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Sandy soil

Hi everyone

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. What are you doing? Anything fun?

I have a question for you gardeners out there. Here in Jersey usa. We live near the shore. Our soil is dry and sandy. We have a lot of trouble getting flowers that can take this soil. I know some of you are excellent gardeners. Any help would be appreciated. Have a great weekend 😊

Rubyxx 😊 😊

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Hi Ruby check out this link I 'm sending there's some lovely ones you could try, my garden soil has a lot of clay so I have to add sand mixed in the compost! :D

Hugs huff xxx


I love the garden , but don't really know what I'm doing , I just scatter seeds and hope for the best surprising it actually looks like I have a lovely country garden . I loved watching the Chelsea flower show and watch gardeners world every Friday . It really is quite therapeutic listening to the pond and birds . 🌷🌻


Can't help re soil Ruby hubby does the garden now (lucky me!) It looks like being a lovely day so i can enjoy the fruits of his labour! Hope all is well with you. xx


Hi Sheilab

Nice to hear from you. Its 5:00 in the morning here. My days and nights are all mixed up as I work at night. I'm actually going to sleep now. Later we will take a drive and pick out a new diner to try. I'm guessing it's about 10:00 a.m. for you. You have a lovely day 😊😊

Rubyxx 😊 xx


I hope you had a good sleep.

I can't help much although I lived on the edge of the Sahara for 6 years. We lived on a farm of orange groves, all growing in sand. Our garden was sand too, several tall date palms grew in it, a massive fig, olive & mulberry trees all surrounded in a rose hedge of pink roses in season. There was elderflower too & we made illeagal wine which turned into a sort of champagne. Oh they were the days, lovely.... the children playing in their 'sandpit', washing drying in 5 minutes :)

I suppose you get harsh winters in NJ so you wouldn't be able to grow the above?


Just one I know of Rubyred777, Thrift grows quite well in sandy seaside soil, worth a try.x



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i thought trevo was for the sandy soil :D after all that was the question ?

anyway ruby, sandy soil is not cured quickly, but worked on each year can be helped, use some hen [chicken manure] rotted sawdust or any greens that are well rotted i,e nettles rot quick, and are a great source of ground feeding .bury the leaves at autumn in the soil ready for an improved soil in spring.

mind you there's plenty plants that are well

suited to sandy soil.

I hope every thing in your garden becomes rosy, love jimmy xxx :)


Thanks Jimmy 😊

Anything we plant gets worse every year. I would like something that takes to the sandy soil besides cactus!

You have flowers Jimmy?

What kind of soil do you have?

Love Rubyxx 😊 😊


i do have flowers ruby, the soil i have is self made over 15 years, it was "shale" [red ash from previous old pit workings] completely useless for growing anything, but over the years i've did as above, and now have good growing soil, but it has taken a long tome and a lot of hard work [which i am really incapable now ] but i dabble about with it and do what i can. i,ll post a picture my garden when things

take off [there's a picture of it on the site somewhere taken last year ], things are growing much later here in scotland due to the bad summer we've had, but it has to change sometime :D i'm waiting patiently for some good weather :D [but my patience is wearing

thin now though :D ] the last three days have been the best we've had this year, so managed to put some bedding plants in, some saved from last year, some i've bought.

Apart from palm trees :D i'm sure if you google plants for sandy soil , you will find lots :) good luck with it ruby :)

, best regards for now, lots of love jimmy xxx :)


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