I've cracked it well doctor really all that terrible back pain I thought was reflux isn't it would seem something to do with the two large muscles in my back give strong painkillers and been particularly pain free so relieved only problem I guess is can't stay on these painkillers long term so just enjoying the relief I'm starting to feel like my old self thank u all for your support during the tough times xxx sending u all big hugs xx

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  • Well thats good news - at least you have some relief and know what you are dealing with! Wishing you a speedy recovery TAD xx

  • Good news and hope all goes well for you. xxxx

  • Grrrreat news!!! :) :)

  • Great News

  • Can you have a bar fitted between two walls and just so you can grab it when you're on tiptoes. Hanging from this there is no pressure on your spine hence relief. I have had tow discs removed in lower lumbar 4 & 5 in 1983. Then life went on okay after physio and I went back to driving my truck. In 1995 I was diagnosed as having scar tissue growing on the nerve in my spine. My pain is being controlled with morphine and a bucket of other drugs - not just for my back tho.

    I have known of people having discs out and not suffering afterwards. It is hopes that your back problem doesn't get worse. Good luck. Ken

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