Another Place

Another Place

We went to Liverpool over the bank holiday. Wife drove, we had a great time from seat to seat. Found the bars not to over priced and the people so friendly. Went on a Magical Mystery Tour showing us all the history and places of the Beatles and was happy singing along with the songs as we toured. We ended up at the Cavern Club and nearly collapsed with the bloody stairs :( I was shocked to find that they had so short a time together before they went their own ways. But all in all I am sure we will be going back to look at all the other historical facts of the area. I have a mild interest in modern art and thought I would seize the opportunity of seeing "Another Place" by Antony Gormley on Crosby Beach he has 100 cast iron statues of himself looking out to sea, all along the beach at different distances from the edge of the beach. As you can see from the picture it was a horrid day, considering what wonderful weather we had up to us going home after us finding the men of the beach.

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  • So pleased you had a wonderful time Offcut, in spite of the stairs, and how eerie the men on the beach must look in bad weather. I felt as if I wanted to send out the rescue boats to bring the man back in. Very clever and I like Anthony Gormley. Take care. xxx

  • It was real eerie with glum sky and wind.

  • Is ok liverpool ;) i got lost round there .. People are friendly not like news protrays.

    Glad ya had great day :) like the say change is better then O forgot what they say

  • We Loved it. i am suffering from all what we did but no pain no gain :(

  • Glad u had a good day offcut, ive never been to Liverpool and I know nothing about art, but that pics makes me feel bloomin cold just looking at it. Xx sonia xx

  • It does not show the strong winds there. It was a blowing!

  • Crosby (where the Iron Men are) is about where the beach is best well at least to us from Southport but Liverpool is a dirty word to us ever since they moved our control from west Lancs in 1980 yet we still have a Preston post code.

  • I had a battle with post codes at our old address

  • I would love to see Anthony Gormley's statues, I like how the barnacles have decorated them. There is so much to see in Liverpool especially by the docks. So pleased you enjoyed your trip, it is about 50 years since I was at The Cavern! 😄

  • it is 75% the size it was the first time around.

  • Never been to Liverpool but son no 3 has been there twice and loved it. The Beatles tour sounds fantastic, something any fan would love. I recently read a ahort story based on the iron men in Anthony Gormley's artwork and would really enjoy seeing it in situ. Glad you had such a good trip.

  • It was well worth it and the guide and driver made it fun too

  • I'm glad you all liked my home city! 👍 💕. It makes me very proud! 😊

  • loved it will be there again.

  • Glad you had a good day in LIverpool Offcut. It takes many visits to see all the city and docks. The rejuvenation of the city is marvelous and you could spend whole days in just certain parts. We did the Ferry across the Mersey, the Albert Docks by duck bus like the Queen, the new History museum and a tour of the city on a two day visit, but we have been back more than once , never been shopping there yet or the Cathedrals. Albert docks is ideal for the less able and as you say everyone is so friendly, beware though the tea and food is dear in the new museum. Enjoy the rest of this weekend. xx

  • They have the dazzle boats too now. one on the water and I think one waiting to be put into the water. I wish I could put more photo's on here? I was struggling walking far so unless I got some wheels below me it reduced where we went. I know the wife enjoyed it too so I am sure we will be going back once we save enough.

  • One of our ladies took her mobility scooter with her, but I found the cobbles on the dock a bit hard going on the feet and for mobility vehicles, like wheelchairs ect, another problem we had were toilets down stairs in one tourist attraction and the main ones on Albert Dock close early in the afternoon. Tell your wife some accessory bargains can be found in the shops of Albert Docks reasonably priced too. So get saving and I am sure you will soon be on your way back there to enjoy some more of the culture options on offer. Enjoy your weekend will catch up with you next week, let you know how Torquay went.

  • I am sure we will be going back. Look forward to your Torquay adventure as we are going later this year.

  • Let you know how it goes next week when I get back. It will be an action packed week so to say. We are visiting some of the local scenery outside of Torquay. I prefer the scenery to sunbathing on the beach.

  • I have been in the shade in most of the place we go. have a great time.

  • Thanks for this thread Offcut. I have enjoyed reading it. So glad you had an enjoyable time. Here's to many more. Suzyxxx

  • Leaving the home town and the walls of the house was a great break for us both.

  • Sounds great - on my list of places to go - and I do love Anthony Gormley statues - my favourite is the one in the crypt at Winchester cathedral - they are just so haunting - must have been a great break (and well done tackling those stairs) x

  • We did get a seat and they had a guy strumming and singing. But those stairs will not make me go again :( to the Cavern but will go to Liverpool.

  • Sounds like a great place might get the old man to come with me if he ever gets a weekend off

  • I did enjoy it and there is lots to see.

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