Hi everyone,

Hope your all doing well this weekend.

Ive been reading about wheatgrass, and wondered if any of you have tried it.

Also, not to change the subject, Any of you get the flu shot and the flu. I havent had it but hear it lasts about 3 wks. My daughter and her boyfriend have both been sick for a wk. ( they live with me ) I'm trying to be careful not to get sick. Kind of hard with us all in the same house. Any pointers?

Take care everyone

Rubyxx 😊

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  • I've heard of wheatgrass but never tried it. Have you read it is good for us. If so I'd consider giving it a go.

    I've read about the problems with the flu shot but don't know anyone who've had both.

  • I am reading about wheatgrass now. I know people with cancer drink it. Anyway, I'm checking it out. Thought maybe some people on here might use it.


  • I have had both but the flu wasn't as bad as I remember it

  • It is not physically/medically possible for the flu shot to give anyone the flu. Get medical advice to find out what is really wrong with your daughter as it may be something that you really need to protect yourself from. You know how sensitive to infections we folk are. Take care.


  • Hi Rustycog,

    I didn't mean fron the flu shot. Basically, from what I read the shot didn't work this yr.

    Rubyxx 😴

  • Can't comment on wheatgrass but both my daughter and I had flu shot in Ocotober and got flu just after Christmas. Three weeks recovery and a couple of weeks before felt normal! First defense at first sign of a sniffle and I found Neurofen colds and flu best for flu aches and pains. Tyrozets for sore throat. Hope you keep well.

  • Hi Nanny,

    Did you get chest infection with it? I'm starting to feel sick today. Chills nauseous a littte achey. My daughters nose wouldn't stop running and she is coughing.

    You take care,

    Rubyxx :-)

  • For the first time ever with flu, it didn't go to my chest - thank goodness. Think the precautionary meds stopped that. Get someone to get you stuff in - sounds like you may need it. Sending you best wishes that this doesn't develop.

  • Not had any wheatgrass or read anything about it but will just out of interest now, and my wife maintains that the one time she had the flu jab she felt awful and has never bothered again and never had the flu, but me I seem to catch anything that's going at the time and if free, mind you I was never ill till I retired then it was all down hill. Hope your as well as can be Ruby as Huggs would say sending hugs and keep smiling xxx :) Fred

  • I had a bad experience with the flu jab this year.Having read they got the strain wrong this time round I will be thinking twice about it next time. D.

  • I've had very good luck with it every year except one. That yr. I started wheezing after I got the shot before I even drove home! They swore it couldn't have been from the shot.Since then I've had no problem. Did it make you sick?


  • I too have only suffered once but boy did I suffer,could,nt get off the toilet.GP said it might not be the flu jab but pharmacist said it did cause diarrhoea. D.

  • The Chief Medical Officer has admitted that they got it wrong this year with the flu jab. It proved to be effective in only 3% of all cases against the more normal 50%. This has apparently led to a 50% increase in flu related deaths this winter, and is a reason put forward to explain the crisis in A&E this last few weeks.

    Let's hope they try harder next year. Big Pharma make shedloads out of this annual mass immunisation, the least they should do is get it right.

  • I'm with Farmer D on this one last year had my flu jab and ended up getting the flu a few times when straight to my chest. This year I had my flu jab November and I'm to they have a viral infection going around my old man came home with it he works all over the world and is always bringing something home but I got it and just finished two courses of antibiotic and steroids.

    Wheatgrass I never heard or associate it with lung conditions but I'm willing to give anything a go if it helps.

  • Hi

    I have had a few wheatgrass shots, and although they are extremely good for you, they taste like grass cuttings. VILE!! You would need another drink of something else to take the taste away, and when you have a little burp, the taste comes back immediately. If you can grin and bear it, go for it!!

    As for the flu jab, I understand that it is a virus that is going around, not the flu. It does last for about 3-6 weeks.

    Hope that helps clarify a few things for you.


  • There are loads of other horrid viruses going round kirsty, but there is definitely a particular flu virus which is predominant this year and which the flu vaccine does not cover. It's the H2N3 flu virus (or it could be H3N2 - sorry to be flakey) and it's this which they think is responsible for more deaths than usual this year.

  • rubyred777 I don't know anything about wheatgrass. ( Cannabis???) I had a flu jab, then I had Moraxella and pseudomonas and the prsence of Mycobacterium gordonae, not related to flu! ah well so goes life!

  • Hello; I've had the once only Pneumonia jab & flu shots every year. I've been ok post jabs but once or twice have had a painful arm.

    I did have swine flu & a nasty cough for 3 years + following but sputum tests didn't reveal any infection problem. When I went into hospital for cancer & upper lung removal; I was told I had a chest infection which was causing me to cough & this was treated with intravenous Tazocion antibiotics.

    About a month or so later the Surgeon told me the chest infection had been Pneumonia, stemming from Moraxella Catarrhalis. I don't think the flu vaccinations cover this.

    The next year I was treated with Azithromycin & this is my stand by antibiotic but too date I have not needed it.

    Keep Well. Mx

  • Hi Ruby, I grow wheatgrass from wheat grains, I get them from the health shop or the local farm that grows wheat. Then, when it is about 4" tall I cut a handfull of it and put it through my juicer, or you can chop it up like parsley and put it in a blender with some water or apple juice.

    The reason I drink it is because it is alkaline and full of nutrients, you do not need much, just a desert spoon full a day in water or apple juice. I vary it with barley or other grains, sunflower is nice too. It has helped me a lot.


  • I had the flu jab in October and since then my arthritis has been pretty difficult. this did happen a few years ago so I believe there might be a connection. fed up with it though.

  • Hi ruby. I think I have more vitamins and supplements than H & B! I have tried dried wheatgrass capsules. Also spirillina .seraprese. and several others but did not notice any difference so no longer take them. Anyone out there place forgive my brevity I'm getting used to replying on my phone which at the moment is to say the least testing.

    I had a sort out recently of my mess not supplements gosh I must be rattling inside! I know to be careful when introducing new supplements as how do you know which ones work? I have to five up on this phone and get the lap top oil!

  • Ah now that is better. i would like to discover what people are experiencing from taking supplements and how you know if they are doing you good. Also in the first place how do you know you are deficient?

    I have been interested in the posts regarding supplements and have now started the Q10, vit a and restarted my vit d, crickey it is a lot to take but I know some of them are having a positive effect. The q10 has brought my heart rate down quick quickly say after 1 week - it also helped grandads chilblains greatly.

    Today there was a post about vit d, i should be taking 4 times more than I have been is that why it didn't seem to make a difference? I will follow this with interest.

  • Not sure re wheatgrass but have also read about the flu shot not really working this time round. Pete felt nauseous yesterday morning and is full of mucus which he is struggling to bring up. He is quite poorly and I feel a bit achy too so not great. I think it is definitely some sort of virus but not sure. We used tea tree oil to no avail but I would try anything just to keep well. Will get GP out on Monday if no better.

    Good luck and stay well all. xxxx

  • I tried Wheatgrass and it gave me an awful Migraine so no more of that for me. My Husband tried it at the same time and he was fine but didn't bother to continue as it had made me so poorly. We both hadd Flu jabs in October and my husband has got the flu.

  • Hi rubyred, I used wheatgrass for months in a vegetable juice that I used to make up in the mornings (wheatgrass powder with carrots, apple, some green veg all put into a vegetable juicer). That was back in 2010 around the time I was first diagnosed with Bronchiectasis and GERD. I can't say it helped with anything to be honest and was quite expensive. I take spirulina powder (half teaspoon) now in a blended smoothie of one avocado,a little bit of cucumber and some hemp milk every lunchtime. Maybe if I didn't take it I would have worse symptoms, who knows? I just like to think I am getting as many healthy nutrients as I can. As for the flu jab, I have never had any poor after-effects from it. Yesterday, I saw in the headlines that the flu jab has now become ineffective...!

    xx stillmovin

  • I had the flu jab and got flu for about 3 weeks was ill but the doctor sed I know u had the flu jab but u have flu x

  • How brilliant of him!

    :-) :-)

  • Refund time!

  • Wheatgrass is brilliant, personallyl I think it tastes vile, so mask it with juice. It's great for heart,lungs and blood conditions. Obviously, your diet should be healthy lots of fresh veg and fruit and homemade juices 😊

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