Not again!

Went to see my consultant on tuesday, he was really pleased with me, no change since I last seen him in feb, so much so he wants to leave it for 6 months before we talk about lung transplant again. My hubby and i came home feeling really pleased, then I get up today with sharp pain on upper rightside of my back and coughing up yucky green stuff wich I very rarely do, if its an infection how does it just appear overnight, so frustrating.

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  • Hi McNally, that's typical, but yes infections can just pop up like that, they lie in wait brewing then wham it's like that benolin advert with the green monster stuck on ur chest, I don't actually suffer with phlegm I just go tight and wheezy or lung pain as it feels to me, hope u feel better soon take care . X Sonia x

  • Thanks sonia I cant usually get any phlegm up thats why im concerned plus my husband works so hard and gets worried when im poorly. I feel like im never well long enough to enjoy it. Oh well hey ho!

  • Ditto, crap ain't it, every time u feel better something else comes up to make u feel rubbish. X Sonia x

  • I went with my husband to the Royal Brompton last Thursday for an assessment, the last test was a lung function which he could not do due to having another infection he was not aware he had. The consultant put him on very strong antibiotics and we have to go back 2nd Jan for another lung function, in the meantime we have to keep him free of more infections, which is easier said than done when his health is so dire and he feels so crap all the time he's never aware an infection has hit him!! and yes it happens so often and so sudden, it just drives us to distraction!!

  • Feline thanks for that, I also have no sign an infection is coming, im 51 and so it worries me all the steroids I take because they already affect my skin. Such a mean disease,I always feel so guilty when I become poorly, I feel as though my family are saying to themselves 'omg not again' I can almost see there eyes rolling back in their head haha, but they are all wonderful. Onwards an upwards eh! Thanks and hope you are well and your hubby x

  • Its really hard, my husband is 62 and he is advanced, he carried on working til 2012 and since then its been one infection after another and its always me who notices first. I guess when your feeling so awful all the time its hard to gage that 'hang on' this is worse than normal. Yet the silly thing is he looks better now than he has in years! its only when he moves around you can hear how bad it is for him. I should really get him on here for support for himself, he had to stop taking an anxiety drug a couple of weeks ago because our GP was concerned it may cause a bleed with another drug he is on due to his having a mild stroke last year, its been a very up and down time, depression, tears, frustration, because he wants to do things like gardening but cant, anger, you name it we've had the lot and of course its me who bears the brunt!! But hey ho you just get on with it, what else can you do. I do understand the guilty feeling, I used to think we would not get much sympathy from med profession because he did use to smoke til 2012, but we have not experienced this AT ALL, we have had lots of support and help. I am sure your family do get frustrated but not for the reason you feel, it will be because they feel helpless and unable to make it better for you and seeing someone you love suffer is shite! I know I watched my mum in constant pain with arthritis from when I was 15 to 32, and now I see my husband struggle its never easy. Take heart that you have them there caring about you and keep positive, I wish I could use my own advise when its getting to me!! lol. xx

  • Thanks for that, its just one thing after another isnt it but thankfully we have partners and not on our own sick or not. Hopefully we will have a good winter and not too much illness, take care xxx

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