for a few days (she hadn't I think she was goign away for Xmas and not arranged cattery/cat sitter) anyhoo we took her in and had 8 years with her until heart problems (I cried 3 days holiday booked leave from work cause I knew I wouldn't be fit). 2nd one friends cat had kittens so we took one she was a beauty long haired tortie, had photos from when she was first born, unfortunately she got run over at 9 months old, she was absolutely nuts, we had her chipped so we were phoned by a vet as the person who had had the accident kindly took her to the vets. The one we had now again came from work, me this time and he is an odd ball we have just moved and he has settled really well, but lives in the greenhouse during the day and in at night.

    Sorry about the long post but kitties do that to me.

  • Love your posts Vashti, must have missed the recent troublesome ones. This is a problem isn't it, this site is becoming very difficult with trolls and other


    ...........And anyway, we can never win..........what about the poor birds!!lol.

  • I got Tara, my little tortoiseshell kitten from a co-worker whose cat had just had a litter. 8 years on and she is adorable but very highly strung and mad for treats,

    Good luck.


  • Good luck with choosing a kitten Vashti that's a difficult job, I'd bring them all home if I could.

    My "mum" cat was a feral cat who came from Portugal and she was nuts when I first got her, but calmed down after she had her kittens.. She's about 14 now and the sweetest cat you can find.

    As for worrying about what you write on here - don't! Those of us who have a normal soh, love all your posts...leave the PC brigade to get on with their miserable lives - alone!

    Being "Oirish", what's your opinion of Mrs Brown's Boys?

  • I loathe and detest that dreadful programme....!

  • Fair enough! XX

  • Me too - but then am I upsetting anyone by writing that?

    Although I couldn't help p..I got myself with Father Ted & his mad exploits.

    Have you been to catwoman?

  • Me too. It is so patronizing and desperate not be stereotypical!!

  • Good luck with your choice of cat, Vashti. They can be a nice addition to your life. I had one that used to run after marbles I'd flipped in the sitting room and bring them back to me. The one time I ignored him, after he'd raced down the hallway and retrieved the marble, he jumped up onto my desk and dropped the marble in front of me. When I still ignored him, he picked it up and dropped it into my glass of beer ! Great cat, was Sean.

    Never mind PC problems ! Gimme three cheers for mysogeny !!


  • I do hope you manage to get your two kittens Vashti as that would be lovely. Good luck with that and hope you find Marie has not moved too far away. Wishing you well as always and just so you know, your posts have never offended me ever - just made me think, smile and laugh out loud! Keep up the good work and stay well.

    Love, Carole xx

    Not too OTT with the "love" you understand. xxxx :) :)

  • First off I would like to say that I too am a fan of your posts. I'm really more of a dog man with 2 notable exceptions these are Rowley he's a white and tabby cat who came with the house 12 years ago. God only knows how old he really is ,but we think he would make a great subject for a Stephen King novel. Then there's HenryTheCat . He is about 7 and was originally owned by our next door neighbour. He sort of grabbed my heart as a young un when he used to sit on his side of the fence, just out of our dogs' paw range ,as the went bonkers at him. It was the way he looked at them with that " you idiots don't you realize you can't get me " expression that hooked me. So it was a no brainer when our neighbour told us they were moving away and could not take the pets. I would have bought the dog Sophie as well .After all I had bought one of her pups a year earlier, but we already had 4 so that was not possible. Funny thing is that the dogs must have only wanted to play as they welcomed HenryTheCat without much of a fuss and don't object when he decides to drape himself across my shoulders when I sit in my favourite chair. Good luck with your kitten picking, I hope you find 2 as good as mine X

  • Would it help if you had an idea of the colour and sex you want?

    Fluffy or short hair. patterned or plain.

    I heard black cats find it harder to find homes because of superstition.

    Ginger ones can be mistaken for a fox.

    White cats have a tendency to be deaf.

    Siamese cross breeds can be very noisy.

    Tortoiseshells are very pretty, the males rare as hen's teeth.

    Once you have decided on these things, why not ask Marie to bring you a small selection and see which one runs to you first?

  • What's the betting there will be more than two,that grab your heart.

  • Hello Vashti, I to cannot stand Mrs Browns boys, anyway I would love to go to the shelter with you, my dear old black tortoiseshell lady is now I'm thinking about 18? I've lost count of the years. I hope my old age is as comfortable as hers is now. Keep writing please don't worry about the miseries and dopes of the PC BRIGADE. love Leelee. X. 🐯

  • There is bound to be a Troll allergic to cats! What do cats do when they see someone who is allergic to, or dislikes cats...they make a beeline for that person.

    I am looking forward to reading about your new baby kitten/s.

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