my update

some of you lovely people have asked for an update on my chance of getting on the transplant list after i was told my antibodies were 78% which were going to be looked at to see if there were any week ones they could ignore to reduce the percentage

all my antibodies were strong so it leaves a small chance of a donor match but they have asked me back in january for the second assessment so its not a no so far but its a long waiting game

thanks for asking guys x x x x


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  • I am crossing fingers & toes for you Mandy. Love M

  • All the best, Mandy xx

  • Will get that B&B list to you in next few weeks Mandy. My Aunt tells me are several.

    Just out of hospital following major op so sorry slow.

  • that would be fab taz...i have to be there at 9am on the 19th so will have to go the night before and they said i will be there 2 or 3 days as an inpatient so my sister will be on her own and a b an b would be much better for her x x x x x

  • Hi Mandy,was thinking about you,glad you posted.

    Well it's not a no,so onwards& upwards!January is not so far really,but playing the waiting game is hard!!

    Everything crossed for you lovely,xxxx

  • no its not far really

    thank honey x x x

  • Thanks for the update Mandy hope you get there!

    Stay strong

  • how can i not stay strong with all the support i get on here your all fab x

  • Wishing you very very best xxx

  • thinking of you mandy xxx

  • Hi Mandy,is it because you,re more likely to reject the donor organ that this is a problem?I was offered a liver transplant years ago but did,nt even consider it as I did,nt know how ill I was.Somehow pulled through without it.The science is improving all the time so will be gunning for you all the way,the best of luck! D.

  • yeah it is because of that but the bit i was upset over was before they knew i had a high percentage of antibodies they had already said they would be happy to offer me a transplant so i was a bit shocked to find out after that they may not

    its all very complicated and a roller coaster ride ...its really good to know your gunning for me lovely man thank you

  • It is Mandy but plan for Christmas, enjoy that and January will be just around the corner. Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Hang in there Mandy :) all the very best to you :)

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