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hi everyone first time on here and using post so please bear with me , i am 72 got severe c.o.p.d had it for aprox 4 year now use a power chair and take all the inhalers tablets etc available. but i like to travel on trains seeing different places but got to a point now were i need my nebuliser 3/4 times a day and i was wondering if anyone could recomend a hand held nebuliser i could use on my travels thanks jimbo38

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Hi Jimbo

Welcome to the site. Lots of help on here, as you will see. I don't use one but I have seen them mentioned on here before. Sounds fun traveling on the train seeing different places. I would enjoy that too. ☺ Rubyxx

hi ruby its great travelling up and down the country i have a disabled rail card so go cheap but can get some real good deals cheers jimbo

Hello jimbo38. Lidl and Aldi sell them occasionally. That's where I got mine. It runs either from a mains adapter, 12v car adapter or the internal batteries when charged. Mine is a Poly Green.

I've checked Ebay and there's some for under £10 but I've no idea what they are like.

Hi Jimbo

Welcome. I use a Omron MicroAir NE-U22-E Pocket Nebuliser and have found it very reliable. It is compact and once started can be used in any position.

One downside is my wife cannot prepare it for me because she has arthritis in her fingers which makes it very painful for her to disassemble.

Best price I can find at the moment is £85.00 at Amazon or Argos.

Regards Andy

thanks for that andy big help cheers

I also use omoron and find they are VERY reliable. I keep one in car and one at home. Mine uses batteries or mains.

Hi, I have the same model...it's very good...just remember to carry spare batteries with you. I got mine from Evergreen nebulisers....you can ring them for advice or email

I have one of these two - is brilliant. I bought it for a holiday to New York.

I asked the super respatory nurses advice on this ,I use the hospitals nebuliser and said best get adapter for using the one I,ve got.Do they have electric sockets on trains these days?I noticed the prices vary enormously for portables.Good luck.D.

i am intruguide what is this miracle cure please

Yeah what is this miracle cure share it with us because from what I know it only progresses let's hear it thanks

Hi. Could u send me the details also please

I have copd beocorstits and only have 20% of lung function

I will try anything that helps


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