Well folks I completed my first day with my exercises nice to see that they do not single us out I was in a mixed group of 16 all at varying stages in their PR I had a female buddy whose first day it was also, sadly I don't hold much hope for her she is very negative and proudly proclaims "no bugger is going to make me stop smoking. Poor women hope she sees sense and soon. A weary goodnight to all I forgot I had a Church Bible study this evening for 2 hours as well the same goes for Thursday as well PR then Church in the evening. At least I walked the first 1/2 mile on my own today things must be improving.

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  • Hi ant64, I'm glad to see you've got your first day over. As for the smoking woman, I know a man who can walk through something he was born with. He told me he'd been going to Pulm Rehab and how much he enjoyed it and was laughing about how he and the other smokers were gathering outside to have a puff and the people running it had tried, but failed to stop them.

    He also comes to bingo and smokes 2 cigs in the five minute interval, then coughs and chokes through the second half. I know from experience how hard it is to stop but it looks like he has no intention to.

    Keep up the good work.

  • People like this should be thrown out of PR to make room for those who try their hardest to help themselves and follow instructions. Please note the word try as I know from experience that giving up is not the easiest thing in the world and can take several attempts.

    Moan over and off soapbox.

    Well done ant64 ad hope it keeps goig well, can't see why won't as you have the right attitude.

    Big hugs xxx

  • thanks tazzy and that is exactly what I told the woman that if she is not in the slighted bit interested she should have said so from the start it might have made the difference in a space being available earlier for the next person on the list I only got on earlier because of a drop out and that person had to because of a flare up. It sure is helping today as I am kicking up some gunge more than my usual morning session

  • Yup, also the sooner it is started the better and the greater the quality of life

  • my thoughts exactly too Tazzy

  • yes and I hate those groups it is not fair on us non smokers to have to walk through a smog of second hand smoke at least the place I attend bans smoking in the grounds altogether.

  • Same illness that destroyed 36% of my sisters lungs also robbed her of a sense of smell, so has to rely on me or others to tell her if cigarrette smoke near her. If no-one is there she does not realise and gets a lung full which is less than helpful

  • same here Tazzy I developed COPD due to my Asthma getting steadily worse over the years never in my life have I smoked although both my parents and one sister did in the end I just bailed out and got a place in halls of residence in the University I was attending. And yet too often they mark COPD as the smokers curse.

  • And treat you as if it's your fault. Know of someone with cirrhosis who was tea total and it had been caused by medication took. Treated as though must be an alcoholic and undeserving of help. This blanketing of causes makes me mad.

  • yes I have been treated as a heavy drinker although I never have touched a drop they accuse you first then go into your records next my liver is shot up because of the drugs used to treat epilepsy earlier in life and in those days it was Primidone which mixes with an enzyme in the liver and converts to phenobarbital I was more mad at the doctor because she was on the ward when she questioned my drinking habits rather loudly.

  • I'm on Epilum for epilepsy which also messes up the liver and can cause cirrohsis, have to have regular liver fuction tests because of that. Know what you mean about ask first, notes/records later, then don't believe you anyway so why bother asking in the first place!!

  • same here now plus clobazam the Epilim is a dual purpose drug for me being bi-polar they also use it as a mood stabilizer

  • Gabapentin also seems to be used for alot and phenytoin came out (in about 1914) originally as a antidepressant.

    Do you find the Epilum helpful, know I do I was having 33 fits a week and it is now between 6 and 9? By the way it was the first drug specifically released for Epilepsy and came out in the early 1980s.

    Was on clonazepam for a very short while but was quickly taken off it as it left me too confused and sedated. My mother even took my housekeys and hid them to stop me going out !!

  • yes I was one of the first to go on drug trials when Epilim first came out at first I was taking 10 a day and a shed load of phenytoin now I only have two Epilim 500 a day and no phenytoin my seizures seemed to have stopped my specialist who was working with my reduction program works at the Walton Center Liverpool as I said Epilim with me is dual purpose and it was not noticed until we had reached 300 twice a day (200 twice a day was our goal and 25 phenytoin) that something was sadly wrong with me the put me back to 4 a day initially until they decided I was bi-polar what they are arguing about now is was it the large dose of Epilim that had caused it as Epilim has caused my malformations in young babies where the mother was taking Epilim during pregnancy it may be 30 years ago since its introduction but so little is still known about it. I am sorry to correct you but Pheobarb was the first designer drug for epilepsy as was that horrible stuff they used to inject you with post ictal peraldehyde oh boy they were evil nurses who used that they were supposed to alternate the site given but many never hence I have damage to my sciatic nerve.

  • Thanks for correction like to have things right. I have Phenytoin IV for status as diazepam stops me breathing. Ihave 1000mg of Epilum twice a day and have just been started on Keppra so that I ca come off Pheytoin and only use it for emergencies and post ictally

  • Yes the type of phenytoin is called phosphenytoin and when administered heart monitoring need to take place as for the Kepra I am not putting you off each person is different such things as kepra rage at high dose and of course the dreaded trots, any way the choice is yours and I wish you well on the stuff. I have seen wonders worked on that drug. If it is not for you there is always the good back up of Tegretol which I used for several years.

  • I am naturally constipated so the trots is one side effect I never seem to get with anything. :)

    Dose still lowish but will bear that in mind about the rage, it is only 500mg twice a day at mo, think that is the minimum effective/theraputic dose, consultant happy for that to be increased to 750mg twice a day by GP but any more and must be referred back to him. See him anyway on 16th of this month to check how going and he may well increase it to the 750mg bd himself.

  • Most doctors these days always start at the lowest dose possible the thing is finding the minimal therapeutic dose for you. 750 is OK higher than that is when the rage can become apparnt :-P

  • I really got a lot out of this clinic. I went to it the first time about 8 years ago when i was diagnosed, but looking back I was soooooo arrogant about it all! I sat in a circle and looked at everyone else and thought "I am nothing like them.....they are far worse than me) then, I went back to the clinic this year...and guess what??? ha ha ha...I didn't think that this time!!! I am one of those that didn't look or sound so good. :) I think this clinic is brilliant and am grateful that I got a chance to go again. Hope you keep improving :)

  • oh thats was something that amazed me in pr....why on earth do they take these places that someone else would give their right arm for if they go with an attitude like that but good for you getting day one over ..i often felt i was on a scene of "one flew over the cookoos nest " when i was at mine...mandy6513

  • funny Mandy I too had that feeling of "de Ja Vue" when I attended in fact unfair of me I know but I was going round the other 15 putting them into pigeon holes

  • Happy you had a pleasant time there,just sorry you didint get a more suitable buddy!

    Do hope you get some benefit of being there,seeing as you had a good walk already,looks like things will be looking up! xx

  • yes wendell after the course is complete I have put my name forward to go onto the gym these people who asses you and work out your routine are fully aware of the limitations of COPD and I can go 3 times a week at a reduced rate

  • Yes, thats great,they call it lungs in action here,well worth the little you pay for xx

  • I know that tired feeling ant. They added two more exercises yesterday. I'm shattered. I'm lucky I'm partnered by a lady of 82 on oxygen but she is so sweet with a wonderful sense of humour. We are usually early so sit and wait and have a laugh a minute. Last day Friday, tea and cake day. Then Tuesday for 6 minute walk test and finish. I will now be under the COPD Clinic with regular reviews. I'm very happy with that. I wasn't happy with once a year Practice Nurse review. Keep going ant. :)

  • OMG tea and cakes? all the tight sods would give us was water reminding us right through to keep rehidrated

  • Corrrrrr! Really well done you! Do keep up the PR, it made such a difference to me and dont worry too much about others, and what they are determined or determined not to do! we only have control over ourselves and what a brilliant example you will be to others-YAY! Keep in touch yeh? And let us all know how you go. Have a great day!

  • Thanks polly this morning I am having a really good clear out so something must be working at long last I intend keeping this up and then moving on to the gym

  • Well said polly xx

  • Congratulations for a successful first day PR day! TAD xx

  • TYVM Tadaw

  • Well done Ant - there is always someone there who'll be negative. When i did my last course there was one man who complained about anyone who could go faster than him, but he sat on his a**e all the time and never did anything to help himself.

    You take care, and go from strength to strength :)

  • Thanks 02 trees the chap next to me has only 2 more weeks to go and he looked at my sheet and I his one of the exercises we both do well I am down for 5 times and he has worked his way up to 40 something to aim for me thinks

  • Yes, good to see how we can improve. What was the exercise btw?

  • the step ups I have some doubt here as I have a torn ligament and acute arthritis in my left knee but one of the staff said not to worry as long as they know they won't push that one to much on me just find something else for me to do.

  • Crikey ant - go easy then. The physios are usually really good in finding you alternatives when you've got other conditions to consider. Sounds like yours are well clued up. Good luck :)

  • ant don't do any exercises that will aggravate an existing condition. The Physio will adapt them. I do two adapted exercises because of my neck and back conditions.

  • thanks Suzy the hospital has been a bit lax in not reporting my full health status and the man in charge of PR did apologize on the hospitals behalf and has adjusted my work out accordingly

  • well I saw the MRI scan a couple of years ago so I guess I had it in black and white same goes for my spine I have 3 trapped disc the only thing that bothers me is lack of sensation

  • Please make sure you do nothing to make this worse ant. Backs are delicate at the best of times. No pain no gain isn't useful for you :)

  • you are on the ball there 02 trees I hate that saying no pain no gain just as long as they get me into some sort of shape to enable me to carry on at the gym after 8 weeks I guess we are all the same we want some quality to the lives we are living

  • eh ant, so glad you are having a blast - you sound like your loving it :)

  • loving it I am coughing and chugging out gunge this morning like there is no tomorrow so yes eyes it has done me a lot of good already.

  • Good luck Ant and keep us up to date on how you are doing. Glad you had a good first day.

  • These are called "spiritual exercises" ants!

  • In what respect do you mean Spiritual helingmic I was all for calling them humbling in the respect that there are people far worse of than yourself but they still have the courage to go on this makes me so very humble.

  • OH NO my sputum from this morning has gone mouldy I know I have a condition in my lung that causes that (Aspergillosis) still have to send sample off in the morning and have a word with the doc I don't feel so unwell this time just hope I can carry on my PR and I wish the yanks would keep their dabs of our dictionary I was taught to spell mouldy as M_O_U_L_D_Y not M_O_L_D_Y as the Americans would have it

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