Another day another problem

Well since getting confirmation on the 23rd Dec that I do have copd I've had one nasty exasperation. To coanside with my birthday of course hahaha.

So already on spiriva fostair subutamol and carbistine as regular meds.

I went for my first session of pulmonary rehabilitation today to be dismissed as my blood pressure is too high for them to do the treadmill test.

So I went to see the surgery nurse who confirmed that it is too high and my oxygen levels are 3% lower than my normal levels.

So now I have to see the doctor on Thursday.

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All the best. svety. I know the feeling well. Get your treatment sorted out and then you can do the PR classes which are excellent. xx

On the positive side you are seeing a doctor quickly and hopefully they wil be able to sort out the blood pressure. Thinking of you, sending lots of love and good luck xxx

Hello Svety, :) I do hope your appointment goes well and they sort you out! PR is so worth it if you can keep yourself on stand by for it. I did a course over a year ago and a nurse phoned me this morning to see if I would like to go again, sadly I have transport issues so will give it a miss for now but I really felt the benefits of getting fitter. Happy Birthday Wishes to you, hugs huff xxxx

hufferpuffer, Is your PR at the hospital? Even so, I thought you could arrange hospital transport for those sessions. I did here in Canterbury. They take ages to come and fetch you and are sometimes late, but they do it. Mic

Hello Mic, I don't think I can get transport but will ask the respitory nurse when I see her at the end of the month, thank you for asking, hope you are well, take care,huff xxx

"Svety!!..... Hello and a Big Warm Welcome to Our Amazing Family..... i am so sorry to hear that your blood pressure was to high to continue with your PR......But your seeing your nurse pretty prompt, so lets hope she can sort your blood pressure problem out......Maybe its a bit high due to you worrying a bit about your newly diagnosed condition.... plus the PR. Yes!..... Anyway i am sure they will be able to put you back to rights again....Oh!! wishing you a very HAPPY Birthday!!! To you Too.....keep us all informed with your progression and i am sure your going to really enjoy the Pulmonary rehab...Till then keep Positive....Megan"

Hi Svety and welcome to the board. x

Sorry to hear you are unwell. You were diagnosed on my birthday but I hope you managed to get some enjoyment out of your own. Good luck with the doctors on Thursday and feel better soon. Take care. xxxxx

Bless your heart! It will work out in a short time. Happy Birthday (LATE) Though!

Late Birthday wishes to you!

Maybe the B/P problem,will soon settle with the right medication,& you'll be back to the rehab again soon,it's certainly worth doing.

Probably a blessing in disguise,that you went,or you may have been unaware of your b/p!

Good luck, xxx

Hi ,I to have high blood pressure ,that has taken time to get under control ,( now it is ) I to have had a chest infection since December ,until this week ( fingers crossed ) I have just come back from seeing the respiratory nurse ,and my chest is finaly clear of infection ,,,,,that was my 5th infection in 12 months ,so I was getting fed up ,I too was unable to celebrate my January birthday ,,,,hopefully next year my. 70th I will be able to celebrate in style ,

I have done the pulmary rehab 8 weeks course many times since 2008 after long infections , and I followed up the rehab by going to the gym twice a week for an hour ,obviously not this year ,,,yet ,,,,but I will be doing the rehab course again starting next week ,then hopefully I will be back in the gym after the 8 weeks ,,,,so keep positive ,get your blood pressure under control ,,and you will be able to do the course ,,,,then hopefully you will feel much better ,,,,,,,,like I do ,best wishes ,

Hope it all goes well for you.

svety, I hope you get help. It must feel uncomfortable. Poor you, I sympathise with you. Mic

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