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rambling on

good morning to every one . I have just got up . what a lazy loafa .

yesterday my wife and I went to southend to do a bit of Christmas shopping .

my first time out since coming out of hospital on Tuesday evening .

good god almighty was it cold ,glad I aint a brass monkey.

but it was magic the salvation army were in town playing Christmas songs local

schools had choirs and lots of buskers spread about . making it all festive .

we managed 2 hours then it got too much and we had to come home .

didn't realise how cold I had got . curled up on couch . watched some telly .then had a big bowl

of soup for dinner .didn't go to bed till 3 am iwoke up at 4 and it had snowed . yahooooo.

its all gone now , loverly sunshine .

today its prepare for papworth day .we have a appointment at 2.30 tomorrow

forms to fill in . lists of pills and different things .

I even have to take my passport. to prove I am me .

well that's me finished waffling for now . shall write more later do strange things when ya nervous

and don't knowwhat to do with you self . love to all keep on breathing

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Your Christmas shopping trip does sound lovely if freezing! Will be sending you lots of positive thoughts for your trip tomorrow, take care, Xris


Glad you got out and about anyway billl and wishing you well at the Papworth. Pete has his angiogram on Thursday so I am helping him sort things out for that. You take good care and thinking of you. xxxx


Hi Billl will be thinking of you tomorrow hope all goes well. And well done for doing that Christmas shopping.

Take care

polly xx


Glad to hear that you were out and about so soon Bill. Take care of that cold weather. Very best wishes for Papworth tomorrow. Rib


hi bill you do feel the cold all the more when your just out of hospital lol.. but sounds as if you had a good day out, it does take your mind off things, i had to laugh at taking your passport to prove its you,, typical :D good luck bill, im sure all will go just fine,

all the very best jimmy


Your right each day at a time....I like the keep breathing bit.......Merry Christmas...Audrey


Good luck at Papworth. Your shopping trip sounds very festive!


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