Turning to drink!

I turn to drink to give my pain meds a bit of a boost! Unfortunately I am allergic to opiates, can't tolerate any, go into anaphylactic shock. There are a couple of other pain med that I can't tolerate, so now I take Arthotec, an ASA base with a buffer. I am 71, so I drink a bit! I had the big C when I was 36, I survived chemo, radiation and the big "C". I am a survivour. Now all I have is COPD, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis with spondylolysis in my lower spine, a recent T11 compression fracture in my spine. I have some sort of calcification in my abdominal aorta which is causing extreme lower limb pain, swelling and loss of feeling.

I also have a stent in my heart, I'm Bi-polar, and I am on a wait list to cataracts removed from both eyes.

SO GUESS WHAT I DRINK A BIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Cheers lindaberg! You have certainly been through a lot so no wonder you have a drink or two. Take care though. xxxx

  • thanx

  • Dear me you have been through the wars but there are a lot of other people on here who have too and im sure someone who understands what your going through will message you with some support and advice but welcome to blf x


  • thanx

  • so sad your body rejects opiates severe pain is one problem most on this site have a daily battle with. I can use opiates I use Fentanyl slow release patches with a modicum of success I say a modicum as some days I still get breakthrough pain for which I use codeine phosphate but only as a last resort I am on the max of Fentanyl I may have anymore and it may suppress my breathing and so far I have resisted the doctor giving me Oromorph last time I broke my pelvis I used drink gallons of the stuff to get relief.

    There is some good news as regards opiate sensitive people like your self some leading anesthetist has been making great headway into using local aesthetics's to block passage of pain along main nerve ways for example a brachial could be used to suppress severe pain in the arm/hand. And I am sure they could find an opiate free one for people like yourself.


  • thanks Antony, I am in line for a CT Angio Abd Aorta and Femoral Runoff on May 7th to check for kidney/? Unfortunately in the last 8 hours the pain in my lower back has increased and changed into a severe to dull ache. My skin is itchy, I am short of breath. I do not want to go to the hospital!

    At 6:15 am I took a good belt of tequila, held it in my mouth for 10 seconds or so then added a naproxen. I was just about comatose in about 10 minutes. The relief lasted about 1 hour. It is back with a vengence. More tequila/naproxen? I am sitting with my legs up, cup of coffee on hand.

  • brandy in your tea?


  • I think they are checking for renal failure. I have lots of symptoms like burning/itching skin, both legs badly swollen, deterioration of skin on feet, including nail loss, dark urine, no appetite, shortness of breath, and on it goes....................

  • DRINK MORE, just had a tiny sip of tequila.

  • Hi Linda

    How on earth did you cope? I am due for surgery on Saturday and they are looking at the possibility of the big C. I am very scared at the moment. A single mum with a teenage daughter it is very hard - unfortunately she has never seen her dad which makes this harder. If you have any coping strategies I am feeling very low at the moment. I can fight for myself but when it comes to family I want to hide my problems to save their upset.

    Maybe next week I will be relieved but at the moment I feel very vulnerable.

    Take care


  • My heart goes out to you Sokrackers. I just try to live in today, but I know that will be hard for you with the surgery hanging over your head and the threat of the big C. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care, Eregendal.

  • That is excellent advise! You can't change the past, you don't know the future, all you really have is now.

  • Please try to meditate. It is really beneficial if you can do it. It is actually documented. Not only will it help to control your fear, it will soothe your physical symptoms. Booze does help if your can just have one shot, say every day. The issue around alcohol is, while it does relieve anxiety, even pain, it could exacerbate your situation. If your possible "C" is liver or kidney it be the EXACT wrong thing to do. Stomach C would also rebel. Not sure about the other C's . Also if you can talk to someone, not close or family, a professional who could assist you with meditation or just a good listener. There are lots of CD's and DVD's that can help with meditation, free at the library. You probably have some help lines through your medical system. We have some help lines in Canada, maybe in the USA? I think the UK has an excellent health care system. I sure hope this will help you!

  • Guess what I would drink a bit too!!! That is a long list of difficult problems. I hope that you have a good medical team and are being looked after. Lots of love TAD xxx

  • Thank you

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