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Re earlier post on different forum.

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A thorax CT in September identified coronary artery disease.

An angiogram in November verified extent of above as moderate to severe calcification in the LAD vessel.

You would have thought drug therapy would have commenced immediately to prevent either a stroke or heart attack but NO, it wasn’t until i had the angioplasty in mid January which was followed by a mild stroke that they then started me on blood thinners.

Now vision loss and reduced mobility …😡😡

To say i am one angry bunny is putting it mild.🐇🐇🐇

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Oh Mrb that is not good news. I am sorry that this is happening to you. I understand the hopping mad angry bunny looking for the best way forward from here. Is your second opinion on lung transplantation still going ahead?

My very best wishes for whatever new plans that you manage to get in place.


Thanks, awaiting news from Papworth re second opinion…

You have every right to be angry Mrb, you should have been put on blood thinners immediately plus any other meds. Sending hugs to you. 🤗🤗🤗💕😘🎈

This is bad; I hope things improve soon.

Hope u soon are able to go home.xx

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Mrbojangles in reply to Patk1

Home now thanks..Just waiting for news if a second referral is happening..

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Patk1 in reply to Mrbojangles

That's gd to hear.x

Oh, how awful for you! Just hoping you start to improve after the stroke and you get that second referral.

Neglect from the hospital, it seems to be happening alot. No wonder you are angry I would be too, will you be contacting Pals or taking this further? I do hope things improve for you x

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Mrbojangles in reply to Izb1

Not sure there is a lot i can do.I am sure they could defend their actions( or lack of actions) and proving the stroke was caused due to medication neglect would be challenging.

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Izb1 in reply to Mrbojangles

I am sure they would defend their actions but you could report it and at least be heard and tell them just how angry you are. Its the only way they will learn and you will feel alot better knowing you have made a point. I am sure it is all too much for you at the moment, having to deal with the problems you have is enough . I do hope that you ard now getting the care you need x

That is dreadful considering considering coronary artery disease was diagnosed in September. I hope going forward you get any further treatment and/or medications you need. All best wishes.

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