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Just spent over a week in hospital the specialist. Said I will be sent home with oxygen on 2L but I will see a oxygen therapist to see if they can put it in they did come to see me done a two min assemeant as I use a wheel chair and got to stop to get my breath back she said I do not need oxygen as I get plenty of exercise in the wheel chair but she will see me I six weeks time and that was after two min going from my bed to the toilets in the hospital but if I want potable oxygen then I can buy it and then they will have it checked for me and they will fill them up so now I have to wait till I see the speculation and tell him what they told me let you know more when I do cut backs that's what it must be

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Just because you get breathless does not men you require oxygen. If your recovery rate is good enough following the exercise then you do not need it, cut backs has nothing to do with it. Prescribing oxygen when not required can be just as bad as not prescribing when required. BTW, punctuation would make your posts easier to understand.

Its very confusing when you get different advise instructions from the medics. Try to sort out who is recommending what and why ask questions and contact the help line on this site. I'm not sure of the criteria for using oxygen I think it's linked to O2 stats but try to find out and then you can make an informed choice. Good luck ☺

Thats all very confusing for you. My husband was given oxygen by the respiratory team for exercise at 2L because his SATS were falling lower than 88 during exercise. I am presuming that the nurses who assessed you checked your SATS level. I think it is odd that she would tell you that you could buy oxygen - thats seems very odd. It might be worth a call to the BLF helpline and ask their advise. The best of luck TAD xxx

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Yes she did check my says with a finger gag and it was just in and the same night I went to see my wife off so I thought I try and just go to the lift I got out to the corridor and that was it I had to stop so it told the wife to go and I tryed to go back in got some of the way and the next thing someone was pushing me back and put back on oxygen and then told off for going to the lift

Don't forget they have new machines that are 4digits higher than any where else even hospitals, they will state theirs is the only one right, of cours e we know different,so you do have to be starved almost,I've been in the 80s when active for 2 yrs now. So don't exersize.they are far to slow with any groups ,they got funding but nothing I buy Oxyfit to keep for when I have an attack as I need it with my nebulizer.

Rubbish!!!!!! Their oxymeters read exactly the same as mine and always have done for the past two years. I wish I was only in the 80's when I exercise, I go way into the mid 60's.

In anycase they never rely on an oximeter to diagnose, they use the blood gasses test.

ThAts why they put me on 2l as soon as they done the blood test as I thought I was going to go home and the doc said you are not going anywhere at all not for the next few days they put me on oxygen and three things in the nip all at the same time one was ventolin 500 and one was ipratropium 500 and I do not know what the other one was they give it to me evry 4hours day and night and the oxygen was on 24 hours a day plus to many tables as well twice the nurse had to come in to the toilet as could not get any breath one as bottle oxygen not on and once as it was empty all that they got out of me is let me go home to die

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