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Hi there - I have just been prescribed Seretide 250 Accuhaler (use twice daily) by my consultant. I was concerned because it's a steroid inhaler and I have so far only been using Spiriva, so this is a big one for me. I asked about side-effects and the Consultant said it was ok to take as it wasn't the same as taking steroid tablets. However, I would like to hear others' experiences with this medication. I am to give it a 'trial run' of one month apparently.

By the way, I have bronchiectasis and suspected moderate COPD.

Thanks folks. Please try not to shock me too much...I am of an anxious disposition at present!!!!!!

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  • Hi

    I have been using since 2009 no problems.

    I use Spiriva, seretide and ventolin.

  • Much appreciated Stone. Glad you are doing ok on your meds. xxx

  • Me too for over 2 years. No problems .

  • I am pleased to hear that grandadbrian. Good luck with your treatment. xx

  • Stillmovin, I have been using the same three inhalers as Stone for the last four years. My Seretide was upgraded from 250 to 500 two years ago. I have continued to use it when taking other steroids with no problems at all. Hope this helps.


  • Thanks phillips1. I had read that some people on the site mention weight probs with Seretide but I think everyone could react differently. I just have to take the leap I suppose. Very glad you have no probs with it. (I could do with gaining some weight, as I am struggling to keep at 7 and half stone and not go beneath)! All the best.

  • I have a weight problem but I put it down to the pork pies. lol


  • And lemon meringue pie Bobby? :d coughalot xx

  • Same problem trying to maintain 7 and a half stone after dropping over the years from 11 stone.

  • Yep. It can be just as big a headache being severely underweight can't it?! Two years ago I was a healthy 9 stone for my height (5'6''). I was slim too. Now I am a stick insect and my BMI is only 16 when it should be 20 something. What I do find a bit annoying is that when you are underweight, people feel free to openly make remarks about you not looking well or being 'too thin', etc. They wouldn't say that to folk who had problems losing weight now, would they? Grumble. Grumble. Let it all out...that's better.

  • The weight problem is more likely to be caused by folk thinking...OMG, I'm dying, I can't do this and I can't do that and so they do nothing. Get fed and watered but don't burn off any calories. Steroids can cause weight problems but not in the quantities we take for our COPD and not the type of steroids either. The weight lifters that want all gain with no pain take a completely different form of steroid to us. They can be a problem long term with brittle bones but as long as you enjoy a healthy diet and a bit of sunshine, that should be a minor problem to us......then the alternative would be to refuse steroid based medication and die younger.

  • Hi Cornishbrian how are you? 'Fraid I disagree on your idea about reasons behind the weight loss/problem. You see, I have severe acid reflux too and I have had to cut out quite a lot of triggers from my diet. I was always naturally slim before that (I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome too, so we tend to be tallish and slimish builds). I can't eat fatty stuff, only natural fats (avocados, nuts). Also no chocs, dessert, dairy. It is a pain. So, to avoid awful sleepless nights with acid reflux, I take omeprazole. This still means I have to keep the food triggers out of my diet though. On top of that, I have controlled epilepsy and the meds work well IF I SLEEP it is vital that I avoid acid reflux at night...and it is all one big circle. xxx

  • OOPS Cornishbrian - what can I say - I misread your reply to mean that you thought folks suffering from weight loss were the ones who didn't burn off calories.....pls take no notice. I am hallucinating. Again. xxxx

  • Hi stillmovin, I'm on the same 3 inhalers, ventolin, seretide and spiriva, and have no problems, weight gain tends to more due to steroid tablets and lack of energy to exercise as I did b4. X Sonia x

  • Hi Sonia1972. Glad to hear no problems for you on your meds. That's good to hear. As for lack of energy, I am feeling that more and more...although desperately trying to drag myself along! Sometimes, especially in this damp, cool weather, I just feel like sitting down and watching Downton Abbey. xxx

  • I know that dragging feeling, everything is so much effort now , I do try hard on my good days sometimes over do it, but seem to have more downs than ups so I have to make the most if it lol. Keep well and take care x Sonia x

  • Stillmovin, I'm on seretide 500, spiriva and the blue one, forget what it's called, and all my weight gain is down to my stopping smoking and eating sweets. Wishing you well for your trial month x

  • Thanks pixiedixie. I wish I could eat sweets! Have a sweet tooth but acid reflux too, so have had to cut out all the nice things for the past few years. I did stop smoking 12 years ago though and don't miss that. Well done to you. xx

  • I was on seretide for about 7yrs with no problem. My Dr only stopped it to try something else and is about to put me back on it, something I have no worries about.

    I realise everyone is different so good luck with your trial and hope all goes well for you.

  • That's reassuring to hear Tazzy2. I like to hear positive things about meds and have had some very honest answers from people on this site in the past about different treatments, both good and bad. Thanks. xx

  • I have been using Atrovent, Ventolin and Seretide 250 for a number of years but have just be taken off Seretide as it was starting to affect my larynx and put on Formodual 2 puufs every 12 hours.

  • Thanks Snook, I will make a note of that. I need to hear different people's experiences of this med. Hope the Formodual is helping you now. xx

  • I'm on the same three. I have no problem with Seretide but I think it thins the skin a bit and makes you bruise easily, mainly on the arms.

  • I do bruise easily...especially on my arms but the benefits are worth it...

  • OK Puff. That is noted. Thanks.xx

  • The only thing I would say is have good gargle after using it can give you a sore throat/thrush.

  • What do you use to gargle with Offcut? xx

  • good old water works for me.

  • I have been using Spiriva since diagnosis 4 years ago with copd and have not had any problems,in fact if I have been late taken it I have a strange feeling that reminds to take it. Can't think a trial could do any harm. good luck . Joyce

  • That's good to hear, Evelene. Do you use Seretide 250 inhaler too?

  • i do yes.

  • Seretide doesn't agree with me even when I gargle thoroughly but a trial is excellent - you'll know very quickly if it suits you :)

  • Thanks qbjb, what do you use instead? How did Seretide affect you? xx

  • It affected my voice so I couldn't sing - went all gravelly. I could rinse and gargle until the cows came home :D but it made no difference!

    I'm on Spiriva and Serevent (same as Seretide without steroid content) and use Salamol reliever when needed. (Don't like the taste of Ventolin!)

    I think it's important to be happy and comfortable with our individual medication and everyone is different. I'm sure you'll find what's best for you but don't be scared to try new things!


  • Hi Still, I take Spiriva, Seretide 500 and Ventolin, I have no side effects and that's rare for me. I know we are all different, however, I don't think you will have problems.

    Just gargle after using your inhalers otherwise the power residue stays in your throat and you get an annoying throat clearing problem.

  • Hi eyesright. Ok I will definitely gargle as that was noted before. I already have probs with my voice and clearing my throat when I'm talking now without the medication. xx

  • Seretide inhaler ? Oh yes! Do use it for the trial time and see how you are after a month of use. I have been using one for 11 years, and had I not been using it I would have had so many more issues and in fact may not be here now to write this response to you. As others have said, rinse/gargle your mouth afterwards and spit out. It does help prevent oral thrush which can be treated but prevention is better. The only side effect I have now is that my skin is thin and bruises more easily, not a problem in the winter, tho with bare arms in summer I need to be careful.

    Let us know how you get on with it eh?

  • Thanks PollyP good to hear you are doing well with seretide. I have already got thin skin apparently, which bruises easily, as I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (EHS), so I hope it doesn't get any thinner or I shall be transparent! Not a pleasant idea!

  • Okey dokey! Will have to look up hypermobility syndrome! Hope you have good effect from the Seretide:-)

  • I have been on sera tide 500 twice daily for years and double it when I have an infectionand hate taking it. I won't pretend that I have side effects but if the choice is to be able to breathe and lead a near normal life or the alternative then there is no contest. I beleive that 250 is quite a low dose and if you can excercise in any form you will find this helps. Good luck.

  • Sorry to hear you are experiencing side effects LF57. I hope they aren't too severe. I will continue to exercise although I have been refused Pulmonary Rehab as I have joint hypermobility syndrome. I just do my own exercises at home. xx

  • Hi stillmoving1, the doctor is right it is safer than tablets. Have taken the higher dose myself for several years with no major ill effects or side effects. One good result have had very few infections while taking it so doctor continues to prescribe as it keeps me well but at a cost of course, would much rather be well and no drugs needed as I am sure you would like to be also.

  • Hi katieoxo60 glad you are having some good from Seretide. I know what you mean about wanting to be free of meds. I already take anti-epilepsy and PPI meds as well as Spiriva and soon, Seretide. And I always believed in homeopathy, good diet, etc. UNTIL I found out what it was really like to suffer from chronic illnesses and realised you do need medications to pick you up and get you out there again. Still, maybe at some time down the line, good diet, lots of exercise and a positive attitude will help reduce the need for so many tablets? That's what I'm hoping for anyway! xx

  • Hope it does work out well for you in the future, it is something to aim for. When I was first ill I could not walk a few metres without coughing all the time. I still have the cough but can do a bit more before it comes on with the help of inhalers, so good luck with managing your health with hopes for better times to come xx

  • Hi

    I have been on seretide 250 now for must be 10 years now twice a day. It's fine had no after affects at all so please do not worry. I have severe copd and I am ventolin & spiriva as well.

  • Good to hear that patj. Thanks. xxx

  • I've been on Seretide 250 for 6 years and apart from the need to rinse after use, and the bruising associated with steroid use (made worse by my warfarin), the only other problem I have had is the need for 2 cataract operations. This seems to be a common complaint and is a contra-indication highlighted in the drug sheet. However this is a minor operation performed under local anaesthetic and takes approx. 20 mins and gave me 20/20 vision without specs for the first time in my life!

  • OK warwickstag that is a new one for me to note. So far, there has been some talk here of the bruising side-effect and the need to gargle but this is the first mention of cataracts. That is worth noting. I am glad it is all sorted out now for you. xx

  • Thank you, I'm sure you'll find there are others on here who have had similar complaints. Just select cataracts and you'll be able to read previous posts. Mind you, I've been on other steroids since infancy and so it didn't happen overnight; just one of the long term problems associated with steroid use. Other steroid inhalers may show similar problems but this is the only one I'm on.

  • Hi Stillmovin - Ive never taken seretide but you have lots of good feedback from those who do, including essential advice to gargle after taking it. I take a different steroid inhaler and generally all of them take about 3 weeks to work, so a month's trial is good.

    What does suspected moderate COPD mean? Is this new or has it already been diagnosed at mild stage and has got worse?

    Whatever - if it was me, in order to make a clear diagnosis I would want spirometry (lung function) tests done, so if these are not scheduled then it would be good for you to ask your doctor to get these done.

    If you want more info, or have more questions the BLF helpline can always advise - click on red balloon top right of page for contact details. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. Good luck.

  • Hi O2Trees, just to explain about the diagnosis: My first CT scan back in 2010 revealed bronchiectasis. Since then, things have not been good with my breathing and a different consultant made a recent 'clinical' diagnosis of COPD based on the fact that I used to smoke 13 years ago. Not heavily, but still, I smoked. The hospital are putting me down for a second CT scan appointment soon and also a second breath test (spirometry? I think that is what they mean) appointment too. The consultant said she wanted to see how much the bronchiectasis had spread. However, the term 'moderate COPD' was used for the 'clinical' diagnosis, so I expect the second CT scan and breath test will both give a better picture as to what my diagnosis actually is. At my local hospital, they give you an appointment with the consultant every 4 months, so I have been told the CT scan and breath test will be done before my next consultant appointment. I notice that the local hospitals seem to have locum consultants, so it isn't often you see the same person for each appointment.

    Hope you are well. How are you getting on with your steroid inhaler? What is the one you take? Good to hear your advice.


  • Hi again,

    Im glad you're getting proper testing, stillmovin. The CT scan will show indisputably exactly what and how much damage there is to your lungs. The breath tests you mention will be spirometry, generally known as lung function tests (stay here for a while and you'll learn all the lingo ;) These will measure functionally how far this damage affects your breathing.

    I ALWAYS ask for a copy of my lung function tests so i have a record over time. It also means that I am keeper of my information which is useful if you are going to more than one consultant as sometimes the communication between them isn't all it should be.

    You can also post here and people will help you understand what they mean if you have questions. For now, in relation to COPD, FEV1 (forced expiratory volume in one second - a big blow out!), plus FEV1 as a percentage of FVC (forced vital capacity - the total volume of air you can blow out when you blow as far out as you can in one breath) are the important measurements and part of how your stage of COPD is worked out.

    Do come back here if you want when you've had these done as many of us here can help explain if you have questions about them, and of course - even better - you can speak to the helpline too with your results in your hand :)

    BTW, only around 20% of smokers end up with COPD, so if that was your consultant's thinking, it's possibly right of course - but not automatic. Lots do have both bronch and COPD too. But Im not a medic and don't know what information she has to go on.

    I take symbicort, many here do, and it works well for me. I also have longstanding asthma and took it for a long time over periods when the asthma was bad. Ive been on it full-time now for the last 13 years, basically since my initial diagnosis of COPD. Im in the middle of an exacerbation at present but it is mild so far so Im crossing fingers.

    Good to be in touch and good luck with your tests :)

    Sorry to keep re-editing, just trying to be clear!

  • I was on Seretide 250 for years and often needed 500; as long as you follow the advice to rinse thoroughly and gargle if need be you should be fine. Can't see how inhaled steroids can fatten, they work in a totally different way from oral steroids. I took Atrovent and Ventolin too - never a problem with any of them. I'm down to just 2 puffs of Atrovent a night now and nothing else (not sure I even need that)

  • It's great to hear you have reduced your meds Dragonmum. Do you have COPD? I think it's wonderful when you hear of people getting this illness managed. xx

  • Hi Stillmovin, After being diagnosed with Bronchiectasis in2011 (after being misdiagnosed since 2008) the specialist I saw twice saw fit to recommend that I be put on a cheap inhaler with no salmeterol (exc. spelling). I was so ill. It was a BLF nurse who said I needed to go back onSeretide 500. My GP knows I need to know I have spare in case of trouble obtaining repeat presc. I would not be without it. I do make sure I rinse mouth well and chew tinned pineapple to help prevent thrush. I was looking back on posts a year re Bronchiectasis being a Cinderella condition. I have just found out that I do not even have a physiotherapist to phone now. Just my GP and BLF. I do send donations to BLF but do wonder when BLF is going to sta.rt research for our condition. I hope you find the Seretide helps. Katie JJ.

  • Thanks Katie JJ. I too only had a couple of sessions with the physio for bronchiectasis and after that was not allowed to see her when I requested it! However, I try to use the BLF booklet 'Exercise Handbook for People Affected by Lung Disease' regularly at home and go for walks in the field behind my flats (full of dog poo but better than the busy road on the other side!) I found that the postural drainage exercises didn't help me a great deal and 'huffing' just wore me out... Have you been told that Bronchiectasis comes under COPD? I was told that when I was diagnosed with this. More recently, I have been given a 'clinical' diagnosis of moderate COPD and Bronchiectasis. Talk about confusing. Yes, I too would like to see more studies and information on bronchiectasis because it is more common than I thought. In my small circle of friends and acquaintances in the UK (not on this site) I know two people who have it. Yet, most information given for it is that is a 'rare' condition!


  • I was taken off Seratide to monitor what was really going on

    I have Bronchiestasis and CVID

    The best day of my life was when I resumed Seratide

    Just make sure you always rinse your mouth after the last puff as you can get thrush

    Sometimes you can get a funny throat or husky voice

    I am a huge fan of Seratide

  • Thanks Barbie52. I am glad it is helping you. Were you taken off Seratide for a CT scan and a spirometry test? I am asking this because I have recently been referred for those tests and at the same time, I have been given a prescription for Seretide 250. So, if I have to come off the inhaler for the tests, as was perhaps your case, then I am wondering should I wait for a couple of months until after I have been for the scan and breath test...ummhhh. That is perhaps something I should ask the hospital. xx

  • Hi Still Movin

    I would either contact prescribing doctor or radiologist about CT Scan and Seretide

    I know that once you start the Seretide you should not miss it

    I did come off it for CT Scan but not spirometry as the object was to see whether it made any difference and I was told to take it immediately after CT scan to get back in the routine

    It is so complex and needs professional advice

    I was originally taken off Seretide because there was concern that it would sit in the pool of muck created by Bronchiestasis

    I also have very very low antibodies which is not good with Seratide but I had to stop the 12 month run of infections so Seratide was reintroduced

    Ideally I should not be on it due to my situation but I prefer to take the risk as it is so good for me

    I do know for sure that it would be incredibly rare to wait more than a day to go back on Seratide

    Hope this helps

  • Wow. Yes that is interesting, Barbie52. I don't like the thought of anything sitting in the puddles of gunge in my airways either!!! So, I will try to contact the locum consultant or at least the secretary at the hospital this week about when I should start taking it exactly. I am quite willing to delay starting this Seratide until I get an answer to this. Thanks for your input. xx

  • Like many, I have both & Ventolin. Spireva respimat 500mg [2 puffs once a day], and Seretide 500 [1 puff twice a day] and oxygen.

    Been using them both for years now. No side-effects, but if there were, I got used to them and then forgot! I always think if you get any noticeable side-effects [of any drug], give it a chance before stopping at the first sign of anything ;)

    I try to think of all the drugs I have to take, which is quite a lot, that if they ease the condition they're for, then a few side-effects may just be a trade-off.

    Give the Seretide a go, you'll be fine. Probably :)

    Good luck.

  • I forgot to ssay thanks to those who mentioned bruising as a side affect. I feel a fool I should have realized myself. Asked a GP a year ago (nasty vain one) why I bruised so badly - he made me feel stupid for asking. Old age of course - well I was 69 at the time but felt 90 when I crawled out!!!KatieJJ

  • Hello Stillmovin,I have very severe emphysema and have been on Seretide 500 for 2 years with no ill effects.The amount of steroid in inhalers is minimal just make sure you gargle after taking,good luck! D.

  • OK FarmerD thanks for that advice. Glad to know it is helpful for you too. I will give it a go. xx

  • Hi Stillmovin, I've read the comments from the other people on this site and I would concur with what's been said. I was diagnosed with moderate COPD in 2002 which has progressed since prompting my GP to putting me on Seretide 500 about four years ago, as with others I have had no significant side affects from this medication and would recommend that you go ahead with your trial, good luck, hope my comments helpful as this is my first post on this site. Regards Airless.

  • Thanks Airless and your input is helpful. Another good report on this med is encouraging and reassuring. xx

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