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Not been feeling well since Saturday morning been having more breathless then normal and sharp pain in my chest when I breath and gets worse when I have to go out and walk to the town or when I had to go to my gp and even when I try lay down and sleep, been waking up 20+ during the night due to my breathing which is making me so tired during the day which isn't helping , I've been to the gp who sent me to get a blood test incase it was another blood clot as I had a blood clot on my lung last year and finished treatment back in December but that came back normal and he listened to my breathing etc and said I had pleurisy and gave me antibiotics and that was it , I feel like crap I have asthma all my life and chronic migraine and none of my inhalers etc seem to be working much and my gp or any gp at the surgery seem to give a hell , I've got to travel all the way to Romford tomorrow for a medical assessment with the job centre but I can barely walk to the gp up the road without getting out of breath :( but have no choice,

Has anyone else had pleurisy before and got any advice on how to make it feel less painful and less breathless and how long does the antibiotics usually take to start working? I've had chest infections before due to my asthma but never anything like this :(

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I am sorry I cant help you but I wonder if the helpline could advise you what sort of treatment you should be receiving etc. You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Wishing you a very speedy recovery, lots of love TAD xxx


Hi, in mild cases of pleurisy it can go on its own, only needing paracetamol etc, but whens its painful as lots of us with breathing problems get, and quite often , antibiotics are needed. They do work quite quickly normally within 48-72 hrs. Stay warm, rest between jobs/movement and it should ease soon for u. Avoid taking deep breaths as its the rubbing of ur lung against ur chest wall that causes the pain, but remember once u can breath deeply again do the exercise of breathe in deep, hold for as long as u can 10 counts if poss, long breath out, 5-10 times, this helps prevent a chest infection in ur lungs due to shallow breathing whilst in pain, hope this helps xx Sonia xx

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Had 2 bouts of pleurisy. Is truely horrible. Was off work for months. Keep taking meds and hassle your GP. Don't be hard on yourself & push yourself too much. It will take time and is no joke. Is like pneumonia but worse! Give yourself time to get properly better.

I needed lots of antibiotics- suggest you take bio yogurt at same time, to avoid damaging healthy bacteria.

My first bout was worse - nearly hospitalised but GP said wanted to keep me out of hospital if possible because she was worried I could pick up another infection there because I was unwell!

I'm just worried that this is gonna last too long and end up getting my fibroid surgery cancelled which I'm waiting on a date for already had it cancelled July last year due to getting a pulmonary embolism and had to wait till that was over before being put back on the list now I end up with pleurisy :(

When is op due? Get plenty of rest and keep on meds. Best advice I can give. I had a hysterectomy 1 1/2 years ago due to fibroids. They are dreadful and totally messed up my life until had op. Best decision even though meant def can't have children......

What op are you having? Can it be done with nerve block? Or does it have to be general anaesthetic?

Got no date yet just waiting for the letter with the date but the gynae said they are going to open me up and I will be in hospital for 3 days and will have to take clexane blood thinner a week before the op then a week after to help prevent a blood clot as I'm at high risk it's going to be under general ,

The crisis in hospitals at the moment could work in your favour! NO none essential ops for time being.....

So concentrate on getting well from the pluresy.

My op was at Queens Romford. Staff excellent. Had blood thinning jabs. Not pleasant but necessary.

I just want it all over and done with , just seems I get ill then get better then get ill again straight after

I had pleurisy some years ago. Not life threatening any longer but unbelievably painful. Cured by antibiotics, powerful painkillers and total rest for a week

I have had pleurisy a couple of times before my bronchiectasis was diagnosed. first time had no idea what it was, too painful to lie in bed so sat all night in a chair, afraid to move! Did clesr up with antibiotics. would advise staying home and resting. Love iris x

I try and stay indoors and sit in front of the tv and not go out while I'm like this but it's hard at times like today I gotta go to the medical assessment in Romford part of my esa benefit with the job centre, gotta walk to the town to the bus to epping tube then travel on the tube to Stratford then overground to Romford then walk to the place and it's freezing out its 9.35am at the moment and my appointment isn't till 2pm but going to take me time to get there hate cold weather always makes me worse :(

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