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Hi Everyone, I went back to Papworth today to have my cannula out, more blood tests and a talk with the Doctor. Apparently the bloods they took last week are fine but because I feel so lethargic, which apparently is quite normal with the very strong antibiotics I've been on, he thinks I might need a course of steroids to 'pick me up'. This could cause problems with the Drug Trial so we'll have to see when I go back to Clinic in 4 - 6 weeks. I see my Research Nurse in Monday to re-start the drug trial for a month. My Research Nurse is lovely, she's been to see me whilst I've been both having the cannula in and out and she also rang me at home to check how I was.

That's all folks. Take care. Love Lizzy x

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Crikey, I've never heard of steroids as a pick-me-up. Id definitely talk to the BLF helpline nurses about that. Ive only ever had steroids for asthma flare-ups and other breathing problems with copd. They are not something to give out casually. Its natural to feel under par after a course of antibiotics.

Hi 02Trees, thanks for your reply. I must say I was a bit surprised about the steroids, in any case I would have thought that they would be given out sooner rather than later. I have had steroids before but usually when I've been in hospital for my iv's. Take care. Lizzy x

Hi Lizzy, can you take probiotics? If you're able to im sure they'll help you feel better.

I always take them, at least 5 billion per day, for a few weeks after antiBs - and you've had shed loads. Your poor system needs a bit of help to get back to normal.

I get mine from Healthspan, by post.

All the best. P xxxx

Good advice P.

How you doing? Haven't seen you around lately :) :) xxxxx

Was just thinking of you and about to send a msg wishing good luck to Rita - can't wait to hear 😃. Did my postal vote, hope not wasted, Chelt has been Lib Dem for many years.

I'm in France. Staying with Williams mum in law while her husband is away sailing - any excuse to escape house renovation! Also, hardly stopped coughing whilst in Cheltenham & was knackered. Hoping to go back with renewed energy to set to work.

Are you loads better too? Much love, Penelope xxx

PS ive got to come to Suffolk in the next few weeks so will send you a msg to see if you're about for a coffee in Bury. P xxxx

Hi Pen again, not sure if this was meant for me or 02Trees but would love to see you if possible. Love Liz x

Thanks Pen, I'll look into them. Take care. Love Liz x

Well done on successfully finishing the fortnight's home IVs. If you don't take steroids regularly then a course probably wouldn't do you any harm. It does sound weird to have them as a pick up but a lot of people do find them a great ( if temporary) boost.

Hi Argana, I hope that in 4 - 6 weeks when I go back to clinic I'll be feeling much more lively. Take care. Love Lizzy x

Glad to hear the bloods are fine - thank you for letting us know I was wondering how you were. Isn't it lovely when you find a lovely nurse? Lots of love and best wishes on your road to recovery xxxx

Aw Tadaw, how nice of you to be thinking of me and I don't even know who you are or where you live. The support of HU is amazing and I really feel that I'm talking to friends. Take care. Love Lizzy x

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