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phone call from my docs surgery, after the sputum sample i sent to the hospital a few days ago they want me to go on a course of anti biotics: fine ,but this is the 7th course since may this year i will be taking doxy cycline, which is the third time i have taken these ,obviously they are not doing much for me, i have tried making an appointment to see my doc ( who is good ) ,but i think i would get to see the Queen quicker , has any one else taken as many courses as this?

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  • I have very frequent infections whit but that is a very short period of time to be on 7 courses. How long are your courses of abs and what dosage are you taking of the doxy. Maybe the culture has come back with an alternative ab which the bug is also sensitive to. Do you also know what you are growing?

    Hope you get some rest from infections soon.


  • Oh yes, I have a couple of years when I have been more or less on constant increasingly severe courses of AB's and even before that I have usually have a course of AB's every month or so.....and this is for the last 20 years ...before that I was on a course of AB's about every 2 or 3 months. I can honestly say I have been on antibiotics on a regular basis every since they were 'invented' but then I have had bronchiectasis since a baby . The only 'cure' for bronch at that time was removal of the lobe of the lungs that had the bronch in ( as AB's had not been invented) which I had done twice once at 15 once at 16 yrs..

    Of course then they just gave out a pencillin ( reluctantly) a short course insufficient to kill anything of course you got it back again in a few months.

    I have been lucky I can tolerate all the ab's that they have given me over time, but of course now its getting more tricky to get me better...and the next step will be IV antibiotics ( which I of course had had in the past, but only as a last resort)

    So 7 courses is a doddle for me...BUT I hope that now they seem to have found the bug that is causing your recent infection, they can target it more effectively and this last AB will do the trick for you

    I used to worry too about the amount of AB's I took, but I am more relaxed about it now...Its only really amoxicillin that has NO affect on me any more even the 3 grm sachets 2 a day !! the others do have some affect, especially when its a VERY large dose for a long time ( AT LEAST 2 weeks)

  • hi whit last year I had atleast one course of ab every month, then from November last year up till march I was constantly on ab and steroids. im now on a long term ab I take 3 times a week.


  • agree with aberdeen man. Already said +++ that azithromycin was the answer for me - 3 times a week.

  • I'm on 3 time per week also. What are your Fev1 etc

  • Also same drug

  • hi ive very severe copd and emphysema fev1 18%


  • hi i guess your`e struggling more than me with that low fev , look after yourself

  • Yes. I am just going to count up how many courses of antibiotics I have had this year. This must be the 6th and the last 3 were last month and now I am on a 2 week course of doxy. Am also taking antihistamine as I wonder if a little bit of allergy may be helping with the infection.

    Good Luck



  • Hi whit. Sorry your having such a rough time. Nothing I can add just hope you feel better soon. Best wishes Nan

  • Yes i have and it was for pseudomonus which is still there a year after antibiotics so if thats what you have you may need a combination of them or even from a drip x

  • well ,my surgery rang yesterday, late afternoon, i am getting to see the doc in 2 weeks, for patsy i am taking 100 mg daily for two weeks my fev fluctuates 39 to 42

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