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Tympany or Tin Peny...It Was Nasty!

I found out what Tympany is or was...for one thing the Curate didn't spell it properly did he...that didn't help one bit. But I remembered I have an extensive list of historical names for diseases...sorry.

Tympany was a 'bloated distension of gases' it sounds pretty grim...'the belly would bloat until it was as hard as a drum' quite why this caused the poor woman's death I don't could have affected the internal organs perhaps.

Thank you to everyone who contributed their ideas as to what it was.

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At last the answer....I spent a bit of time googling tinpeny too...lots of strange definitions, but not the right one..thanks

Oh Vashti I think I have a touch of the old Tympathies after the take-away we had...😱😵.....I'll have to get into my penguine onesy I had for my birthday, its got big yellow feet so I hope the puppy doesn't wake up!😁 huff xxx

...and we think we have problems.........

Nice one Vashti, sounds as bad as the "ague" they used to get!? :-D

Could this have been heart failure? The kidneys would not have worked well and hence the build up of fluid in the body and the disstension of the stomach. barnowl

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