im so sorry and so mmm. dont have right words.

So glad to pray, and hopefully at times encourage

l'm missing my hubby!

Wot am l moaning about.

SORRY!! Please forgive me. Life ...

l've been so blest with 5 kids. 3 foster kids and had the Most amazing hubby.

I'm so unhappy but no this site and all of you have been fantastic, through our family journey.

Sending great big hugs and lack of words. sob.(crying).

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Cherish your memories, rockett. They will help you through the tough times. Take care x

I am thinking of you lass, of course you miss him.

Oh rocket, ur entitled to be upset, it doesn't matter what u still have, yes it's fantastic that u do, but it's still a big part of ur life that is no longer there, but he's in ur heart and memories and will never be gone really, sending u a loving hug, a big shoulder, a listening ear, a extra soft tissue, an praise for being so fantastic to ur own family and supporting us lot. Always here. X Sonia x

That's lovely Sonia. I wish I could find words like that cough x

U do cough, I've seen ur supportive posts, and just replying is sometimes enough, let's u know people care by just being there. X Sonia x

P.s take care of urself with that infection, hope u feel better soon . Xxx

Sending you sympathetic hugs Rockett. It must be so hard to accept the death of a loved spouse. I hope it gets easier with time.

Aw bless you rockett. We are all here for you, holding your hand. You are being very brave and don't forget they are healing tears. You will be together again one day up on your cloud and having a wonderful time. Not too soon though :) cough xx

oh cough your comment did make me lauf. Reminded me of advert with phillidelphi cheese. On the cloud.LOL. Sad thing is l hate phili cheese. Do love mature chedder, brie and baked camenrber. Crying now though. sorry just o so sad and hate the fact its now dark so early.

Foster son off to bed soon. He s amazing and l'm very thankful for him and proud of all he is achieving. Many blessings in my


oh be kind to yourself honey its a slow progress x x x x x

Oh Rocket, I feel for you. Your bound to be missing your hubby and nothing I can say will make you feel better except, your heart won't always feel so completely shattered.

My man's been gone nearly 3 years now.

I still think of him every day, but the pain and the longing for him, isn't quite as gut wrenching as it was in the beginning. It's a truly awful, awful feeling.

So here's a big ((((((Hug))))) from me. You have a good cry love and let it out. Crying is for healing. xxx

Thanks Casper, guess my trouble is the need to be strong as carer, and not wanting to distress my f.son and balancin it being ok, so he to feels free to grieve. We have fab support, just l guess those looking in would say...the reality of hubby gone hitting home...I thought that last mth? Dont think l got it right.LOL.

Casper you take care too.xx

HUGH HUGS coming your way, God Bless you xx

Feel for you (((hugs))) x

Oh hun we are here for you rockett. Cherish the memories. The pain will fade but your memories will remain. Big comforting hugs. xxx

Morning Rockett, You are lucky you have such memories and such a family and had such a fab husband - you must miss him terribly. Try to remember the good times, the funny times - those memories will help you smile. Take good care of yourself, TAD xx

Thinking of you rocket and hope this great site can help you through some of the bad times and be here for you. It is brilliant that you have a wonderful family and you must have loved hubby very much. Wishing you well and take care. xxxxx

Losing someone you love is very very very sad, and sooo hard to accept and live with. The grieving process is your body and mind's way of helping you heal and cope. Try not to fight it, try to just let yourself cry, rage, pray, talk - just anything you feel like doing and don't apologise for any of it. You have a whole lot of people that are thinking of you, praying for you and you can go on the site any time of day or night....You are blessed to have a family and don't hold back on telling them how you are feeling. Sorry - I am sounding like a teacher - don't mean to! Take care - sending you a huge hug. :)

memories are always there rocket nobody can ever take them away I remember when my grandfather died we cherished our Nana a whole lot more but she had so much to say to a listening ear of when she first met grampa and how she had to seek permission of the head of the household to marry as they were both in service then.

Rockett777, of course you miss your husband, have a cry it will make you feel better. No one can take away your memories. Hope it's a better day tomorrow for

Thanks Katie and everyone who has responded,, and been so lovely to me.

I'd love to say today is a better one unfortunetly lve been in bed alday and cried loads, and been ill with a bug.

Just been told investigation around hubby's care started, Think that has triggered all this emotional stuff.

Been adviced to get help through the hospice care rather than the counsellor l'm with. I chat ,she listens,

l leave 40mins later, then take over an hour to get home. feel like l'm in my own personal hurricane.

Night everyone, may you breathe well ,be at peace, and get a good nights rest.xxxxxx

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