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Re wiring

That's my house re wired complete with new light fittings and lots of new plugs and the sense of relief is enormous. I had been putting it off for years because I had been told it is a messy dusty job almost certain to affect my lungs. I moved out to a nearby holiday let for a week while the walls were being drilled. On my return the walls were full of holes but all the loose plaster had been cleared away and my son dusted the surfaces that weren't covered by dust sheets. The last few days the electricians spent connecting up the new wiring and yesterday was the grand switch on. The whole job from start to finish went very well with minimal damage to the walls but I am so pleased I moved out for the first phase as my lungs are fine at the minute ( well no worse) It was something I had been putting off for years but for safety's sake decided to bite the bullet and get it done and I am so pleased I did.

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That's wonderful, your mind will be at rest now, I remember when I had the rewiring done, such a relief and all the sockets are higher up. Have a lovely Easter!🐥 huff xxx


Morning Gatesheadlass, What a relief everything is finished, Very sensible to move out whilst the dusty bit was done, Now you can relax and enjoy Easter, Regards., Bulpit


Job well done Gatesheadlass, now you can relax in the knowledge it is all safe. Happy Easter to you.


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