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Decreasing supplemental oxygen…

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Happy Holidays everyone. I came across this article which I believe to be quite significant. I have yet to discuss it with my GP or pulmonologist. My pulmonologist put lung volume reduction surgery (via endobronchial valves) on hold (the previous appt he suggested it) for fear of pneumothorax, whereby the valve tears through lung tissue disabling the chest’s ability to create a negative pressure on inhalation to draw air inside. It is treatable but my GP said since I live alone a pneumothorax could be fatal.

Yesterday I came across this article regarding the exchange of blood gases across the alveoli membranes. It claims that it is best to keep O2 saturation in the 88-92% range. The inspiratory reflex is normally caused by an increase of carbon dioxide but if you’re on supplemental oxygen it changes and is initiated by a decrease of oxygen.

So for the next few days I am trying to use oxygen only after getting to an exacerbation. It will take me several days to internalize all this article has to offer including the additional links, but l hope that changing my oxygen regimen will give me more stamina. Take care and all the best to my fellow COPD sufferers.


9 Replies
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I don’t understand a word of it James but I wish you the very best whichever way it goes. 👍🤞

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Sharp5Flat13 in reply to Donald_1931

Cheers, Don. Keep up the poetry!

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Thank you for sharing this article. I too am on supplemental oxygen and found it relevant and very informative.

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Good luck. The results of your experiment will be of great interest to all those on oxygen. Be careful- I'm sure you will.

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Hi, thanks for sharing the article.

Your most recent oxygen assessment will tell you your CO2 numbers and unless your oxygen prescription tells you so, then I wouldn’t be changing the 02 prescription you have been given. Unless of course you have been diagnosed as a CO2 retainer ?

Respiratory physiology is incredibly complex and in order to keep our major organs healthy then perhaps need to adhere to our individual 02 prescription. I won’t be changing mine unless advised to by Home Oxygen service.

Be well.


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Sharp5Flat13 in reply to PaulineHM

Agreed, Pauline. My last arterial blood gases didn’t indicate I was a CO2 retainer and this MD mentions few COPD patients are.

One member of my healthcare group said as long as I’m holding O2 sats above 90%, supplemental oxygen is not necessary. I have an oximeter that beeps when saturation drops below 94% or pulse rate exceeds 133 bpm. I’m still using oxygen when sleeping which is what my original pulmonologist prescribed.

When out shopping, I use my covid inspired prophylactic protection against respiratory viruses (along with protective googles), an O2 mask over a surgical mask. I set the tank to 5 litres/min which creates a strong air flow away from my face, thus deflecting any virus in close proximity from reaching mucous membranes.

Loving our continuing education and welcome further input into the magisterium of medical science.


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Well, like Don its all gibberish to me. Its a good job I dont need it as I am sure I would mess it all up. I wish you all the best with your trial x

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This sounds interesting.ill save it,to read, thanx

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interesting, thank you 🐞

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