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New Inhaler

New Inhaler

Just been to see my Consultant today and I was offered a different inhaler to use instead of my Tiotropium. It is called Aclidinium and is to be used twice a day.

Have any of you used this?

I have been given one which will last me for 30days. If I am happy with it I just need to ask my GP to prescribe it to me in place of Tiotropium.

Although you can still have a dry mouth with this inhaler it should be very much less than that caused by Tiotropium.

I will start to use this Aclidinium inhaler tomorrow.


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Good luck with your new inhaler please let us know how you get on with it

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Will do. Started it today.

I tried it for a couple of months but decided not to continue with it. On the plus side it meant no more fiddling around with capsules, but on the minus side I found the fat mouthpiece awkward - it was hard to get a good direct intake no matter how hard I sucked - instead of going straight down past my throat most of the powder ended up dispersed around my teeth and gums - I could feel the grittiness of it in my mouth and it gave a bitter after taste. I discussed it with my respiratory nurse and she then queried a few other patients who had tried it - the result was that it is no longer prescribed where I live. I am now on Seebri Breezehaler, which I understand is working well for many people. I think all of these inhalers make our mouths dry - but you need to go with what suits you - if you find you prefer your new inhaler then stick with it - if after a few weeks you decide you aren't impressed then ask to try Seebri or revert back to Spiriva.

Thank you for your input Parvati.

Will see if I can tolerate it.

Hello Dangirl, Yes I was given this whilst on holiday in march this year. Unfortunately when I returned home after my 2 week stay in hospital, my g.p. could not find out what it was! The pharmacist told me it was an illegal drug in the U.K. I phoned the company and they were able to tell me the trading name in the U.K. I then continued taking it for a couple of months, but I found it seemed there was a residue of crystals left on my tongue. Talked it over with the consultant and he changed it to Spiriva Respimat. O.k. the drug is the same Tiotropium but it is inhale as a fine mist. I find this much better and am getting on well with it.

As regards Aclidinium it has only recently been legally allowed in thus country. Hope this helps barnowl

Thank you Barnowl. Am going to see how it goes.

I have been on my inhalers for a good few years with no problems so will soon know if this works for me.

Hi Dangirl1...have no input for you except to say I've took tiotropium,( plus other meds) for a long time now and it's a job to know whether it's helping or not.

Just to say all the best with your new inhaler - at least you'll have a comparison to go by in giving it a try. Hope very much that it helps ~ Lovelight x

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WELL, been using my new inhaler for one week now. I think I can safely say I will NOT be continuing with it.

The taste it leaves in the mouth is horrible and I much prefer using Tiotropium which is a once a day medication!!!


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