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Osteospermum ecklonis - Purple Sun (African Daisy) Beautiful colour 🥰🤪

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Description of plant at maturity:

Like a summer setting sun over the ocean, Osteospermum Purple Sun has shades of orange fading into a deep purple ring that surrounds the heart of the flower. With an excellent outdoor performance and heat tolerancec, Purple Sun will suit containers, hanging baskets and garden landscapes.

Hiya everyone 🤒🤪sorry fir being away this long been busy had foubd job again and been ill too. So hopefully everyone is well and have some good news changes.

and of course flowers again from my side 🥰🥰🥰 best wishes to all.

22 Replies
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Very pretty flowers Mel. Hood you’re doing better now. Take care cxxx🌺🌸

Thepainterswife profile image

I thought I hadn’t seen your flowers for awhile! Hope you’re better now 😊 The flowers are beautiful

madonbrew profile image

Dear Mel 🌺 I’m so glad to see you here! I’m really sorry to hear you have been unwell! Thinking of you lots 🥰

I have had some of these flowers in my garden and have been wandering what they were! The colours are so pretty!

Sending you a big hug 🤗 and lots of love 💕

From Dee xxx 😘

Jaybird19 profile image

love these but not available this year so have to be content with plain purple ones. which are also lovely as they flower so much and are hardy but I still look for the others !

ashgrove46 profile image

Lovely flowers Mel, brightened up my day. Thank you. 🌻🌼🌸🌺🌹🌷🪷🥀💐 x

Souielouie profile image

Beautiful 😍❤️💜🧡

Damon1864 profile image

Very beautiful flowers pleased you are better now have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

watergazer profile image

Lovely to hear from you I love those flowers Glad your feeling better xx

Izb1 profile image

These just dont look real Melnel, the colour is so different and attractive. Glad to hear you are getting better x

leo60 profile image

Nice to have you back xx

Kristicats profile image

Lovely flower. Hope you are well now Mel?

Tykelady profile image

Beautiful. They make lovely wedding bouquets too. x

Patk1 profile image

They look beautiful Thanx4sharing.

Hope yr new job is going well.hope u r feeling better xxx

Alberta56 profile image

Good to have you back, Mel. The flowers look amazing. i hope you can keep clear of illnesses from now on. xxx

CDPO16 profile image

Very eye catching but I confess to preferring more muted colours. Have had 2 Osteospernums in my garden but they haven't survived the winter sadly.

Sorry to hear that you have been ill Mel, hope that you are doing ok now xx

HollyBoyd profile image

Hi. Very striking colours , make a lovely show. Sorry to hear you have been unwell, hope you are feeling better now. Take care, all the best xxx 😊

Cloudancer profile image

Gorgeous flowers make you want to smile just looking at themThank you so much for sharing x

Jane2005 profile image

Lovely 😍

madonbrew profile image

Here are mine from my garden…hopefully they’ll be a few more to flower…

My flowers
MELNEL profile image

Oh my they lovely 💗

madonbrew profile image
madonbrew in reply to MELNEL

I don’t know where they ever came from…I don’t remember buying them but however they arrived, love them 💜

I’m thinking of you and will write to you soon 😘

MELNEL profile image
MELNEL in reply to madonbrew

LOL 😅 still great to see them growing 😁

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