Ice in the Sun

Ice in the Sun

I drew back the curtains this morning expecting to see the forecasted snow lay on the ground which can be a problem when you live on the side of a hill. Luckily the roads are clear which means my friend should ring and a trip to the local is on for a pint and a pub lunch. Yippee!!!

Oh' yeh the hills looked pretty spectacular too, covered in frost against a deep blue sky so I snapped it and posted it as usual. Don't think I'll walk to the top today though, it looks great but a trip in the air ambulance is best avoided and The news keeps telling me their busy in A&E lately. :

My exercise for today Healthunlockeders is gonna be lifting a pint,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or two. :)


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  • Enjoy your pub lunch and pint or two Tony and stay away from anywhere slippy. We don't want you falling over now. Hope you are well and love Status Quo so thanks for that. xxx

  • Hi Sassy, talking about falling over I found some ice this morning on my way to put food on the bird table, it must have looked as though I was auditioning for dancing on ice but I saved myself and avoided doing the dreaded head banger.

    I'm now listening to this song on you tube and realising I am very a very lucky man for many reasons. :)

  • Good song Tony. Take care :) xxx

  • Take care when you're out Tony. You are too big an investment to get into trouble now! It's not that we don't love you my darling boy, it's just that you are a rare orchid and we don't want to have to put bits of you together!

    Have one for me and have a great day.

    Great pics by the way.

    Sara xxx

  • The rare orchid :) survived yesterday down at the pub, had a great time and returned safely to a lovely warm house. 'Mission accomplished'

    Thanks Sara xxx

  • That's my boy!

  • I immediately thought of Quo when reading the Subject line.

    In The Sun 


    I'm not a little boy, I've lived alone and never loved so more

    But when she touches me I'm on the way, I'm underneath the floor

    Like ice in the sun I melt away

    Whenever she comes I melt away

    Like in in the sun I melt away

    I sit down in a chair and read a book as if I couldn't there

    But she is in a room and I must look I see her everywhere

    Like ice in the sun I melt away

    Whenever she comes I melt away

    Like in in the sun I melt away

    She opens up her eyes as if to speak

    She looks at me and I am weak

    Her eyes they seem much bigger than before

    I cannot think any more

    Like ice in the sun I melt away

    Whenever she comes I melt away

    Like in in the sun I melt away

    Like ice in the sun I melt away

    Whenever she comes I melt away

    Like in in the sun I melt away


  • I could practically hear you singing that Rib, it was so much better than me :) . There was ice and sun so this song did come straight to mind.

    I've seen Status Quo 3 times back in the 70s and 80s and alway's had a great time.

  • Haha, nah that was Rick ' s horrible voice. I just play along. Love their 60 ' s dress sense ;-) How embarrassing is their hair too. Rib

  • I prefered the jeans and waist coat look and leathers that came later with Caroline, down down, and the mystery song etc etc.

    That was Quo at their best.

    Tony 'Rock on Rib' :)

  • I love all guitar music Tony. Even if it only has 3 cords. LOL


  • Good you Tony. Enjoy x

  • I'm in good spirits today, I'm looking forward to a trip to the local with friends. Well what can beat good company, a curry and chips and a Pint of Wye Valley Ale. :) .

    Only a hour to go now so I'm passing time with a few songs for lung exercise, don't worry I'm not posting them. Ha Ha

    Thanks coughalot xx

  • You are welcome Tony. Just don't sing to your friends or you might get curry in the face :d xx

  • Don't worry I keep that little pleasure to my friends on healthunlocked where I'm safe from flying curry etc. xx

  • Love the pic Tony. Impressive the icy white against the brilliant blue skies. I'm sure you will have a super afternoon. Good company, good food and a drink or two. Bliss! Suz xx

  • I'll drink to that Suz, its great when you've got something to look forward to, sure beats another hospital appointment eh'. There's an energy about me today brought on by blue sky's and bright sunshine but it sounds as though there's a storm brewing out in the Atlantic and its coming our way :( 'Gad Dam It'.

  • That looks lovely Tony....beautiful blue skies and ice mountains. Enjoy your pint. xx

  • Thanks Jolyn, Those blue sky's are tainted with grey now but it won't spoil my day, no fear today is going to be a good day. :) xx

  • Hi Tony, What a stunning view but as you say safer to stay close if you are going out, I have been out with Indy she just loved the snow rolling over & over getting snow all over her and shaking it all off again, Hope the family are well.MC

  • Hi MC, good to hear from you. My lift is about to arrive so no time to chat but I'll have one for you Ha Ha.

  • Hi Tony, Lovely view, best seen from indoors I think. great songs - we have no snow yet - don't want it , check up at hospital tomorrow. hope you enjoyed the curry, pint & chat. Love Margaret x

  • Hi Margaret, it was a day for enjoying the view looking out through a window with the heating on.

    I had a good time down the pub and got back home in the warm so all went well.

    How did your hospital visit go? xx

  • Hi Tony, Pleased you enjoyed your lunch. My Hospital visit went well. Ca check clear & my breathing continues to improve . I should have had another test yesterday but the Technician was sick, so he is going to do it in 6 months; obviously nothing too worrying. Love Mx

  • Breathing improving and it seems your fitter than the spiro technician, as you say nothing to worry about there then. :)

    Let me now the secret of better breathing and great news about the Ca check.

    Thank M.

    Tony xx

  • I drew back the curtains to snow today Tony and like you I was very exhilirated. It's gone now but was magic while it lasted. Hope you enjoyed your pints at the pub.

  • Lucky you, we've had ice but no snow. I had better get the sledge ready in case snow comes our way and organise someone to drag me and my oxygen bottle up to the top of the hill. :)

    The pub was great so roll on next Wednesday when we may do the same again.

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