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New medicine Dulera

I was told by my physical therapist that Dulera would be a good inhaler for me. I requested it from the doctor and he gave me a prescription. I read the PDR and decided I do not want to take it due to side effects of osteoporosis, heart trouble, and many other possible side effects such as thrush. I mean there were so many negatives I could not help but wonder why anyone would want to take these drugs with so many side effects. I can die without help you know what I mean? So what I was wondering is if there is any naturopathic way to better breathing when you have COPD/Emphysema? Of course I will hear any feed back or supportive comments re this. I do use oxygen and Albuterol which helps. I tried Spiriva and it gave me serious side effects. feeling a little discouraged at the moment. I wish there would be a breakthrough in medicine for our disease.

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