Time marches on it's Sunday

Well its Sunday and as I look out the window I see the day but where is the sun, I hope its only playing and hiding as the man on the telly said we would have it today and if its on the telly it must be true (if you believe that you believe anything) Right I hope all my pals on this crazy site will and those already awake are going to have a really great pain free happy day, so jump out of bed look in the mirror and if you do not smile at what you see there is something wrong with you, I smiled once I realized the reflection I saw was me and not my father scary.

Right these two cannibals were having a meal and one said to the other "Do you find this clown tastes funny"

Later one said " I don't like my mother in law" and the other said "Push her to the side of the plate and eat the potatoes and veg".

One Fair haired girl was walking along the river bank and saw her fair haired friend on the other side of the river, and shouted to her " Hello how can I get to the other side " ?

Her friend shouted back " You give us hair haired girls a bad name, your already on the other side".

Keep smiling worse thing happen at sea xxx Fred ;)

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  • Lol...lol....good morning Fred. No sun here yet either, its overcast, boo hoo. Are the girls coming over for lunch today?

  • HI HO Lyn just heard we can now expect rain here but I think they just might be telling porkies as there is a mist over the little moors, but time will tell, Yes my girls minus one Debbie who is a nurse has moved to Southampton to run a unit for Autistic people, it seems strange that one is not home here in our town and will not be up for the Sunday roast. All veg prepared now and I am enjoying a second cuppa. My wife of 55 years, yes I married at 18, waits on me all the time, she waits for her tea in bed, she waits on me bringing her breakfast, she waits on me all day lol I am only joking Lyn honest.

    Keep smiling my giggling friend xx Fred ;)

  • Lol...lol...ahh bless you both Fred, you keep waiting on each other. Enjoy your lunch :-) xxx

  • xxx ;)

  • Hello smiley ,of course the sun will shine for you today,like sat everyone was at the beach the car parking was free,it was lovely ,yes worse things do happen at sea,! Anyway have a lovely day lots of dinner and air!x

  • Have a lovely day colours, carparking free, goodness never heard of such a thing. xx ;)

  • Colours, I've seen the moon shining brightly!

  • Morning Fred my happy smiling friend. Love the jokes. Is sun really forecast round here? Not from where I am sitting staring at dull grey skies! I thought It was windy for a minute but it was only my kitten behind the curtains :) x

  • For a moment I thought you were going to say your kitten had the wind, no pal the mist is still coming down from Haldon Moor so unless it changes with the tide no sun today. Stay happy and watch that wind. lol xx :)

  • :) :) x

  • Hi Fred. Can't raise a smile when I look in the mirror, more of a laugh today.

    Look like I've been pulled through backwards so it's off the the bathroom to do some serious repairs.

    'A little daub of powder. a little daub of paint, makes our Sara look like wot she 'aint.'

    Loved the jokes Fred. Sky is a bit sulky but it's a lot warmer here. Hope your weather improves and you have a good day.

    Sara xx

  • I hope the home repair kit has done the job, each time I believe my father is looking back at me as it can not be my image as I am a lot younger than that and I thought I had hair and it was brown. Oh those were the days. Still misty over here bye for now Sara xxx :) Fred

  • Hi Fred, afternoon here now and definitely no sun. You make me smile though and bring sunshine everyday. Take care. xxxxx

  • Hope the sun came to you as its lovely here now xxx Fred :)

  • No, but maybe tomorrow. Sleep well Fred and everyone. xxxx

  • The sun will come out tomorrow (I don't know the rest of the song) xx :)

  • Hi Fred awful rain here today, trying to smile, not feeling good at the moment.

    Have a nice day with your family.

    polly xx

  • Hi polly I have sent smiles on your other message line xx Fred :)

  • Indeed they can Fred and you should know,being an ex sailor. Was the roast as good as usual,Regars Bulpit

  • As they say "Time and tide waits for no man " but I expect it would wait for woman like we men do lol :)

    Yes the dinner was good as always x :)

  • I used to be blonde! But am a male!!! I have lost the colour a long time ago; fortunately the brain hasn't been washed away with the shampoo! Thank you for the great fun! :-)

  • Nice one mic :)

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