Neck ache

On prednisolone and have been for over two years. Changed my doc three months ago, review of drugs showed no calcium tablets, which l should of been taking. Seems this drug can result in bone thinking. Have had plenty of neck ache and hence made sleeping hard.

Am l the only one who suffers from this. Love to hear from other people with this and how they cope.

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  • I would deffo be checking that out about your calcium. I believe you should be taking it also you might need Alendronic Acid too as you're on long term Pred.

    I have osteopenia so I should probably be taking both too :(

  • WE

  • What u on steroid for? 2yrs? Blimey get studying. Gradually wear you down,

  • Have bronchiolitis, also known as COP, if they can't find course of it.....BOOP if they can.

  • You should take D3 as well for bones. I have osteoporosis but declined the calcium because it hardens arteries etc and I have enough heart probs already. Boron is good for bone and collagen type 2 is good for cartilage. (from chicken not bovine)

  • My husband takes 6mg Prednisolone daily (25mg) if on Rescue Meds) & he takes Calcichew daily & Alendronic once a week. A bone scan last year showed that he had beginnings of Osteopaenia but it's a vicious circle with meds isn't it - he really needs the Prednisolone for his lung condition .

  • Hi Pamilia,I too have been on prednisolone long term,into year two.I was given calceos chewable tablets,daily and Alendronic acid once a week,I also take vitamin D3 supplement.I had a Dexa scan last year to check for osteoporosis,it seems my nails,fillings and eyes are being affected but hopefully not my bones (yet) .Looking at the side effects of Alendronic acid I kept putting off taking them but my GP insisted and I,v had no noticeable side affects since taking them.It,s important to protect our bones as we get older,no point being able to breathe if my bones are falling apart lol.Best of luck, D.

  • Hi pamilia,

    I was put onto hi dose pred 30mg now down to 5 mg but the consultant put me on adcal d3 straight away to protect my bones so yes you should be on calcium tablets - its a bit of a mine field all these meds! Take care and I hope it gets sorted quickly for u

  • I get the same on the same pills.... im 46...

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