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Copd bloating & breathless

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Does this mean I’m close to dying? I’m end stage. The last few months when I wake I hurt everywhere and struggle breathing. Until I can struggle to even get out of bed until I have taken all my meds and inhalers I honestly feel death close ahead. I’m struggling to just chew and eat. So bloated I can’t breath. It’s awful. I can’t breathe while eating food.

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Oh dear Maricopa, that sounds awful. Have you contacted your doctor? Can anything be done to help?

I just want to send you a big gentle hug and hope you will be ok. Thinking of you. Xxx❤️💜

Hello Maricopa. 🙋

I'm really sorry to read this. I think there are several factors here. One could be your lungs are hyperinflated. You can't get the air out well and air is trapped. Also known as air trapping. Two, when we struggle to breathe we gulp air as we eat, walk , talk etc. , so we end up swallowing air, this definitely doesn't help. Do you know if you have sleep apnea?

There are some foods to avoid to help with bloating. Fried food is particularly bad, gassy drinks like pop, broccoli, garlic, cabbage, chilli and some others I can't recall. 😐 I am well aware how hard it is to move around and I am not sure how much you manage to walk, but moving does help with bloating. Don't overdo it though. Instead of three meals a day I used to eat small meals four times a day. Being full makes things more difficult.

With regards to being near death, if you were near death I doubt you would have the capacity to compose your post. You would also not be able to stay awake long enough to type it up. Or at least you'd find it a very laborious job just to keep typing. Please remember heat and humidity can exacerbate breathlessness too. Having said this I am not a doctor and I would urge you to seek advice and possibly a consultation. If in dire straits please call an ambulance. I really would not like you to be going anywhere anytime soon.

With love,

Cas xx 🌼

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Im so sorry to here this but I'm in total agreement with everything Cas has said. Please consult your GP it will help put your mind at rest. Let us know how you are doing and try to stay positive it have a great day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

read caspiana post first i am so sorry but you must contact a doctor who can reassure you and do try to get calmer. .

try to breathe as slowly as possible to get calmer. it is so important to be calm and not to panic.

As always Caspiana has put things so practically and realistically. Do please see your doctor Maricopa and explain your problems to him rather than struggle on.

Do you use oxygen whilst you’re eating.?Eating smaller meals more often can help.

Do you have any support at home ?

This forum is very friendly and will offer online support xxx

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Maricopa in reply to Oshgosh

I’ve not been prescribed oxygen. Crazy as I’m stage 4. Fev1 25%. I desat to the 70’s very easily. It’s the last several weeks I feel like I’m really going downhill

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Caspiana in reply to Maricopa

Hi Mari. Just a note on oxygen. It's not always suitable for patients who have retention. It will just increase air trapping and so increase carbon dioxide in your system which will lead to poisoning. But of course please ask your doctor. xx 🌿

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Maricopa in reply to Caspiana

Thx Cas😢I was told that! I’m going downhill fast after all these yrs.

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Sutton5 in reply to Maricopa

Hi Maricopa ; I have FEV of 21% , I do have all same symptoms of you also I’m not on oxygen either; the eating is a problem at this stage you find you loose weight , eating small but often but it’s so difficult some days worse than others, I’m awaiting valves being placed in my lungs so gaining weight seems the difficult part. Diazepam and oramorph has helped me al lot with the hyperventilating which was becoming constant. Helps sleeping and not waking up every hour struggling to breathe; Try take your inhaler before getting up to start your day.

These only suggestions. Best to see a health care professional;

And dietician. Take care of yourself. 🍀

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Oshgosh in reply to Maricopa

I think you need medical advice. When I was prescribed oxygen, I was surprised to discover that doesn’t help breathless ness, but it does protect your organs. Quite often there’s no 1solution to our problems. It sometimes takes a while to sort things out. I usually say sort 1 problem, then look at the next thing.Are you managing to eat small meals.

Look after your self xx

So sorry to hear this. I hope you have a good team working with you.Love and the gentlest of hugs

Kate xxx

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Maricopa in reply to Katinka46

Yes I am w/o with several organ specialists.

Hiya.sounds like yr having a dreadful u jave any care or support? Id contact gp or 111 as u shouldnt be struggling so much 🤗😘xxxxx

Be positive. Contact your GP .Sending you big hugs

Hi Maricopa,Just a suggestion, but do you need your medication changed?

I've suffered from the bloating you describe and found it very hard to eat - new medication helped. Just a thought!

This doesnt sound good Maricopa and you really need to speak with your doctor asap. I think Caspiana has given good advise and hope you can get sorted soon, its not nice to be feeling so unwell. Let us know how you get on x

Hello Maricopa, So good that you have shared your worrying situation. I can’t add any more to the good advice given such as contacting your respiratory nurse or doctor. Is there anyone at home with you?Do you have a window slightly opened for fresh air and have a you a lovely view to distract you? Does listening to the radio or gentle music help?

Please let us know how your day goes. x

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Maricopa in reply to Lupino

I have a fan.

Big virtual ((((hugs)))).

Best wishes . I hope things get better soon. xxx

Hi there I hope your GP can do something to make you feel more you again. Please get all the help you can. I know when your body is so tired it’s such an effort but you could have a much more time left on the right meds. Sending hugs and love. Cx

I just want to wish you all the best and hope you might begin to feel better soon. Joan x

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