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Hi Everyone, I went back to Papworth today to have my cannula out, more blood tests and a talk with the Doctor. Apparently the bloods they took last week are fine but because I feel so lethargic, which apparently is quite normal with the very strong antibiotics I've been on, he thinks I might need a course of steroids to 'pick me up'. This could cause problems with the Drug Trial so we'll have to see when I go back to Clinic in 4 - 6 weeks. I see my Research Nurse in Monday to re-start the drug trial for a month. My Research Nurse is lovely, she's been to see me whilst I've been both having the cannula in and out and she also rang me at home to check how I was.

That's all folks. Take care. Love Lizzy x

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  • Crikey, I've never heard of steroids as a pick-me-up. Id definitely talk to the BLF helpline nurses about that. Ive only ever had steroids for asthma flare-ups and other breathing problems with copd. They are not something to give out casually. Its natural to feel under par after a course of antibiotics.

  • Hi 02Trees, thanks for your reply. I must say I was a bit surprised about the steroids, in any case I would have thought that they would be given out sooner rather than later. I have had steroids before but usually when I've been in hospital for my iv's. Take care. Lizzy x

  • Hi Lizzy, can you take probiotics? If you're able to im sure they'll help you feel better.

    I always take them, at least 5 billion per day, for a few weeks after antiBs - and you've had shed loads. Your poor system needs a bit of help to get back to normal.

    I get mine from Healthspan, by post.

    All the best. P xxxx

  • Good advice P.

    How you doing? Haven't seen you around lately :) :) xxxxx

  • Was just thinking of you and about to send a msg wishing good luck to Rita - can't wait to hear 😃. Did my postal vote, hope not wasted, Chelt has been Lib Dem for many years.

    I'm in France. Staying with Williams mum in law while her husband is away sailing - any excuse to escape house renovation! Also, hardly stopped coughing whilst in Cheltenham & was knackered. Hoping to go back with renewed energy to set to work.

    Are you loads better too? Much love, Penelope xxx

  • PS ive got to come to Suffolk in the next few weeks so will send you a msg to see if you're about for a coffee in Bury. P xxxx

  • Hi Pen again, not sure if this was meant for me or 02Trees but would love to see you if possible. Love Liz x

  • Thanks Pen, I'll look into them. Take care. Love Liz x

  • Well done on successfully finishing the fortnight's home IVs. If you don't take steroids regularly then a course probably wouldn't do you any harm. It does sound weird to have them as a pick up but a lot of people do find them a great ( if temporary) boost.

  • Hi Argana, I hope that in 4 - 6 weeks when I go back to clinic I'll be feeling much more lively. Take care. Love Lizzy x

  • Glad to hear the bloods are fine - thank you for letting us know I was wondering how you were. Isn't it lovely when you find a lovely nurse? Lots of love and best wishes on your road to recovery xxxx

  • Aw Tadaw, how nice of you to be thinking of me and I don't even know who you are or where you live. The support of HU is amazing and I really feel that I'm talking to friends. Take care. Love Lizzy x

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