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acapella pep device is on nhs

Hi all

don't know how many of you are aware, but the acapella PEP device to help clear mucus from airways, is available on prescription in UK. When I found out and asked my GP he said it was the first he had ever ordered, but did prescribe it for me. Boots Chemist said they couldn't get it, but Lloyds were able to on a special order. They too had never ordered one before. So although not much known of, it is availabale and I have got one now. Hope everyone follows suit if they need one.


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thanks for the heads up lloeger :D

oh thats good to know

When i did pr they said it would be useful to me but they had none left so i couldnt have 1 so im guessing they dont even know its available on prescription

im going to the docs tomorrow so shall be asking


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I cant give my details on here, but the chemist who has just given me mine on prescription is Lloyds Pharmacy at 5 The Pavement, St Ives Cambs. If Dr says you cant have one on nhs chuck that at him and tell him to ring and see for himself.

All the best


Thank you for sharing this information, wasnt aware of this. Will speak to GP for my dad

Thanks for that I'm on to my GP tomorrow.

Kim xxxx

What is it exactly. Only last week I prized a Flutter Mucus clearance device out of my GP. {partial success as yet.

acapella is the same principle as flutter but you don't have to hold in a certain position, can use it laying down if need be, and you can vary the tension according to need, which makes it better than flutter. If you don't get on with flutter after giving time to lear to use it, and adjusting to it etc, or its because you don't have enough breath to move ball in the pipe, then ask for one of these instead. I have the flutter, bought it years ago but never got on with it so hardly used it, I do like the acapella though, its so much easier.


Any medication in it?

no, Just breathe out through it. Acapella is designed so you can breathe in through it too, I find doing that minimises warm air condensation. Theres a mechanism inside that moves up and down like a see saw and that sends vibrations down into the lungs as you breathe out, to loosen and move mucus for clearing, You can hold it at any angle and even use it laying down, can pop in dishwasher too if your so inclined!

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I just had a powerbreathe medic lung exerciser prescribed as well. You can read about it here GP didn't mind, said they only cost £18 to the nhs, so if anyone thinks it would help, ask for it.


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